17 Famous Local Foods in Bali with Incredible Taste

We discussed so many things about Bali in the previous articles. There’s so many things about Bali, like its cultures, the arts, and don’t forget the cuisines. In Bali, you may find so many choices of foods ranging from the main dish or the snacks. To find them, it’s actually a bit difficult, you need some efforts to finally get them on your hands. The reason for them a little bit hard to find is because of the existence of the modern foods in Bali. Sadly, many people prefer to eat the modern than the old ones, because many tourists lack of knowledge about the traditional foods.

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And here it is, this article will be much helpful to get you some informations about the traditional foods. The traditional foods are really delicious, the taste is so rich of spices, resembling the richness of Indonesian foods. So what are those Balinese traditional foods? Check them below :

1. Blayag Raja

In the first one of famous foods in Bali, we have the Blayag Raja. If you happen to not knowing this kind of stuff, this Blayag raja is actually a really good food you can taste in Bali. However, Blayag Raja only exists in several areas in Bali, not all of them.

You can start looking for it if you want to finish our food journey in Bali. Blayag Raja has the beautiful taste of spices in its sauce. And then, there’s ketupat as the alternative for rice. Finally on top of it, they add some nut sprinkles. That’s just perfect.

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2. Lontong Jukut Serapah

And then we have the Lontong Jukut Serapah in the second place. Maybe some of you already knew about the Pecel, that very famous in Blitar, East Java. In Bali, there’s another one, the Lontong Jukut Serapah.

The visual is almost the same as the pecel we all know, but here’s the difference. If the pecel using the rice as an additional carbo, in this Lontong Jukut, there’s a Lontong. The Lontong is made in triangle shape.

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3. Nasi Tepeng (Tepeng Rice)

In the third place of famous local foods in Bali, there’s Nasi Tepeng standing still. Nasi Tepeng is easily found in the southern area of Bali, like Gianyar for example. It’s really good and healthy.

Beside having the rice as tbase component, it has many kind of vegetables that make the dish more complete. They also add some peanut sauce on top, which is the best combination. You can feel the sweet and delicious flavor of the spices.

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4. Serombotan Bali

There’s Serombotan Bali in the fourth place. This is one is also has the same aspects with another Javanese food, Urap. Urap-urap is like the Javanese salad, but without any sauce on top. As a replacer, there’s some coconut on top of it.

Everything is actually the same, including the type of vegetables and the others. But, the only thing that can differs this one with Urap is the Kalas. Kalas will replace the coconut topping on top of the Serombotan.

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5. Sate Lilit

Of course, the well known Sate Lilit is included. Not the same with another Sate or Satay like Chicken or goat satay, this one has so many different aspects. If the usual satay is using the wooden thin stick, then this Sate Lilit will use the other stuff that more big and save.

Also, this Sate Lilit uses the meat of mackerel, that cost a little bit expensive than the chicken or goat. That’s why, the price of Sate Lilit is actually a bit non affordable for some people. But, if you happen to have some money, better try it at least once.

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6. Ayam Betutu

Of course, on this list we have to include this very famous dish of Ayam Betutu. Ayam Betutu is actually one of the best foods that you can find in Bali. Even some foreign tourists really love this food, they usually asking the recipe before going home to their country.

The spicy chicken of Betutu is actually not so expensive, but it’s not very affordable for some people either. So we can include that this food is in the mid level of food prices.

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7. Bebek Betutu

After the Ayam or chicken Betutu, we have another Betutu to introduce for you, the Bebek Betutu. The bebek or duck Betutu is actually has the same spices as the food above, but the base is of course different.

As its name, this Bebek Betutu uses the duck as the base aspect to get the best experience from it. Now you may notice that the price of Bebek Betutu might be a bit higher than the Ayam Betutu. But surely, the taste will be much great.

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8. Lawar Kuwir

Lawar Kuwir is also has the same physical appearances as the Urap and Serombotan, but there’s something different in here. While the Urap and Serombotan only use the vegetables without any meat, this Lawa Kuwir is using the pork as additional topping.

Many say that this food is really delicious, but Moslem can’t eat it. So if you happen to be a non-moslem, you can find the Lawa Kuwir in your nearest traditional market. Usually there’s a vendor selling this stuff.

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9. Tipat Cantok

The next one is the Tipat Cantok. Maybe some of you haven’t heard about this food. Well, this food is really great, very good indeed. This food is actually just the same as the Gado-gado in East Java basically.

But in Bali, they usually prefer to use the Ketupat than Lontong. By then, this famous local food in Bali was called as Tipat (Ketupat) Cantok. It’s really good.

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10. Mengguh Porridge

We already told you about this porridge in previous article. But for you who still don’t have any clue about it, here’s some facts for you. You can find this porridge so easily in the area of Buleleng, Bali. It’s a bit hard to find it in other areas beside Buleleng.

The chicken, the spices are really make this food hard to miss. Usually they serve this porridge during the traditional ceremonies in Buleleng. But in daily activities, you can still find it somewhere else around Buleleng.

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11. Nasi Sela ( Cassava Rice)

The next one is Nasi Sela, or you can call it as Cassava Rice. Yes, it’s a combination between the cassava and the rice. They usually use either the cassava or yam. Both of them are great to be honest. You can try both of them and try to find the difference.

This can be agreat solution in our rice problem, because we can use the other carbo sources other than complete rice. However, Nasi Sela is not complete without the Lilit Satay. This is very good one, you must try it.

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12. Be Pasih Sambel Matah

In the 12th place we have the Be Pasih Sambel Matah. Some of you might have  a slight chance of knowing the sambel matah, the famous sambal or sauce from Bali. But in here, the sambel matah combined with the fish.

The fresh cooked fish combine with Matah sauce. Well, the taste is unbelievable. The fresh taste from fish is amazingly combined with the hot and delicious sauce. You should try this when you come to Bali.

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13. Berengkes

The next one is Brengkes. You can find this so easily in so many stalls in Bali area. Some of you might notice that this food has the similarity with the Pepes. Just like Pepes, Berengkes also covered in banana leaf that can give the special aroma.

The taste of Berengkes is a bit spicy and challenging for some people. You can easily buy it in the nearest stores in Bali, with only a few thousand rupiahs. The Berengkesis very good to east during the rainy day, or maybe during the cold evening.

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14. Garangasem Bali

Garangasem is like the queen food of Bali beside the Ayam Betutu. The sour feeling is so refreshing, especially during the busy activities in a day. There’s many kinds of Garangasem, like the Fish Garangasem or the Beef Garangasem.

Actually the Fish work the best, because the fresh taste that came from the fish is really good if combined with Garangasem spices. It’s very good.

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15. Nasi Bubuh

The next one is Nasi Bubuh. The food in this 15h position is also can be found so easily in the area of Buleleng, Bali. Usually you can eat it with so any additional stuff like tempeh, egg, or hot sauce.

Usually the people use the egg and the hot sauce to complete the Nasi Bubuh. The Hot taste is really fit the tongue of Indonesian people.

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16. Sate Plecing

Beside sate lilit, there’s sate plecing. This sate plecing is served in such an unique way, by using the plecing bamboo. By using it, the taste of it will increase in a very good way.

This sate plecing is also very spicy, because of the use of chili and other spices that putted into the bamboo. It came with a good aroma, welcoming you to eat it immediately.

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17. Nasi Jinggo (Jinggo Rice)

In the last place of famous local foods in Bali, we have the Nasi Jinggo or Jinggo rice. Nasi Jinggo is also as the similarity with the Nasi Krawu, with its sauce and the banana leaf as a cover.

This Nasi Jinggo is very affordable, even though for the tight budget tourist. One Nasi Jinggo ain’t enough, at least you need to eat two portions to fulfill your stomach.

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That’s the 17 list of famous local foods in Bali. You can find them in your nearest traditional vendors, sellers, or markets. You must take a bit look to find them because there’s not so many of them in these days. But if you finally got it, you can test the wonderful taste they have with full pleasure. Plus you can finally understand that Indonesia, in this case Bali, has various of things to discover. So your journey will never stop in Bali, there’s much to find here. That’s the beautiful thing right there. Enjoy.