12 Fascinating Facts about Sumatran Coffee

It has been popular in the world that Indonesia is a rich country with the large amount of natural resources. One of them in producing coffee commodity. Based on data from 2013, Indonesia is the third largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil and Vietnam followed by Colombia. Coffee in Indonesia typically has a special […]

Indonesia Cocoa Production – Plantation – Development

Cocoa is one commodity that can contribute to the increase of foreign exchange currency for the national economy. Indonesia is one of the world’s major cocoa suppliers after Ivory Coast (38.3%) and Ghana (20.2%) with a 13.6% percentage. By cultivating Cocoa into a quality product in the country then we have been able to deposit […]

17 Street Food in Bandung You Must Try

For some people, going to taste the culinary delights of the street food in Bandung is just a hobby that’ll increase their experience of having enjoyable time there. As Bandung is full of outsider coming there to study or experiencing the lovely city so the local delicacies will has varied option to cater to their […]

Top 10 Traditional Drinks of Indonesia (Most Delicious)

Indonesia has a wide variety of tribes as well as cultures. With so many tribes, there are also many culinary types in each region. Although at a glance the food and drink in different are seems, but actually there is a distinctive sense of its own. In addition to food, drinks from each region are […]

Best 5 Indonesia Jamu Traditional Medicine – Uses and Benefits

Generally, Jamu is bitter like any other herbal medicine. In order to get rid of the bitterness, people usually put honey as an addition. In fact, some people use grape to lessen the bitterness of Jamu and warm the body. Sukoharjo district of Central Java is famous for being the sales centers of Jamu. Many […]

Top 17 Indonesian Tea – Characteristic & Benefits

Indonesia with all of its nature and the prosperity land, makes Indonesia becomes agrarian country with the richness of its biodiversity. The geography of Indonesia as the tropical country, makes Indonesia have a constant temperature and humidity on its highland which is very ideal for some plant to grow well. One of all those plants […]

Luwak Coffee – Development and Spread

Indonesia is a country which full of diversity. It includes diversity of coffee. Many countries, especially in America, Europe, and Japan know about Indonesian original coffee. Meanwhile, original coffee is a premium grade coffee which has a good taste. Moreover, in 2012, Indonesia is the third largest country of coffee producer in the world after […]