How to Buy Properties in Indonesia

If you are thinking about what should I buy in Indonesia property might be the answer. The process of buying property in Indonesia was a little bit tricky in the past. However in this modern era, buying properties in Indonesia gets so much easier compared to the past. The term tricky and easier refers to any expat […]

Famous Architecture In Indonesia Will Leave You in Awe

Indonesia as one of the countries with the largest population in the world is the right market share for various businesses from all countries. That’s why various companies make Indonesia as its business center. Both local and foreign companies. This is what causes high-rise buildings intended as offices to mushroom in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Building […]

The 15 Most Expensive Properties in Jakarta

Talking about property, we will talk about houses, tall buildings that used mostly for business. To build a very firm property, a lot of money will be spent. Those money converted into skills and materials to build the best building. And sometimes, because of the location and also an entity wether a person or company […]

10 Common Types of Woods in Indonesia

There are terms sandang (clothes), pangan (foods and beverages), and papan (a place to live; house, furnitures, etc). As we know that clothes, foods, and beverages are considered as primary needs in human’s life however house, building, or furniture is the secondary need. In order to have a good living, human needs a shelter or place which can protect […]

13 Best Airports in Indonesia (World-Recognized)

In globalization era, the existence of air transportation increasingly needed. Especially as as the bustle of the world transportation. In addition, Airplanes make travel faster and easier. Then, now many people switching to airplanes for travel both of short and long distances. So, the development of tourism in Indonesia is running fast to improve between quality and […]