The 15 Most Expensive Properties in Jakarta

Talking about property, we will talk about houses, tall buildings that used mostly for business. To build a very firm property, a lot of money will be spent. Those money converted into skills and materials to build the best building. And sometimes, because of the location and also an entity wether a person or company that use the building becoming a succesful one, the price of it will rise

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Beside those two aspects, there’s one other important one that becoming a reason why the price of property can rise. It’s the location. More strategic the location, the price will get higher and higher. Thanks to the strategic location, property user can gain many profits from there. And now, we want to tell you about the examples of those buildings in the most expensive properties in Jakarta. Enjoy!

1. Wisma 46

The first building we want to talk about is Wisma 46. It’s looking good, located in the heart of Jakarta city as an icon for outstanding architecture. From afar, you can see it bluish colour that put into part of Wisma 46, reaching the top of it. The building has about 262 meters in height, measured from the lowest point to up high on the antena.

This office building was built by Zeidler Roberts Partnership with the help of DP Architects Private Ltd in the year of 1996 ago. For you who don’t know, Wisma 46 located on the area of Sudirman Jakarta, a part of town that known as business and economy area. It’s also the 147th tallest building in this world, and considered the heighest one on southern part of Earth.

2. The Peak

If you already travelled around the city of Jakarta, it’s hard to notice this building during the day. But, if you happen to strolling around during the night, you can see The Peal clearly by looking at how similar this building with Petronas building in Malaysia. On top of The Peak, there are some lights, the bright ones that becoming a symbol of The Peak office building.

It has two main towers, just like Petronas building in other country. It’s hard to tell the difference between The Peak and Petronas, because even the form of it is very similar. Just like the building above, The Peak was also developed by DP Architects in 2003. It finished in 2006, about three years later since the beginning.

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3. BCA Tower

BCA is known as one famous and succesful private bank in Indonesia. It has one height tower in Jakarta called BCA Tower. The BCA Towers has about 230 meters in height and also 56 floors. T is located in the area of Bundaran HI, near the famous Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta. About the price, is indeed really expensive. It almost reaching Rp656.000,- per m2 per month.

Inside the BCA Tower, you can find so many stuff. Not only the main office building for BCA Bank, it also has some things like fitness center, mall, and also some restaurants. Thanks to those features, the place is always crowded with people.

4. Bakrie Tower

The next building that included inside the list of most expensive properties in Jakarta is Bakrie Tower. The name of Bakrie is rather familiar in Indonesia, because that is the name of one succesful person who has wealth and many assets. This skyscraper is located in the area of Rasuna Episentrum, that known for having a very expensive price of rent.

The building is own privately by Bakrie group. Bakrie Tower has about 215 meters in height and also 40 floors. Most parts of the building are used as an office building for Bakrie Group company. It’s indeed finished by 2009, and also included as the first part of the Rasuna Epicenturm megaproject, worked by Bakrieland Development.

5. Kempinski Residences

And after talking about business properties, we want to switch on the residences in Jakarta. Of course there are so many well known ones, but we pick the top 7 of them and put them on the list. Thos Kempinski Residences is one example. The building of this apartment actually was a part of Hotel Indonesia, long time ago.

Then it was “refurbished”, developed, and then finished in 2009. People who visit Jakarta can notice the existence of this building easily, thanks to its location in Hotel Indonesia area, which the heart of Jakarta city. It has about 57 floors, and having a height of 217 meters. Most businessmen would live in this apartment because of its strategic location.

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6. Pondok Indah

Pondok Indah area is located in  Southern Jakarta. It is a known residence for having a very good environment for mid-high economy class. In the area of Pondok Indah, there are some other fancy residences, thanks to the supporting facilities that putted around Pondok Indah location. For example, there’sa golf field that always used by the people who live around there.

Talking about the price, because of it’s actually a high economic type of land, Pondok Indah has a fairly expensive price. 43 million rupiahs can only cover 1 m2.  If the area located closer to the golf area, the price will be more and more expensive.

7. Ancol

Next residental area is Ancol. This wide are actually filled with so many other expensive residences. Taking a small part of North Jakarta, Ancol can be said as an icon of Jakarta city now. It’s actually known as historical area, and standing firmly since 17th century. But now, it’s included as a tourism area that known widely by people of Indonesia.

Because of that reason alone, so many people started developing the area to be a comfortable residences, even though their price is very expensive. One example is The Bukit Ancol, which has about 3,5 billion rupiahs for a 200 m2 land.

8. Puri Indah

In a wide area called Kembangan, West Jakarta, there’s a residence area called Puri Indah. For the Chinese people, this Puri Indah often said to be the “Dragon’s Head”, which means luck. It’s an area filled with comfort, services, and also high quality security, what a complete residental aspects for its inhabitant. Because of those great features, Puri Indah becomes a favorable location.

Also, because that reason, the price of Puri Indah keeps increasin through years, which is very understandable because more and more people coming in each year. For example, in 2010 the price of land was 7,5 million per m2. In 2012, the price was increasing to 16 million per m2.

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9. Menteng

Next one is Menteng. It is a popular area for Jakarta people. Menteng is known as elite residence, even since Colonial Era in Indonesia. During that time, Menteng was purposely built to be the replica of Amsterdam, famous city in Deustch. Some famous people from Indonesian history lived in this area.

Until now, you can see some examples of the old buildings which very historical. Some examples of them area Cut Meutia Mosque and also Tugu Proklamasi (Proclamation Monument). The price and also tax for the house in Menteng area are very high.

10. Kemang

Kemang is indeed one of those fancy residences in Jakarta city. It is known as a place for locals and also expatriates. Maybe because of that fact, Kemang area is widely known as a luxury residence that inhabited with expatriates who were coming from other countries around the world.  Not only built as residence area, Kemang is also known for having a nightlife entertainment and business.

But the image of the place is not broken. Know, Kemang is known for an area that has so many kinds of entertainment, not for nightlife only. There are some good venues in here including restaurants, cafes, or even gym.

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The examples above show us how fancy those building is. They built to give the people who enter them an impression of how luxury and comfortable they are. Aside from eleven properties above, here’s the rest of the most expensive properties in Jakarta :

  1. Sentral Senayan
  2. One Pacific Place
  3. World Trade Center 2
  4. Capital Place
  5. Pantai Indah Kapuk Residence

As you can see, Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia has so many important properties. Even though some of them are privately owned, but they give the fact that Jakarta is growing fastly in some recent years. And thanks to that, the economic level of people in Jakarta especially is rapidly growing too.

Beside the business buildings, there also some fancy housing, owned by rich people of course. The price of those housings are pretty expensive because of so many contents or facilities that the particular housing has. Basically most of them has the basic facilities tight security and green environment provided, but some other have the additional stuff like private swimming pool, jogging track, or even golf field. With a fair amount of price, come great supporting and highly functional facilities.

Luxury Properties in Jakarta