Top 35 Interesting Facts About Orangutans in Indonesia

Orangutans are Asia’s greatest apes. Originated from Africa, these creatures were once present all over many places in Asia. They included China, Indochina and Java. Unfortunately, the orangutans in those regions have gone extinct. There are currently on two regions left for orangutans to flourish. You can find out where these places are in this […]

8 Common Characteristics of Indonesian Workplace

Working in a great workplace is the dream for almost of people. If you feel so, you may apply for the nice position in a company of Indonesia. In this digital era, the workplace has been developed into some various qualities. You could get a nice facility with the high salary in a good company. […]

10 Characteristics of Tourism in Indonesia

Are you planning to visit Indonesia in the end of this year? Make sure to consider many things before visiting Indonesia. Before scheduling of your departure, you could browse some prospective beautiful places to visit. There are many choices of destination in Indonesia. If you like to study the history you could visit one of […]

25 Unique Laws in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia is a country filled with may unique people and even more unique laws. This article contains 25 Unique Laws in Indonesia. Most of these laws have caused an outrage with the public while some are highly supported due to their effectiveness. Continue to read to find out what these laws are and what makes […]