10 Characteristics of Tourism in Indonesia

Are you planning to visit Indonesia in the end of this year? Make sure to consider many things before visiting Indonesia. Before scheduling of your departure, you could browse some prospective beautiful places to visit. There are many choices of destination in Indonesia. If you like to study the history you could visit one of Largest Temple in Indonesia or Museum in Yogyakarta. However, if you prefer to see the beautiful scenery you could experience a wonderful Trekking in Indonesia. And for those who like to learn the culture of Indonesia, you might prefer watching some Famous Festivals in Indonesia or even Traditional Ceremony in Indonesia.

Moreover, to strengthen your idea of visiting the tourism in Indonesia, we would like to give some interesting information. You should learn these 10 Tourism Characteristics of Indonesia below.

  1. Almost of tourism is managed by a private sector

 The management of the tourism in Indonesia is usually a private sector. If there is a prospective tourism, a government would invite many tenders to choose the management. The winner would be the official management of the tourism.

However, there is also some tourism places that managed by the local government. It is usually a kind of natural place, such as: beaches, lakes, or even mountain. The government takes some profit from the tourist to rebuild the state facility.

2. Most of villagers around the tourism would get the earnings from tourism

When the management starts to develop the tourist, some villagers around the tourism would change their profession. The people who works as the farmers before, they would be the seller of foods or souvenir. It is because their farms or fields have been sold into the management. It is aimed to support the development of tourism.

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3. Many souvenir outlets found

 Once you visit the tourism in Indonesia, you could easily find the outlet of souvenirs. They might sell them in groceries or retail. Usually, if you buy souvenirs in groceries, you would pay twice cheaper than if you buy in retail. Don’t forget if you can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, the sellers of souvenirs surely could speak English rather well.

You could choose some of souvenirs, and buy it as much as possible. Don’t forget to bargain with the fit price.

4. The high price of foods and snacks in tourism

As usual, the price of some foods and snacks in a tourism place is expensive. It is because the seller seems to get a chance to get much profit.

If you plan to visit a tourism in Indonesia, you could bring some snacks in the nearest mini market. To be thrifty, don’t buy any foods or drinks inside the tourism area. The price would be more expensive unexpectedly.

5. The Ticket would be more expensive in weekend or holiday

For several tourism, the ticket in weekend would be twice more expensive than weekdays. It is just the normal habit of the management.

In weekend, the rate of visitors usually would increase. Moreover, they should pay an extra salary for the staffs of tourism that are willing to work in the weekend. That is why they should increase the fee of entrance ticket. So, if you don’t like to visit tourism in the holiday since it would be so crowded, you could visit the tourism during the weekdays.

6. The ticket for foreigner is many times more expensive than local tourist

 For those foreigners who want to visit some tourism Indonesia, sometimes you should pay many times more expensive than if you are the local tourist. As the example, the entrance ticket in Borobudur temple. If you are local tourist, you just need to pay IDR 30,000 each person. Meanwhile if you are foreign tourist, you should pay IDR 300,000 each person. It is 10 times more expensive, all right? However, the department of tourism in Indonesia would revise this policy.

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7. Easy to find a hotel or resort

Don’t worry if you visit Indonesia tourism since it would be easy for you to find a hotel or resort near the location. You could stay there for several days.  If the tourism is famous enough, you would probably find a star hotel with the natural view.

This is just like a common characteristic of tourism. Where there is a crowd of people in tourism, there built be many resorts or hotels facility. Some of night clubs also built rapidly

8. Would be full in holiday or weekend

 The habit of visiting tourism in holiday, give the influence toward the numbers of visitor. Typically, the Indonesia tourism would be really full in weekend or holiday. So, don’t visit Indonesian tourism in weekend since it would be really crowded. The possibility of theft and pickpocket would increase in a crowd.

We would suggest you to visit the tourism during the weekdays if you have the leisure. You could take a breath better and walk around freely when it is not too crowded. And if you visit the natural tourism, you could take many pictures as much as possible without disturbing by the crowds of people.

9. Have some good spots for taking a picture

 Recently, the management of the tourism start to grow some more facilities. One of them is spot for taking a picture. By the growth of media social generation, this spot is started to be the self icon for each tourism.

That is why almost of tourist in Indonesia always brings a camera everywhere. Frequently you could also meet the people who visit the tourism aimed for taking picture only. That is why the spot of taking picture could attract the tourist to visit.

10. Almost of natural tourism located in remote area

Have you ever visited the hidden paradise? For your information, Indonesia has many things like that. Hidden paradise is a beautiful place that located in remote area. Usually, you would need some hours to reach the place by an unusual transportation.

Passing a big forest or event crossing some rivers is just several efforts before finding this kind of tourism. Once you arrived the place, you would be so relieve. Although it needs much effort to get the location, it is so worth it. You would see a really natural place with the good views. Because of its remote location, the government usually doesn’t notice well to manage this kind of tourism. However, the benefits of visiting this tourism is, you could see the nature peacefully since it is not too crowded. Not all of people is interesting to visit this place because the location.

Almost of the tourism characteristics is just found in Indonesia. So, have you chosen the destination of Indonesia that you are going to visit? Make sure to notice the Rules for Tourists in Indonesia. Don’t forget to always take good care of yourself during your holiday there. Have a nice holiday!