Visit 4 Tourist Attractions for Celebrating Chinese New Year in Semarang

Celebrating Chinese New Year is still ongoing in February but, a few cities in Indonesia have started to set up for celebrating rousing Chinese New Year. There are so many attractive cities in Indonesia that become tourist attractions to spend Chinese New Year vacation like Semarang city. To celebrate in Semarang is always held quite […]

Top 8 Chinese Culture in Indonesia

The influence of Chinese culture in the archipelago has been felt since the 13th century to the present day. Many ethnic Chinese or better known as the Tionghoa marry with indigenous peoples who produce the offsprings called “peranakan”. Beside the marriage, there are many other cultural acculturation. See also : Chinese New Year in Indonesia […]

Chinese New Year in Indonesia – Celebrations – Traditions

Hi guys! Maybe Chinese New Year already being prevalent to you. Chinese New Year is the first day of the New Year in the Chinese Calender, which predates the Gregorian calendar. On the past January 28th 2017, this ethnic already celebrated this New Year as a sign of Lunar New Year’s Day. Chinese ethnic known […]