Top 8 Famous Delicious Food in Bali Indonesia

Bali is the center of tourism in Indonesia. the development of the tourism there grows rapidly. It is not such a strange thing that Bali becomes more popular than Indonesia, as the country itself. The development of the city, nature, and some of the facilities was done massively. Not only that, Bali is also known […]

10 Famous Sundanese Food in Bandung

When you visit West Java, where is your most favorit place to visit? I guess it is Bandung. Bandung is also well known as Paris Van Java. The center of clothings in Indonesia is in Bandung. When you visit Bandung, don’t forget to buy a lot of clothings as the souvenirs with affordable price. However, […]

Top 40+ Famous Food of Indonesia with Rich Taste Must Try

Like we know, Indonesia is famous because its own scenery, and almost all of it because the scenery. However do you know if Indonesia is rich more than that? So you right, Indonesia is famous also because the the culture. Five religions and thousands ethnicity which make this country is so unique than another one. […]

Top 23 List of Famous Indonesian Food (#5 is Most Delicious)

There are many examples of Indonesian food that you can choose especially the variety of unique food that will certainly spoil your taste buds because of the many types of Indonesian food availability. You can try to consume many types of Indonesia dishes available in restaurants around you. And I’ll list several healthy and widely […]