10 Famous Sundanese Food in Bandung

When you visit West Java, where is your most favorit place to visit? I guess it is Bandung. Bandung is also well known as Paris Van Java. The center of clothings in Indonesia is in Bandung. When you visit Bandung, don’t forget to buy a lot of clothings as the souvenirs with affordable price.

However, Bandung has not only beautiful place to visit, but also delicious culinary to taste. Bandung foods is well known of the traditional Sundanese seasoning. Sundanese people typically like spicy foods. Follow these paragraphs if you want to know 10 famous Sundanese foods in Bandung.

1. Seblak

If you visit Bandung, it would be easy for you to find this kind of food in along the street. It will be the fit meal for those who like hot spicy food. The main ingredient of Seblak is the raw chips, ‘kwetiaw’ noodle, and meatball. It is poured in the hot spicy sauce with some seasonings. If you want to make it dry, you could request fried seblak. It means, you would not put any sauce in it. You could also request the spicy level you would like.

As the time changes, seblak is combined with chicken claw, sausages, macaroni, and chicken bone. Because the unique taste, it becomes the most favorite food in not only in Bandung, but also across West Java.

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2. Tutut

Tutut is one of traditional foods in Bandung.  It is a kind of small until medium size of snails that is cooked with spicy seasoning with a lot of bay leaves, a little lemongrass, galangal, and a little of turmeric. All of the seasoning should be chopped well. Then, pour it into the boiled water with some chopped chili. You could serve tutut when the sauce is warm, and the taste will be delicious.  It is simple to make, right? Don’t worry if you have no time to make it. There are a lot of tutut peddler you could find in Bandung.

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3. Mie Kocok

Mie Kocok (shaken noodle) is taken from the process of making. It is made by shaking the foods and dipping it into hot water. Mie kocok is the best taste of the cow broth with noodle in it. The noodle that is used should be yellow noodle. Some tendons of cow leg, bean sprouts, and celery are the completion of this food. It is also spread some lemon water on it. You could also put spicy sambal and soybean sauce in it.

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4. Nasi Timbel

Nasi timbel basically is the banana leaf-wrapped rice that is steamed well. The rice that is used in nasi timbel is the kind of Bagolo rice or the mixture of red rice. The hot temperature of rice will create a unique aroma. Next, the rice will be wrapped by banana leaf and served with various dishes. The example of the dishes such as: fried or roasted chicken, salted duck egg, sayur asem, tempeh, tofu, with lalab and sambal.

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5. Peuyeum

Peuyeum is the fermented cassava or usually called tape in Java. This is really popular food in Java. Tape which is originated from Bandung named peuyeum. The benefit of eating peuyeum is to warm your body. It is because the result of fermentation.

The cassava will take 2 until three days of the fermentation. You could easily find peuyeum in the traditional food center or usually called “Pusat Oleh-Oleh” in Bandung. You would see a lot of hanging peuyeum there. The tourists of Bandung mostly like to buy peuyeum as the traditional food of Bandung.

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6. Batagor

Batagor is actually abbreviated from Baso Tahu Goreng (fried meatball and tofu). It is the famous traditional food from Bandung that is adapted from Chinese food. The food is made of the chopped tofu mixed with soft mackerel and tapioca flavor.

All of the ingredients will be rolled into the balls and then fried. After that, it could be served with spicy peanut sauce. Batagor is now available across in Java. Almost of Indonesians is also familiar with this kind of food.

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7. Cimol

Cimol is abbreviated from ‘aci dicemol’. Aci is the tapioca flavor, meanwhile dicemol means make into small round. The texture of the food is tough enough. It would be more delicious if you eat cimol when it is warm.

Moreover, you could also sow some seasoning powder like barbeque powder, sweet corn, or spicy powder on it.  Cimol is actually a famous street food from Bandung. You could find cimol easily in across Bandung.

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  1. Wajit Cililin

Wajit cililin is made of glutinous rice, red sugar, and coconut. It is originally from Cililin, West Bandung. Actually there are a lot wajit in Indonesia, but wajit cililin has the different style on the packaging. It is wrapped on the dry corn leaves. The taste of this kind of food is sweet.

On the other hand, it could be easily found in the center of Bandung traditional foods. When you visit Bandung, the cute package and its well taste will bother you to buy some of them.

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9. Colenak

Colenak is abbreviated from ‘dicocol enak’. It means colenak could be more delicious if you eat it directly by your hand. Colenak is actually the roasted peuyeum that is dipped on the red sugar sauce. The burnt part of peuyeum could make a different taste when dipped into the sauce. When roasting the peuyeum, the sweet part of peuyeum will be easily burnt. But most of people like it because it could give the unique taste.

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10. Siomay Bandung

Among the other kinds of siomay, siomay Bandung is the most popular in Indonesia. Siomay is the steamed fish dumpling with some vegetables in it. Actually siomay is adapted from Chinese food called shumai. The complements of siomay Bandung are the steamed cabbage, bitter gourd, potato, tofu, and boiled egg.

Siomay will be cut into small size pieces. It will be topped by spicy peanut sauce, soybean sauce, and lime to make it more delicious. If you visit Bandung, you could find siomay along the street side in Bandung.

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Those are the 10 famous traditional foods in Bandung. Have you tasted some of them? If you haven’t, you should pack your stuff and go to visit Bandung. However, some of the foods has already been familiar on your thought without knowing the originate of those foods. If you want to know more about Bandung foods, you could visit Street Food in Bandung You Must Try.