Top 23 List of Famous Indonesian Food (#5 is Most Delicious)

There are many examples of Indonesian food that you can choose especially the variety of unique food that will certainly spoil your taste buds because of the many types of Indonesian food availability. You can try to consume many types of Indonesia dishes available in restaurants around you. And I’ll list several healthy and widely known Indonesian food that you can find below.

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1. Soto

Soto is a typical Indonesian food served with soup and in it, there is meat and some other ingredients. In recent years this particular Indonesian food is made into meals to be served to guests at a wedding party.

Soto served with a thick yellow sauce with coconut milk and some meat that can be accompanied with Soto is goat meat, chicken, and beef. It would be very suitable if you eat this soto with the composition of fried onions and emping crackers in it. Each chew will be very meaningful if you are consuming soto which is a typical food of Indonesia’s most delicious and popular consumption.

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2. Nasi Kuning

A food that the Indonesian people call the Yellow Rice. This typical Indonesian food is an Indonesian cuisine made from rice, coconut milk, turmeric and some spice herbs which is certainly very typical of Indonesia. Of course with some blend that we have mentioned earlier to make a typical Indonesian food called Nasi Kuning tastier.

Usually, Yellow Rice in Indonesia is very often made in rice tumpeng which of course served with various kinds of typical Indonesian dishes that are delicious. When in celebration such as wedding then the meals of Yellow Rice usually made to commemorate gratitude and  the gathering with others, will certainly make the people there much more closely related when there is a typical Indonesian food that is yellow and has a very tasty taste of warm rice

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3. Pempek

The next typical Indonesian food is the food which is called Pempek and this food is from Palembang. Having a good popularity in Indonesia, then, of course, there is no harm if you taste this food. It does not quite fit if you are a culinary lover but have never tasted delicious cuisine that comes from one of the popular areas in Indonesia.

It is fish-based and the flour will make Pempek has a form that is quite interesting. Usually, this pempek is mixed with a diluted sauce mixed between sugar and vinegar sauce, then you need to consume your pempek while it’s still warm in condition. The taste is very tasty of the fish that have been thoroughly processed that it makes a lot of people willing to spend money in order to eat this special Indonesian food.

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4. Kerak Telor

A typical Indonesian cuisine that seems very obligatory for you to try if you are in betawi. Because the food named Kerak Telor is a food or snacks that come from there. Actually, this Indonesian food is made by using glutinous rice in cooking using a frying pan.

After that, the food is mixed with chicken eggs or can also use duck eggs, then mixed with herbs and some other ingredients such as serundeng, shrimp, fried onions and other spices. Have a tasty and somewhat sweet taste of this Indonesian food that one can make your tongue sway, it’s one of the typical Indonesian food that we recommend to you.

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5. Rendang

This typical Indonesian food called rendang has a very strong taste. With meat-based and some spices that exist in it such as turmeric, coriander, and some other spices make Rendang a popular Indonesian food. it’s already can confirm that if you’ve tried a typical Indonesian food called rendang, then, of course, you will then again try for a second bite.

Usually, when the Padang people cook Rendang it will have a distinctive flavor that is typical and legit flavor. Moreover, soft meat that exists in rendang sauce will be very suitable when mixed with warm rice. The cuisine of this one from padang people is also very famous in various parts of Indonesia, especially in recent years as a lot of Padang restaurant spread all over Indonesia with its delicious rendang dishes offering.

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6. Bakso

Meatball is a food made from meat in the shape of balls and then mixed in the food with delicious sauce. Currently, meatballs are one of the typical Indonesian food that is very popular and almost in every region in Indonesia there are meatballs with their own characteristics.

Usually, meatballs are suitable for consumption along with other food combinations such as dumplings, vermicelli, fried food and various vegetables that would be a healthy food ready for consumption. For the famous meatballs in Indonesia is bakso malang that until now still rule for this type of special meatballs. There are various modifications that are done to this typical Indonesian food that may make many culinary lovers attracted.

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7. Seblak

A food that can be said is still very new, this food is quite popular in Indonesia in recent years. This is a typical Indonesian food that’s popular. Although classified as a new Indonesian food, Seblak has a delicacy that can not be denied by people who consume them.

This is an Indonesian food that is made from some ingredients such as noodles, macaroni, vegetables, wet crackers and a spice blend that gives a distinctive taste for the food in this one. Many people who love to enjoy this food are popular with the name of Seblak, in addition to taste that can shake your tongue, this Seblak also has a fairly affordable price for many types of people.

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8. Pepes

A popular food by the name of Pepes. This one food in Java is very easy to find, it is usually sold in food vendors side dishes which of course have a very good taste, it is delicious in appearance that looks very interesting.

This Pepes which you can enjoy together with warm white rice and can be enjoyed by everyone, the method in terms of production is also very easy. Usually, Pepes is wrapped in banana leaves and for the aroma of typical Indonesian food, this one is very delicious. Even these foods are available in a variety of contents such as pepes tahu, pepes ikan, pepes ayam, pepes telur and various kinds of other pepes according to your taste

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9.  Nasi Goreng

This widely known food is called by the name of fried rice. Usually, this Indonesian food is functioned as a savior while in the boarding house and at that time when the money in the pocket is tight. Certainly being a highly anticipated meal to fill your empty stomach.

But today many large restaurants that serve this typical Indonesian food listed them as their main menu. Fried rice is an Indonesian food made from white rice and then mixed with spice herbs that have a distinctive taste of Indonesia. Of course, this food is loved by many, the composition of the typical spice flavor that can be found in fried rice is very tasty.

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10. Bubur Tinutuan

Tinutuan porridge is sold in many places in Indonesia. Tinutuan porridge is usually very suitable when served in the morning for breakfast and for side dishes. For accompanying this Tinutuan Porridge you can then use tuna, skipjack, sambal dabu-dabu, roa and cakes.

Tinutuan porridge is a favorite food of local communities, but also for a few foreign tourists who are fond of eating this Tinutuan Porridge. Inside this Tinutuan Porridge there is meat and various types of vegetables. Many type of society there are also serving Tinutuan Porridge with the midal, which is a type of food noodles.

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11.  Tempoyak

Food called Tempoyak is a food made from durian, so it will be very fitting if you are a durian fan. Derived from sumatra especially in Palembang, Lampung and Jambi, this is mainly because in the city there are many durian available.

Actually, Indonesian food typical Tempoyak is the result of fermentation of the durian fruit that is unique. Tempoyak is mixed with pindang or pepes goldfish and even for those of you who like to consume spicy cuisine, you can mix this Tempoyak with sambal

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12. Papeda or Bubur Sagu

This Indonesian typical food originating from Papua and Maluku is popular with the name Papeda or Sago.

Food called Papeda or Sago Porridge is a food made from sago flour which of course processed from sago tree that has been aged 3 to about 5 years. At the time of serving of this food is mixed with tuna fish and do not also forget to mix it with yellow sauce to enhances its taste to yours tongues.

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13. Ayam Taliwang

This typical Indonesian food may be very popular in the ears of food hunters, it is mainly regarded as popular food with the name of Taliwang Chicken that is one of the typical Indonesian food originating from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara with a very delicious taste and can guarantee to be adaptable to your taste buds

The name Taliwang Chicken means the chicken definitely has the basic ingredients of a chicken mixed with some spices such as garlic, red onion, dried red chili, terasi fried, brown sugar, kencur, red tomatoes and with Salt.

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14.  Sup Konro

Other typical Indonesian food that is a famous food with the name of Konro Soup. This food is a cuisine that comes from Makassar and Bugis which of course has a very unusual taste offering.

With the basic ingredients in use are beef ribs or other beef parts, then mixed with ketupat and usually this Konro Soup has a blackish brown sauce. Of course, the color of sauce from Indonesian food is brownish, the condiment in this Konro Soup consists one of the famous ingredients with the name of kluwek fruit.

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15.  Ayam Cincane

A typical Indonesian food famous with the name Cincane Chicken. Original Chicken Cincane is a food that comes from Samarinda and in that city Cincane Chicken is very famous. Typically Cincane Chicken is served at the time of the reception of large guests or for the wedding.

At least if you are in Samarinda, then there is no harm for you to try to taste Indonesian food called Chicken Cincane. For the color of Cincane Chicken is a bit reddish and usually consisted of a chicken hen or chick.

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16. Gado-Gado

Usually in Indonesia this one food is a combination of food between pieces of potatoes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, sprouts and corn. When people abroad visit Indonesia, they usually call this gado-gado or Javanese Salad. This one java salad for the level of spiceness you can adjust according to your spicy taste.

To add variety, usually, this typical Indonesian food is added in tofu, tempeh or grocery. There are a variety of variations to splash on top of gado-gado, there is a seasoned mayonnaise and also spice peanut in addition to crackers as its topping. What really makes this food favorable is the sensation of crackers from crunchies mixed with delicious peanut spice, that truly evoke your appetite.

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17. Opor Ayam

The food is delicious in that because of the condiments using the basic ingredients of chicken mixed with coconut oil, eggs and also potatoes. The aroma is produced when the food is cooked, very delicious in that will arouse your taste. Moreover, usually, the chicken is cooked in this opor is very soft, making it easier for us to eat it. With turmeric-based ingredients, coriander, coconut milk, and onion will certainly provide a sensation for people who consume them. Opor ayam is ubiquitous for many Indonesian type dishes.

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18. Rawon

Origin of this typical Indonesian food is from East Java. Basic ingredients of this type of typical Indonesian food is made from Beef and Kluwek. Kluwek is the thick sauce that we can get on typical Indonesian food that is very exemplary, the condiment spices mixed with the sauce can make a sense of crunchies inside each chew.

Kluwek is a food that can make the color for rawon sauce turn to black. With spices based on green onions, roots, onions and other ingredients. Of course, this typical Indonesian food will be delicious if the consumption accompanied with warm rice. Currently, many wedding events that serve food called rawon acts as a dish for the guests’ invitation meal.

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19. Gudeg

Indonesian special food that is the typical Indonesian cuisine originated from Jogja. This food is made from young jackfruit then cooked with brown sugar and coconut milk. This taste of Indonesian food is legit and sweet. For culinary lovers throughout the archipelago certainly, know with this super delicious Indonesian food called gudeg.

This typical Indonesian food will be very tasty if the consumption is with warm rice, then added with complementary side dishes such as fried chicken, boiled eggs, tempe fried and also cowhide skin crackers. Currently, many people who sell gudeg online, would have a very bright business because gudeg which is a typical Indonesian food is very much in demand recently.

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Then, apart of foods above, there are several other famous Indonesian food, as follows:

20. Gorengan: For the next typical Indonesian food is fried food, this one food is a very suitable food made as a complementary food while chatting casually. Usually, gorengan is presented to a friend to accompany drinking coffee or tea and currently many stalls provide fried food to a culinary lover who wants a snack which is typical Indonesian. (see also: Traditions in Bali)

There are many examples of typical Indonesian fried food for this one, for example, fried bananas, weci, bakwan, cireng and of course there are much more typical types of Indonesian fried foods that you can choose according to taste. Starting from a sweet taste, salty to spicy you can consume on various fried food depending on which one you want you’d like to taste. (see also: History of Indonesian National Anthem)

21Horok-Horok : A famous food with the name Horok-Horok is mandatory to enter into the list of typical Indonesian food. Because Horok-Horok is a snack that comes from Jepara and it is Indonesian food made from palm tree flour, for the taste of Horok-Horok is a bit strange and has a very chewy texture. (see also: Bali Myna Bird)

But if you are lucky, there are usually people who sell these Horok-Horok on the roadside. Although sold on the outskirts of the road, but it does not seem inferior to the foods that are sold in restaurants. To get a sweet taste, usually Indonesian people mix these Horok-Horok with sugar and it turns Horok-Horok into a very fulfilling food. (see also: New Years in Indonesia)

22. Otak Otak: Indonesian special food that’s very popular is named otak-otak which of course has a very good taste. Actually, this typical Indonesian food is a typical food of riau which of course has been very popular throughout Indonesia, even in some parts of Indonesia many traders try to sell this otak-otak. (see also: Indonesian Landmarks)

This otak-otak is a typical Indonesian food made from squid and fish. Usually these otak-otak are wrapped with leaf or coconut leaves, for the processing of this typical Indonesian food that is in the way of burning to cause the aroma that makes you interested in tasting the otak-otak.

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Some of the typical Indonesian food recommendations above can be your meal options while you’re in Indonesia. Some other famous Indonesian food can’t be listed here because they’re just too many of them. With the vast lands and so many people they’re bound to be various food option that’s unique to each regions and by eating lots of them then you can respect the greatness of Indonesian archipelago.