6 Distinct Facts About the 2019 Indonesian General Election You Need to Know

Indonesia had just passed the “hot” atmosphere, especially in politics. In 2019, Indonesia held a general election which was run once in five years to choose a leader for this country.  In that year, the Indonesian people, not only the inhabitants of famous cities in Indonesia but also in other regions, voted for both presidential […]

10 Embarrassing Facts of Corruption in Indonesia

Corruption is very difficult to eradicate in any part of the world. Corruption in Indonesia develops systemically. For many people corruption is no longer a violation of law, but merely a habit. In all comparative studies of corruption between countries, Indonesia always occupies the lowest position. This situation can cause the eradication of corruption in […]

12 Type of Business Entity in Indonesia

A business entity is an organizational and economic entity that has the purpose of obtaining profits or profits and providing services to the community. Or it can say that it is a juridical, technical and economic entity that has a purpose to seek profit or profit. A business activity that stands with the status of […]

12 Reasons Why is Indonesia Mixed Economy

A mixed economic system is a regulation of economic life that is managed jointly by the private and government. Mixed economic system is an economic system that combines the capitalist economic system and capitalist economic system. Indonesia can not be separated from the liberal economic system, because the economy of this country is still dependent […]

10 Facts about Indonesian Government – 2014-2019 Periods

The Indonesian government is divided into several periods. Each period of government, of course, has a different policy. In the Indonesian government especially the period 2014-2019, not much changed from the previous government leadership (2009-2014). In this period, for the seventh time Indonesia has a new president (Ir Joko Widodo). Then of course the cabinet […]

17 Social Factors Effecting Business in Indonesia

Business is one of the economic aspects that can affect the social and cultural circumstances of a country. Business is growing rapidly certainly not only stand by itself but driven with various aspects. Aspects are developments and advancements that can make a business fast-paced, even able to create extensive jobs. So with the business, a lot […]

The History of Election in Indonesia

Election is a method of selecting people’s representatives. Therefore, for a country that considered as democratic country, the elections must be held within a certain period. In Indonesia the election held once in five years. It is done for the momentum that shows directly how the citizens participate in the government activity. During the elections […]

The Brief History of Decentralization in Indonesia

Decentralization is the handover of policies from the central government to local governments to regulate their own households. However, some fields like security, laws, and policies are still centralized from the delegations of local government. The form of decentralization in Indonesia called the regional autonomy. It is done to simplify the system of government in […]

Rice Cultivation in Indonesia – Process

The country in East Asia, majority produce and using rice for the daily food and it was already begun since old time, those country are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and etc. Especially in Indonesia, people consume a lot of rice everyday until the rice commodity cannot balance with rice total that consumed by Indonesian people. In […]

Social Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

According to Ancient Greek, ethics is derived from the word ethikos which means “arising from habit”. Ethics is the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of standards and moral judgments. Ethics includes analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility. Ethics begins when humans reflect on […]