Megalithic Site in Gunung Padang: A Place To See The Past Time

Indonesia is not only well-known for its natural resources such as beach, mountain, and island, but also it has diverse culture drawn from Sabang to Merauke as well. Those cultures also contribute to tell history in Indonesia. If we look at certain culture, such as Tana Toraja or Bali, we can say that cultural practice […]

10 Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Dance You Should Know From East Java

East Java is one of the most populated region in Indonesia. With Javanese tribe dominating the region, the lifestyle and cultural practice are heavily influenced by Javanese tradition. From the language used between old and young people to clothes wore, Javanese people tends to live with tight rule and respect toward each other. Among those […]

History and Philosophy of Indonesian Flag

Indonesian flag has color red and white in horizontal direction. It was tailored in 1944 before Indonesia announced its independence day in August 17th, 1945 by Indonesia’s first president’s wife Sukmawati. The original flag is knitted by hand since there wasn’t many shewing machine back in the day. It’s also used in the main ceremony […]

13 Effects of Dutch Colonialism in Indonesia

Dutch colonialism of Indonesia is a tragic moment that will remain a history and never be forgotten by the people of Indonesia. History of Dutch Colonization in Indonesia was lasting after 350 years the Indonesia colonized by the Dutch. The colonial period is a difficult time for the people of Indonesia since it causes a misery […]