5 Things To Do During Proclamation Day in Indonesia

Indonesia has many unique and interesting things when celebrating proclamation day on August 17th every year. Those things will give you unforgettable memories, also great experiences, of course; during your visit in Indonesia. Here are 5 things to do during proclamation day in Indonesia: 1. Proclamation Day Ceremony On the proclamation day, August 17th, you […]

The Amazing History of Indonesian National Monument

National Monument commonly called Monas is a memorial to the persistence of the Indonesian people against the cruel colonialism of the Dutch East Indies. This monument was established in the same year with the inauguration of the Indonesian Scouting movement. The building was started on the anniversary of the Unitary State of the Republic of […]

The Amazing History of Soekarno

Until now the father of Indonesia. proclaimer became one of the most admired figures in Indonesia. He is a celebrity in Indonesia with the contents of a speech that inspired and burned the spirit of young people in his time. Even to this day the contents of speech bung karno still favored and used as a […]

The Indonesian Proclamation History

Many events that occurred before Indonesian independence were proclaimed. In this series of events, there are many lessons you can learn to love the country more. To recall the history of Indonesia’s proclamation of independence, it is important to refer to various important events, which occurred during the following moments of proclamation. So, read them […]

Indonesian Independence Day Celebrations – Ceremony – Activities

Independence Day celebration of the Republic of Indonesia is celebrated on 17th August 2016 and commemorated to remember the day Indonesia become a self-ruling country away from colonialism. This anniversary made the month of August more special for all Indonesians. On that day, you not only commemorate the day our nation’s independence that is proclaimed, […]