Tongkonan, A Unique Traditional House From Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is a village located in South Sulawesi with its downtown located in Makale. It has around 2000 km2 in width and 260.000 people living there. Torajan people live mostly in the mountain and they still keep their ancient tradition running among them. As Austronesian descendant, Torajan people still practice its lifestyle which resembles […]

Asmat Tribe Culture – Customs – Traditions

Indonesia is known for having a lot of tribes. All of them have their uniqueness and speciality, making it different from other tribes. Also its worth taking a look at them, at least once. That’s why we take you to another tribe that exist in Indonesia, called Asmat Tribe. (See also: Misunderstanding of Culture in Indonesia […]

Top 7 Culture of Toraja – Social Life – Society

Toraja name was originally given by Bugis Sidendereng tribe and from luwu. The Sidendreng named the people of this area with a Riaja which means “People who dwell in the land above or mountains”, while the people of Luwu to Riajang is “the person who dwells in the west” There is also another version of the […]