6 Things Only You Can Find in Lombok

Many Indonesian people mistaken that Lombok was taken from the Javanese languange that means chili. Lombok comes from the Sasak languange which is “Lomboq”, this means straight. History said that Lomboq is given to remember the long journey of the ancestor of Lombok when they find the island. As time flies Lomboq turns into Lombok […]

Activities You Can Do in Padar Island Indonesia – Exciting and Memorable Ones

So, our daily life can surely change us. Facing the same problem every single day, facing the same people, the same community, and the same view in every single day could be really constantly boring. It can make you feel unhappy. That’s why, taking a vacation for a day or some can surely add some […]

Top 10 Worst Indonesian Tsunami – Deathly Disasters

Indonesia is a tsunami-prone country. From 1629 to 2018 there were 177 large and small tsunami disasters. Tsunamis are most often triggered by tectonic earthquake activity compared to marine landslides and volcanic eruptions. Of the current population of Indonesia, 265 million people live in earthquake-prone areas of 148.4 million. While the people who live on […]

13 Romantic Wedding Venue in Bali to Complete your Happiest Day

Wedding is a sacred moment that happens in everyone’s life. And every couple certainly has a place and concept of marriage that was dreamed of before. Wedding is a process of embedding the sacred promises that will be made by the bride and groom. Therefore, some people might want different places and venues for their […]

12 Interesting Culture in Bali You Shouldn’t Miss to See

Bali is an island known as the island of the gods. It is one of the islands that is a tourist paradise that has a tourist attraction for both foreign tourists and local tourists. This is because the area has a very attractive beauty for tourists. The island community mostly embraces Hinduism. Not only the […]

12 Fun and Interesting Activities in Bali – Mostly Recommended

Talking about Bali, it means talking about the tourism spot. There are at least hundreds tourism spots available you can explore. Many hotels and villa you can choose to stay and many restaurants you can try to taste. Then you arrive in Bali, you will be confused which place you should go first, and what […]

The Significant Development of Tourism in Bali

It was beginning with the recognition of the island of Bali by westerners, then it tells a long historical story. This history also influences the development of Bali tourism. The main thing that makes Bali famous for its tourism is certainly not because of the beaches, mountains, and other natural charms. However, Balinese tourism is […]

13 Most Popular Island in Bali You Have to Visit!

Bali is an escapist’s dream destination as there are so many places to visit. In Bali, going to a nearby island is just one boat ride away. There’s an island that’s perfect for those who like some quiet time, the nightlife scene or those who want to know more about the wildlife in Bali. Find […]

13 Fascinating Facts of Indonesian Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of numerous coral islands and is widespread throughout its territory. However, Raja Ampat has the 4 largest main islands, namely Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, and Misool Island. Four large islands that became the starting point of the spread of the entire population of Raja Ampat who mostly […]

13 Best Beaches in Bali for Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling are mandatory activities when you vacation to Bali. This is because Bali is a small island, and borders other islands, so often used as an object for snorkeling. In addition to a healthy sport, diving and snorkeling gives you the impression. You will gain valuable experience to see the beauty of the […]