12 Fun and Interesting Activities in Bali – Mostly Recommended

Talking about Bali, it means talking about the tourism spot. There are at least hundreds tourism spots available you can explore. Many hotels and villa you can choose to stay and many restaurants you can try to taste. Then you arrive in Bali, you will be confused which place you should go first, and what will you do there. Moreover, while you don’t prepare your to do list pretty well before having holiday. Here are the recommended lists of interesting activities in Bali.

  1. Flyboarding in Tanjung Benoa

Want to experience like Iron Man flying on the water? You can try playing flyboarding in Bali. You will wear a pair of shoes, then you will be “pushed” by high pressure water, so you will fly up to 5-15 meters.

It’s not like a seawalker or underwater scooter (which seems to look easier), playing flyboarding is more difficult because you have to balance your body and get used to it by the pressure of the water. Not infrequently, one must try many times until he can fly stable and perform various interesting attractions.

Just like other water games in Bali, you can try flyboarding in Tanjung Benoa. The cost is quite expensive, it cost start from IDR 550,000 to fly for 15-20 minutes. But the experience will be amazing, especially if you can already try several styles.

  1. Underwater Walking

If you want to see the natural beauty of Bali’s underwater, but you cannot swim or dive, Bali Seawalker can be an option. Now you can do it quickly, easily, and don’t need to practice. You will wear a helmet (like an astronaut’s helmet) that keeps you breathing and seeing clearly underwater. Then, you will go down to the seabed up to 3-5 meters deep. During the next 1 to 1.5 hours, you can play with fish or admire the beauty of the coral reefs below.

This underwater walking experience can be found in several tour operators in the Sanur area or Tanjung Benoa area in Nusa Dua. The price varies, starting from IDR 350,000, depending on the choice of package you take. Our advice, make an order online to get a cheaper price, because if you go directly there, you can get a price of 2 to 3 times more expensive.

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  1. Walking or Running in Campuhan

Ubud is famous for its silence. That’s because the location is far from the noisy frenzy of southern Bali. Therefore, Ubud is often the choice of travelers who want to calm down and relax. If you intend to go to Ubud for relaxing, there is nothing wrong with you also stop by to Bukit Campuhan to just walk leisurely or run while removing tired.

The directions to Bukit Campuhan are difficult to find, but actually the location is very close to the center of Ubud. Look for Ibah Hotel, then turn left towards the derivative road to a Vocational yard, where you will see the Gunung Lebah temple. 10 meters away, you will find access to Bukit Campuhan. Arriving at Bukit Campuhan, you will see the views of green hills that are still beautiful. Full of weeds will welcome you. That’s beautiful.

  1. Exploring Plane Wreck

Bali always has a way to bring tourists. One of them is by placing the plane carcass in several spots and used as a tourist spot or restaurant. Unique isn’t it? You can explore history or take pictures at this tourist spot. Until now, there are 4 aircraft wrecks that you can meet in Bali.

The first plane carcass was located in the middle of Kuta housing, precisely between Dunkin Donuts Jl. Raya Legian Kita and Indo Nature Stone. The second is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, exactly on Jalan Nusa Dua Selatan, close to Pandawa Beach. The third is located in Jembrana Village. Then the new one that appeared in June was the wreck of a Lion Air plane located on Jalan By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra.

  1. Joining a cooking class

Trying Balinese culinary is an obligation for anyone who comes to Bali. But, what if you improve your culinary experience, not only by eating Balinese food, but also learning how to cook it?

There are many providers of cooking classes in Bali that you can find on the internet. You can choose which one suits you best in terms of menu, price and location. Usually, this cooking class lasts around 4 hours, with costs rate from IDR. 300,000. You will experience a truly authentic Balinese experience, from going to traditional markets to shopping for groceries, learning to cook Balinese specialties, and at the end of class, you can taste your own dishes and bring home the recipe to try at home.

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  1. Enjoying Submarine Underwater Trip in Bali Odyssey

Have you ever wanted to be on a submarine and see a submarine view from a submarine? Of course, submarine riding activities in Bali are very exciting to try. Submarine tourism in Bali named Bali Odyssey Submarine and in the world there are only two places that provide submarine tourism facilities namely Hawaii and Bali.

You need to know that submarine tourism in the world is only 2. Even though it is not a holiday, there are always many submarine tourism enthusiasts. Therefore, we recommend booking early if interested in taking part in submarine tours in Bali, at least 1 week in advance.

  1. Challenge Yourself in Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul

In this tourism spot, you will not only get the coolness of the forest, but also the excitement of outbound activities. Bali Treetop Adventure Park is located within the Bedugul Botanical Garden. That is why the air around is very cool because of the many trees that grow in shade. This place is designed as an adrenaline satisfying for challenging sports lovers. Not only adults who can enjoy the fun of playing on this vehicle, but children can hone their souls of adventure.

There are about 72 challenging games like Flying-Fox, Spider Nets, Suspended bridges, Flying Swings, Tarzan Jumps, and more. And the most extreme, there is also a Bali flying fox that reaches 160 meters in length.

  1. Looking for hidden canyons of Beji Guwang Sukawati

Initially, this place was called the “hidden canyon of Beji Guwang Sukawati”. Nowadays, more and more people found this place and published it, so this place was no longer a secret. Location of the hidden canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati is located next to the Dalem Guwang temple in Sukawati district, Gianyar district. If you depart from Sanur Bali tourist attractions, it will take a distance of about 14 kilometers with a travel time of around 30 minutes.

If you are visiting Sukawati Bali art market, then we suggest you to take a tour of the hidden canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati, because the distance is very close because it only takes 10 minutes to arrive at the hidden canyon location of Beji Guwang Sukawati, from the Sukawati Bali art market location.

  1. Enjoying Sunset on Kuta Beach

You really will regret not watching the sunset at least once in Bali. Although it looks the same as in other places, the reality is that the sky in Bali is different. The color of the orange sky which is mixed with the bluish color of the sea is truly an unforgettable sight. Sometimes the sky in Bali at sunset can be seen reddish.

In Bali, there are some of the best beaches to see the sunset. One of them is Kuta Beach. Sunset here is famous for its beauty, even many foreign tourists who have recognized the beauty of the sunset here. Are you interested in trying?

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  1. Watching Kecak Dance in Uluwatu

“Cak, Cak, Cak”. That is the distinctive sound we hear when watching the performance of the Kecak Dance In Bali.  The Kecak Bali dance is a drama that is played by 50 people, up to 150 dancers. They danced with hand movements up and down while making a chorus of “cak cak cak” which was arranged in such a way that it sounded a beautiful rhythm. It is also interspersed with Balinese traditional songs sung by the dancers while dancing.

Bali Kecak Dance is a sacred dance. You can watch this sacred ceremony and learn about local Balinese culture. The most popular location of the Kecak dance performance in Bali is located at Luhur Uluwatu Temple, one of the famous tourist attractions in Bali. Distance from Uluwatu temple from Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport, around 21 kilometers with a travel time of about 50 minutes.

  1. Visiting the Traditional Panglipuran Village in Bali

Bali is famous for the islands that still maintain their customs and culture very well. That is why this island is so attractive to tourists. Not only because the nature is beautiful, but also because the culture is still very much preserved by the local population. In addition to the beach, you can take a vacation to a traditional village that is still thick with local wisdom, namely the village of Panglipuran.

This village is very beautiful and really maintained to stay like that. Even motorized vehicles are prohibited from entering this village. If you want to take a walk in this place, tourists must park in the area provided before entering the village. The houses also have traditional concepts that will make you feel like going back in time.

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  1. Playing with hundreds of attractive monkey in Ubud

Ubud in Bali is also known for its beautiful natural scenery. The mountains that still have a lot of trees have a cool and refreshing atmosphere. Well, walking here can be one of the fun activities if you want to look for an atmosphere other than the beach.

In this Ubud forest, you can meet cute monkeys which jump here and there. You can play with many kinds of monkeys are in Bali. It’s not really hard to get through the forest area, because there are special roads provided for tourists who really want to meet and interact with these monkeys. Not only do you interact with monkeys, you will also find some temples, holy ponds, and temple statues as well in the forest.

Almost people would likely to say visiting Bali is like drinking caffeine. Once you visit, more and more you want to come back. This island is like an everlasting memory, that everybody wants to come back for exploring this wonderful island.