13 Terrifying Facts of Poverty in Indonesia

Poverty is one of the problems that arise in development together with the problem of unemployment and inequality. All three are interrelated. In the context of development in Indonesia, the problem of poverty has increasingly become a hot topic since the economic crisis hit Indonesia in mid-1997. Poverty in Indonesia is indeed a difficult problem […]

10 Types of Poverty in Indonesia

Poverty is a condition where a person experiences a deprivation from materialistic and social needs. This deprivation causes the person to have limited access to basic human rights such as healthcare and education. There is still a very high number of Poverty in Indonesia. The number will continue to rise as the country struggles to eradicate […]

Children Labour in Indonesia – Solutions

Children labour is the act of employing children in a certain work environment or industry. The place where the children works may cause physical and mental distress. Other than that, the work environment might be harmful to the children. It is a morally wrong act to employ children because they are often underaged. Children labour […]

Poverty in Indonesia – Rate and Analysis

Poverty is a situation which there are a lack of income for fulfill main needs for living. Then, poverty also a condition when life reach the lowest level of circumstances.  As well as life in a state where the human life in deprivation. On the other hand, poverty often considered in simple meaning. Such as lack of […]