15 Foods Only Served During Ramadhan in Indonesia : The Divine Taste

As mentioned in our previous article, you can find so many diversities in Indonesia. Not only about the religions, cultures, and arts, but the people of Indonesia also known for having diversity in the culinary. Yes, we’re talking about the traditional foods here. Most of them have their own special dishes. Related topics: Memorable history […]

The 17 Memorable History in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Beautiful Things That Make You Miss It

The Ramadhan month is indeed very fun. Not only for the Muslims, but also for the others as well. We share interesting moments and experiences this month. Bringing happiness to all. Even though the month is part of Muslims life, but the ones who are having fun are all people in Indonesia, no matter what […]

15 Things You Must Know When in Indonesia During Ramadhan : What You Can Expect

Still in the month of Ramadhan, now we’re gonna enter the third week, only a week left to the victory day of Eid Fitri. For the people of Indonesia, this moment is really exciting, because all the prayers and their activities to be a better person, like fasting for example, finally will be paid off. […]

List of 17 Unique Traditions in Indonesia During Ramadhan

It’s always so interesting to talk about Ramadhan, the only month within one year that is so special not only for Muslims but others as well. During this month, many people are devoting to pray, getting more merit bonuses that they can get and promised if they do. Many Muslims intend to do positive things […]

15 Unique Foods Must Try in Yogyakarta during Ramadhan : The Traditional Delicacy

So, we took you to see around the city of Bandung to see the religious places that can increase your knowledge greatly in both the historial and religious side. But now we want to stay away from the city to go to another, Yogyakarta. You know, Yogyakarta city stands on its own capital. Related topics: […]

14 Best Local Restaurants Which Still Open in Jakarta During Ramadhan

Still in the month of Ramadhan, we want to give you articles about this holy month. After talking about the activities you can do in Yogyakarta and also the things you should know and remember when visiting Bali island on this month, we want to give another related topic about Jakarta city. Related topics: Things […]

Things to Do in Yogyakarta During Ramadhan : The Definitive Guide

Ramadhan is a beautiful month. The month is not meant only for Muslims who are doing their obligation for fasting all day long, but also for other people. They can enjoy the Markets that can sell them delicious Ramadhan snacks or Takjil. And also sometimes, some places are having a pretty discount during Ramadhan. Related […]

Ramadhan in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

Ah, finally. Ramadhan is finally upon us again in this year of 2017. It’s a beautiful yet wonderful month, for you Moslem or even for another Religion.  Many beautiful things you can meet in this month, and they’re very unique. Ramadhan will last for 29-30 days. In this month, Moslem celebrated it by fasting during whole […]

7 Traditions of Fasting in Indonesia – Unique – Religious

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with largest Moslem population. There are so many Moslem people who live in various cities in Indonesia. And just like Moslems who live in other countries, Moslems as one of Religion in Indonesia are fasting during Ramadhan. Fasting is an activity when you don’t eat and […]