Ramadhan in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

Ah, finally. Ramadhan is finally upon us again in this year of 2017. It’s a beautiful yet wonderful month, for you Moslem or even for another Religion.  Many beautiful things you can meet in this month, and they’re very unique.

Ramadhan will last for 29-30 days. In this month, Moslem celebrated it by fasting during whole month.

However, we Islamic (Moslem) in Indonesia also fasting all day long of course, defending ourselves from the lust of the world. It’s our duty to fasting during Ramadhan month.

For you, who take another religion, please respect us by not eating or drinking right in front of our faces. It hurts you know. At least you must ask permission though, even when hanging out with friends. Anyway, so many Moslem increasing their worshipping activities, such as go to the mosque more often, or reading Qur’an until finish it.

Many activities you can do of course when do Ramadhan in Indonesia, beside Taraweeh Pray (if you’re Islamic), you can do many activities you want, anything but near sexual or lust activities. You can play with your friends, reading articles, playing video games, or anything else to wait the break fasting time. Plus, there are more things you can do when this month’s come.

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These are what activities you can do when Ramadhan in Indonesia’s come, here they are :


These are activities that you can do in the Holy Month of Ramadhan :

1. Doing Sahur March

Whoa, what is this? Marching Band?. No, absolutely not. This marching is actually pretty fun activities you can do. The goal of this activity is not just shouting “Sahurr..sahurr !”, there’s a purpose.

The purpose of you shouting to people’s house, is to wake them up so they can take a Sahur (eating in early morning to make you stronger during fasting all day).

However, what if you not taking Sahur, and you just marching to wake them up? No, not sir. You must, take a Sahur too. It’ll make you stronger, it’s the formula to keep you strong.

After joining this activity, you’ll get new friends, and well known to people, if you special enough. Maybe your shout will impress them. Maybe you should join The Voice instead, i don’t know.

2. Eating Sahur

One of main activity during Ramadhan in Indonesia is Sahur. As i said above, Sahur is like a power. You’ll get more durability during fasting, durability for your stomach especially. Even when you didn’t take Sahur, you’ll be okay. A little okay.

However, it’s a must to do activity in Ramadhan, if you’re a moslem you have that obligation. However, eating sahur is actually a good time for family though. They can gather in dining room, eat and talk about things until Imsak comes. Its an absolutely special time for family.

3. Ngabuburit

Ngabuburit is one of favourite activity when Ramadhan in Indonesia. All activities you doing during fasting period until break fasting time comes are called Ngabuburit. Many things you can do to ease you from the struggle of fasting.

You can play with your friends maybe, or playing football with your classmate (don’t get too tired). Seeing movies, reading articles, or writing articles it’s all up to you.

However, there’s a warning though “sexual or lust activities are forbidden”. Drinking and eating on purpose will break your fast too. Break it into dust.

Also public place oftenly very crowded during this time. So, its up to you if you want to go to the public place, but think again. Then, after around 5 pm, you can hanging out with your friends at a restaurant. Waiting for Adzan Maghrib (Call for prayer in the dusk) echoed by nearest mosque, which is time for break fasting. Please, be more patient.

4. Going to Takjil Market

When do Ramadhan in Indonesia, Takjil is a food served during break fasting. Actually, Takjil can refer to anything from rice box, or even some crackers or snacks like Onde-onde or Lumpia.

However, here’s the thing, when Ramadhan comes, there’s a special market built special for this period only, called Takjil Market. So much stuff you can pick here.

Many foods from traditional to International like Takoyaki from Japan. All food is 100% Halal so you don’t have to worry about anything. Pick your favorite, and don’t forget to look at your wallet, how many budget you have. Don’t follow you in-stings to buy many meals, remember your stomach capacity.

Don’t forget to buy for your family too, especially if you have younger brother or sister. He or she will love it.

5. Break Fasting

Finally, the pay back time has come. All your efforts, for fasting all day long, be paid back. Allah will give you rewards, your mom will give you tasty foods.

What a beautiful moment isn’t it?. Any food will be more tasty during this moment. But, don’t forget to do Maghrib Pray after doing it. Don’t forget you obligations over an enjoyment.

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6. Do Taraweeh

Taraweeh is additional pray, special for Ramadhan. It’s usually happens after Isya’ Pray Time.

However, mostly people in Indonesia doing both Isya’ and Teraweeh in the mosque.

Therefore, after Isya’ and then there’s  speech about religion for a few minutes, then finally the Taraweeh itself. For Moslem, it’s suggested to do Taraweeh, because beside the reward you’ll get, this praying activity only available in Ramadhan. So, pray before it’s too late.

Those are things you can do during Ramadhan, lots and lots of fun happening in that month. But beware, beside those activitie, these are what you CAN’T do, watch out :


There are several activities which are prohibited to do when Ramadhan month, as follows:

1. Dating in Public or Privately

Ramadhan is suppose to be a Holy Month. So, not only do Ramadhan in Indonesia, but also all over the world. Where all lust is forbidden, and you must fasting to defense yourselves from it. Like i said above, don’t do anything near sexual or lust activites.

Dating is undoubtedly one of them. Touching, grabbing or even kissing can auto break your fast. Break your fast into dirt and dust.

Therefore, it’s a shame of you, if you’re a Moslem but still dating with your lover, and even doing “something”. What’s the purpose of those fasting then?. Answer it yourself.

Well, if you still want to meet your lover, you can meet her/him in the break fasting time, maybe you can go to restaurant together, and maybe do Taraweeh together after it, it looks more beautiful to see. It’s more save and sound.

2. Drink or Eating on Purpose

Well, hello there. Got ya. Many people, especially teenagers doing this during Ramadhan. With some reasons like, “I’m too hungry”,”My god, i can’t take this anymore”, and many more.

It’s not recommended though, if you can’t resist yourself from meals, that means one thing. You’re not patient enough. The enemy is within yourself, so be optimistic. It’s like only for 30 days, you can do it !

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3. Luring Your Friends to Eat or Drink Something

You’re a Demon if you doing this. That’s mean. You’re not suppose to do this, by any right. For example, your friend fasting all day long, struggle with himself and you just came by and say “Wanna drink, boy?”.

You hurt your friend’s mental if you doing it. If your friend taking the drink, you’ll get sins. If not, well bless your friend and you keep having those sins because you’re the one doing it in the first place.

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Unique Traditions

Those are memorable experiences though, very nice and beautiful, and funny of course. Beside activities you can do, here in Indonesia people start doing some stuff during Ramadhan. They’re unique, original, and very memorable activities. You will miss Ramadhan, if you remembering this stuff again :

A. Sahur on The Road

What is better than Sahur alone ? Of course, sahur with some people. Many people in Indonesia do this thing, because it’s a fact that mostly people in Indonesia really like to do activities with others. Yes, these are very friendly people.

Usually, the other activity they do beside eating Sahur is watching television on a Bigscreen. Some times they watch football match together, or even some movies. It’s a good memories though, hanging out with people while enjoying your Sahur, it’s an unforgettable memory.

B. Share Takjil around Neighborhood

It’s a tradition of society in Indonesia. The sharing itself is a resemblance of peace and togetherness among people, whether Moslem or not. It’s beautiful to see, a family sharing Takjil to some of the neighbors, and the day after that  the neighbors start to give Takjil to each other again, including those family.

Beside sharing in neighborhood, the people also sharing Takjil in the mosque, so after Magrib Pray ends, they start to break fasting together.

Then, people start to share Takjils on the road for free, for those who need it, including you if you did’nt have anything to break your fast. This chain of togetherness is a symbol of Indonesian poeples.Together, Strong, and Peaceful, it’s Indonesia.

C. Doing Torch Parade

Never see a torch Parade before?. This activity is held in small city only or maybe villages. In big city, you’ll rarely see it. This activity is consist of children, maybe teenagers holding a torch.

They’re just walking in the middle of the night, illluminated by those torches. It’s quite beautiful to see really. The strong atmosphere of calmness and peace is all over this Parade. Really nice touch to Ramadhan.

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D. Recite Takbeer

Finally, the end has come. Ramadhan is only a day left. People start to shout Takbeer all over the place, you can hear them almost everywhere. The sounds of Takbeer echoing all over mosques in town is like music to your ear.

You can feel the magnificent atmosphere of glory and happiness at the same time. Seeing the people start marching all over town, showing that they’re really happy about their victory. Winning from lust. The night is not quiet anymore, the sounds of Takbeer and fireworks echoing all over the place, will make you feel eargasm.

Beside showing their victory, it also resembles their message about giving gratitude to Allah (God), because they already given opportunities to make themself better during Ramadhan. They so happy about it. Then, tomorrow is finally the end of Ramadhan, the day full of hopes. Hoping that Ramadhan will come again next year.

That’s it, how Ramadhan is celebrated in Indonesia. Wow, this month has a great memories behind it, you should experience it yourself, you’ll not dissapointed. Well, enjoy the Ramadhan, don’t forget your duty, and stay happy. Have a great day !

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