The 17 Memorable History in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Beautiful Things That Make You Miss It

The Ramadhan month is indeed very fun. Not only for the Muslims, but also for the others as well. We share interesting moments and experiences this month. Bringing happiness to all. Even though the month is part of Muslims life, but the ones who are having fun are all people in Indonesia, no matter what their background is.

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The thing is, this month you can find so many special and unique things, as mentioned in our previous article. So many memorable things you could ever imagine. With all the diversity, you can expect what’s unexpected when visiting Indonesia in Ramadhan. Let’ see all the memorable history in Indonesia during Ramadhan.

1 – Waking up for Tahajud

So in the first one in the memorable history in Indonesia during Ramadhan is actually the first activity to start the day, which is waking up for Tahajud. We want to give you a memorable experience from the start to the end of the day. Most people will wake up to pray Tahajud, which is about 2-3 am in the morning

Muslims believe that Allah is watching his worshippers closely during that time. And whoever asks Him in Tajahud prayer, He’ll grant it.

2 – Eating Sahur

After Tahajud, it’s better to take some to rest and actually preparing for Sahur. For the mothers or people who live far away from home, they usually use this moment in order to prepare the meals for Sahur. They can either cook the meals by themselves or just by ordering it online.

However, eating Sahur is really important to give you extra strength for fasting all day long. If you can, better not skip it.

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3 – Waking people for Sahur

This is the tradition in Indonesia where some people wake up earlier, get up with the spirit to wake people up for Sahur. Usually, the ones who are doing this are the kids in your area. They have a gang of friends who also willingly to circling the village, just with the purpose of waking people up.

They got up early, but also eat late, depends on how wide the area is. Usually, their act is also supported by nearby mosques. So, teenagers around the mosque and those kids will go together.

4 – Sahur On the Road

Another one in the memorable history in Indonesia during Ramadhan is to do this thing called Sahur On the Road. Eating sahur, but outside your home. This trend becomes highly anticipated during Ramadhan in every year. People tend to do it with entertainment also, like watching football leagues or series like Game of Thrones.

If you also want to join them, you need to wake up earlier, about 30 minutes from Tahajud pray. Sometimes there are some people who also give free foods for Sahur.

5 – Ordering Foods Online

If you happen to be a human who doesn’t have any capability of processing some ingredients into a delicious meal, you can always use your phone and use the food delivery technology apps. These days, you can see many people using green jackets. Those are the drivers who work for delivering some things, including meals.

You can always order anything at any time with the help of those people. It makes it way easier to find meals than before.

6 – Go to the nearest restaurant in the neck of time

You know, the limit time for Sahur is called as Imsak. So when you hear Adzan about 4 am or 4.15 (based on your area), then it’s the time to end your Sahur, whether you eat it or not. That’s why usually we wake up late beyond our own expectations because of some technical problems, or maybe because of ourselves.

There’s no other way than seeking for nearest restaurant to get any foods as fast as possible before it’s too late. This can be a challenging yet funny moment when you do it with your friends (who also woke up late).

7 – Having mineral water for sahur

When Imsak is only minutes away, you basically don’t have any choice for Sahur. You should grab any edible things you can consume before the end of Adzan. You can be considered lucky if you have at least a consumable mineral water around you. Drinking a bottle of them would at least make your stomach less empty.

Also, making yourself hydrated like that greatly helps you, especially during the day in such a tropical country like Indonesia.

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8 – Completely skip Sahur

If you happen to have less sleeping time, whether for productive purposes or not (maybe watching few episodes of a series), you can have a high possibility to skip the Sahur, because you will not wake up. Even your alarm seems to be weak on this occasion. It’s really bad actually to completely skip Sahur without eating anything, even though it will not kill you.

You know Indonesia, right? This country is known for having such a hot temperature. Fasting all day will be more challenging if you skip it.

9 – Playing video games or watching movies waiting for Sahur

Finally, come home after a long day of working or studying is really good, especially if you also have a terrible day. Plus, friends come along to your home to make the night better with laughter. However, during sleepover like this, most people will usually this opportunity to entertain themselves with their friends.

Boys, for example, would like to do many matches with their friends starting from the end of Witir or about 9 pm to Sahur time, which is about 6 hours away. That is possible, especially if you have the whole gang online.

10 – Reciting Quran together

Enough with entertainment thingies, let’s do more productive activities in this memorable history in Indonesia during Ramadhan, like reciting Quran. You can read the Holy Book either in your own home if you prefer quiet and calmness, or in the mosque together with other people.

We usually call it as Tadarus Quran. Reciting Quran together, while at the same time correcting our reading.

11 – Go to the Mosque together

As mentioned above, Mosques can provide so many good things for the worshippers. The Muslims who are praying there during Ramadhan, doing any kind of those religious activities will greatly be rewarded with merits. Sometimes when you don’t have anything to do, better visit the mosque.

If you do better things in this month of Ramadhan, you can also become a better person in the future as well.

12 – Helping the Mosque

Even though in the mosques there are these people called Remaja Masjid, which basically means Mosque’s Teenagers, the ones who are helping the Mosque in any kind of activity, but sometimes things can get out of control. For example, there may be some troubles in transporting Takjils from neighbor houses to the mosque.

You can also help them in need with anything you’ve got. Providing vehicles for transportation or even give some donation is really helpful.

13 – Ngabuburit

Ngabuburit is an activity to spend time waiting for breaking fast time. You can do basically all you want. It’s easier if you have a hobby. Playing games, watching movies, reading novels, you name it. It’s also even better if you have some friends with you. Time goes faster than your expectation.

You can also do anything related to religion, like reciting Quran, or helping to prepare the meals for breaking fast.

14 – Giving Out Takjils

One of the positive things you can do during this holy month of Ramadhan is giving out Takjils. If you happen to have a community, whatever the community is, giving Takjil to people should be the routine. At least do it once in this month. Aside from giving people Takjil, you can also promote your community at the same time.

But if you want a simpler way to do it, you can prepare boxes of foods and then distribute them to your neighbors.

15 – Eating Takjils Together

The month of Ramadhan is not just about fasting all day long. It’s about devotion to Allah, where can be a better person by doing positive things in this month of Ramadhan. The month of Ramadhan is also about togetherness that can be seen via two things, praying together, and eating Takjil or breaking fast together.

Usually, this activity happens in some mosques that also provide meals to the visitors. The mosque’s area will be filled with a lot of people.

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16 – Tarawih

As part of Ramadhan, Tarawih is also very important. For you who don’t know about it, Tarawih is the prayer that exists exclusively during Ramadhan. So you can see similar thing outside from it. When doing Tarawih, the Muslims will take a pray with 8 rakaats at the least, or 23 rakaats.

The thing about Tarawih, you can actually do it in both your home and the mosque. But it’ll be way better if you do it in the mosque.

17 – Witir

And the last one in the memorable history in Indonesia during Ramadhan is Witir. Witir is another additional prayer after Tarawih, usually consists of 3 rakaats in order to close the day. So you can say that this Witir is actually the closure of all prayer in a day during Ramadhan.

Just like Tarawih, you can do Witir in your house or in the mosque. Usually, the people will do Witir prayer after hearing Khotbah for minutes.