14 Reasons Why You Need Solo Travel To Bali

Sometimes filling vacation time is suitable to spend with family, colleagues, friends, and partners. However, not everyone has it all. There are some of them who prefer to vacation on their own without bringing family and friends. Well, what really requires you to go alone, especially when you are on holiday in Bali?. The best […]

Is It Safe To Travel Around Indonesia? 13 Proper Answer for You

Indonesia is an archipelagic country. Indonesia is at the encounter of the earth’s plate. So Indonesia naturally has many volcanoes. The existence of these mountains make Indonesia has many beautiful places. Such as highland tourist areas, waterfalls, craters, and so do not exist in other countries. In addition, because Indonesia is an archipelago country, then […]

13 Reasons Why Indonesia is Good for Investment

Indonesia is increasingly targeted by foreign countries as an investment destination. This time, a report released Indonesia as the second best investment destination in the world. Indonesia is considered to have steady economic growth in the next few years. United Nations Conferrence on Trade and Development (UNCTD) data shows Indonesia as one of the promising […]

12 Reasons Why Indonesian Language is Popular

Indonesian language step by step becomes popular in the world. It’s not just in Indonesia that applies Indonesian language lesson. It might unbelievable, but the truth is now the Indonesian language has been studied in more than 45 countries in the world. Some countries are Australia, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, and Italy. This makes Indonesian language […]

12 Reasons Why is Indonesia Good for Business

Indonesia is a country with the great of potential for its natural resources. This beneficial thing would lead Indonesia to have the great positions for economy. Besides, the tremendous of economy growth in Indonesia could be one support to create a business in Indonesia. This country is also considered as one of the leading ASEAN […]

17 Reasons Why Badminton is Popular in Indonesia

Badminton in Indonesia is one of the upcoming big sports in the world played with a racket and a shuttlecock. The sport is particularly very popular and adored in Indonesia. Almost everyone knows what it is and how to play it. There are a lot of reasons for its rising popularity in the world and […]