17 Reasons Why Badminton is Popular in Indonesia

Badminton in Indonesia is one of the upcoming big sports in the world played with a racket and a shuttlecock. The sport is particularly very popular and adored in Indonesia.

Almost everyone knows what it is and how to play it. There are a lot of reasons for its rising popularity in the world and its prestige in Indonesia. Here are 17 Reasons Why Badminton is Popular in Indonesia which you have to know about.

1. Affordable

Badminton can fall into the affordable category. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy what you need in order to play it. The cost that you will have to spend on buying two rackets and some shuttlecocks is quite low especially if they’re not that high in quality. So, a lot of people can definitely play badminton without too much fuss.

2. Easy Access

Indonesians can easily play badminton anywhere. Those who are not athletes do not need a special building to play it. They can just play it on the streets in their neighbourhood. Other than that, they can also play it on an empty field nearby their house. Even if a vehicle happens to pass by, they can just move aside for a while and start to play again.

3. Not Discriminative

Badminton is popular in Indonesia because it’s not discriminative. Due to the low cost and easy access, the sport can be played by almost anyone. Those who are rich and those who are poor can play badminton. People who do not have the equipments can just borrow from their generous neighbours if they can.

4. Produced Many Champions

Currently, Indonesia holds the most badminton champions in international competitions. The country has produced many talented athletes who have won medal in various sport events. Most notable champions from Indonesia include Taufik Hidayat, Tontowi Ahmad, Liliyana Natsir and Sony Dwi Kuncoro.

5. Dream of Being the Next Champion

Due to the high amount of high quality badminton players that Indonesia has produced, many Indonesians also dream of becoming one. These Indonesians want to be the next badminton champion to win a medal at an international sport event. Thus, a lot of them take badminton seriously or as a hobby.

6. Undying Enthusiasm

Indonesians always have undying enthusiasm for badminton. If there is any matches being televised across the country, they would watch and support their athletes from afar. Even though they cannot play the sport very well, they still like to root for their athletes who are competing for their country.

7. Easy for Beginners

Other than being a relatively cheap sport to play, badminton is also easy for beginners. There are some rules in playing the sport but many people can quickly understand and memorise them. As long as you set some time aside to play it, then you’ll be good at it in no time.

8. Good for Health

Badminton is the kind of sport that is good for the health. First of all, it can help those who are looking forward to losing some of their weight. Indonesians like the kind of sport that will help them maintain an ideal and healthy weight. Moreover, playing badminton immensely helps in toning the muscles in your body. It can also increase the strength of the body.

9. Teaches Reflexes

Although playing badminton seems easy at first, specialising it can be hard. However, Indonesians like this challenge. They like badminton as it teaches people to train their reflexes. One must be good in controlling their reflexes to play badminton as they have to quickly hit back the shuttlecock to the opponents.

10. Practice Focus

Other than providing Indonesians with a method to train their reflexes, badminton can also help them practice their ability to focus. Badminton requires a high amount of concentration. Any slight distractions can cause a player to make mistakes and lose. A player has to completely get their head in the game so they can win a match.

11. Can Give Scholarship

This next reason on why badminton is so well liked by Indonesians is related to education. There are plenty of companies in Indonesia that will offer a number amount of scholarships to aspiring badminton player. The company will provide a professional coach and pay all the expenses for their education. This gives those who dreams on becoming a professional player a chance to turn the dream into a reality.

12. Bring People Together

Badminton bring Indonesians together. Through the sport, people from all over social status can come together despite their differences. They are united in the one thing that they like which is sport. Indonesians are big believers in unity. It is something that they uphold in the country very highly.

13. Create Positive Communities

Badminton creates positive communities all over Indonesia. From these positive communities, there could be less conflicts arising from one another. The communities provide those who like badminton a safe place to express their dreams and aspirations.

14. Fun

Indonesians consider playing badminton as a very fun sport. It takes quick reflexes to bounce the shuttlecocks back and forth in the field. Moreover, the game can also cause people to laugh due to silly mistakes or jokes that they throw to each other.

15. Healthy Lifestyle

Badminton can offer a healthy lifestyle to Indonesians. Other than working and sitting around all day, Indonesians can actively spend some time to play it. A healthy lifestyle for Indonesians can improve their overall health for many years. You may want to read about Healthy Lifestyle in Indonesia

16. Family Influence

Badminton is often popular due to influences in the family. There could be parents or grandparents who love badminton so much that they influence the other members to like it too. As a result, some family members will find themselves loving badminton as well.

17. Brings Pride

Last but not least, badminton is a sport that brings pride to many Indonesians. Badminton has given the chance for Indonesia to show its greatness to the world through its talented athletes. Indonesians always hold a special pride for those who make the people proud.

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There is no sign that badminton is ever going to fade out into obscurity in Indonesia. In fact, the sport may even become more popular in the future. Indonesians will always have a special place in their hearts for this sport.