14 Must Buy Items when You Visit Bali

One of the most fun time of any trip is souvenir shopping. It is always nice to bring little tokens of your travel with your friends. The perks of going to Bali, Indonesia, there are so many trinkets, cosmetics, crafts, and art, which are only available in Bali. The social culture in Bali emerges deeply […]

The Souvenirs That Must Buy in Yogyakarta

After exploring and telling you about all the good things that you should have on the Bali island, it’s time to go back to Java island. On this Java island, there are some interesting cities that you should visit, especially in the special time like this, the end of the year. One example of them […]

10 Top Biggest Market in Indonesia with Great Facilities

Market is a center of economy in Indonesia. Here is the place well the seller meets their customer. Most of people in Indonesia even make a life through market. Market could be their source of living where they work every day. Although there have been many luxurious department store in city, Indonesians would rather go […]

Find these 10 Experiences of Cheap Shopping in Indonesia!

Shopping is one of the fun activities when traveling to a country. While you choose Indonesia as your tourism destination, you can have some great experiences for shopping. Not only getting cheap living expenses, even hunting for souvenirs can be a fun thing when you can buy them at a cheap price. Every region in […]

12 Interesting Things to Buy in Bali – Souvenir Recommendations

Bali is indeed a favorite tourist destination for a million people. Its natural charm is beautiful, its culture is unique, and friendly locals are the main magnet. The Island of the Gods also offers a variety of souvenirs, ranging from food, drinks, handicrafts to batik fabrics. Buying typical items in tourist destinations is sometimes an […]

10 Interesting Shops in Bali

Bali is not only famous for the natural beauty, but also the shopping paradise. Since Bali has become the center of the world’s favorite destinations over the past two decades, the economic activity in Bali has also increased. The more visitors, the more business ideas will grow in Bali. Both local and foreign businessmen are […]

10 Traditional Markets in Yogyakarta – Best for Shopping

Yogyakarta is a city full of a millions beauty. In addition to beautiful natural attractions, stunning cultural tours, and delicious culinary, Yogyakarta has favorite places to relax as well as shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs and other purposes. There is not only large mall that available in Yogyakarta, but also many traditional markets there. In […]

12 Best Street Shopping in Jakarta

If there is one activity that should always be done tourists during the holidays in Jakarta, whoever you are, it is a shopping activity. Yes, shopping is an activity that you can not leave, is not it? The excitement of shopping is unforgettable. You will feel something is missing when you’re traveling somewhere and see […]

10 Efficient Ways How to Bargain in Bali

Bali is a beautiful island that you could visit as a spot destination. Besides well known of the destination, Bali is also a paradise of shopping center. For those who get on vacation in Bali, it is important to prepare some budget to shop or buy some souvenirs out of the accommodation from your holiday. […]