14 Must Buy Items when You Visit Bali

One of the most fun time of any trip is souvenir shopping. It is always nice to bring little tokens of your travel with your friends.

The perks of going to Bali, Indonesia, there are so many trinkets, cosmetics, crafts, and art, which are only available in Bali.

The social culture in Bali emerges deeply in their daily life. Therefore you can see many pieces of jewelry, clothes, household items with a little touch of the island.

There are many things you can buy in Bali that depict the art greatly. The visitor can browse the numerous night markets in Bali Indonesia, or you can go into some of the famous best shopping in Kuta Bali or make something by yourself as a gift. Here are some items that include the must buy items in Bali.

1. Wooden Crafts

A lot of pretty wooden crafts of cat or frog motif and wooden masks of Barong, which is a myth in Bali that many still believe.

It describes the creature in Bali, are available for tourists to purchase.

The wooden craft depicts images of animals and flowers. Therefore, you can easily find a decorative frog or owl among small store, street stalls or even big Malls.

2. Eco Friendly Craft

You know you do good when buying anything from nature.

There is ratan and Ata craft in form of baskets, bags, wallets, and purses.

These little handy things go well with tropical themes.

The carefully hand-knitted bags are the perfect addition to anyone. don’t forget, they are very natural.

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3. Beads Crafts

They are affordable piece of accesories and popular among women or man.

This material can bee seen in a variety of products such as bracelets, necklaces, pouches and more.

This beads jewelry craft wont cost more than a dollar.

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4. Batik and Ikat

Almost every region in Indonesia has its own signature batik.

Indonesia offers beautiful fabrics such as Ikat, a traditional weaving, or even Batik, all are beautifully crafted either by printing, drawing or dyeing.

This unique fabric can be turned into a variety of products a must buy items from Bali. it is small, light and usable.

These items come in handkerchiefs, scarfs, tablecloths, or pillow covers forms. A batik dress or t-shirt is also available. Therefore, it will not cost a lot to buy this items as a must buy items.

5. Silvers

Jewelry has various shapes in this culture social city.

You can find an entire village of craftsmen and accessories maker.

These beautiful things are so amazing that it made to the must-buy list in Bali.

Elk is a village in Bali famous for silver and you can buy beautiful accessories and also learn how to make them. The variety varies from necklaces, earrings, and broaches.

6. Ceramics

Art and craft is a very popular thing in Bali. There is an entire village dedicated to a certain kind of craft.

Therefore, you will have no problem finding a gold village, ceramic village or a batik village.

This means they are very good at what they do and produce high-quality products.

One of them is ceramic. It is a famous handicraft originated from Bali. These lovely Asian ceramics are widely used in luxury resorts, villas and restaurants within Bali.

7. Aroma oil

Bali offers great relaxation escape from doing yoga, massages and spa treatment.

There is numerous spa in hotel, on their own store or a combination of sport and spa.

After a great pampering, take some amazing spa treatment to go.

Moreover, aroma oil, massage oil, scrubs soap, there are various kinds to bring back the relaxation experience during your holiday.

8. Balinese Toiletries

There is something authentic among the Bali Bath experiences.

The rich city enhirited many natural spices as a main ingredient to make various toiletries product.

You can have a coconut base soap or toothpaste from special spices. These product is super affordable and unique.

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9. Bali Snacks

When traveling there is a good chance you taste an amazing flavor that you just must bring home.

Although there are some immigration rules to follow, these Balinese snacks can be a unique authentic souvenir or a reminding flavour of the good memory.

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10. Logo Items

It never corny or silly to buy anything that says where have you been.

Things such as T-shirts, tanks, mugs, and other goods with logos of “I LOVE BALI” is a common must buy from Bali.

Another famous brand is “BINTANG” T-Shirt or bottle are available everywhere.

This popular Indonesia drink come in light taste and extremely affordable. Not sure where the trend started of associating this beer with Bali.

T-shirts are nice gifts for everyone as they can be worn at home. These small items can be a keychain, refrigerator magnets or a small plate in your buffets.

11. Luwak Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, there are many must go cafe in Bali to visit.

If you find a special coffee in the area, why don’t bring them home with you?

The most popular coffee in Bali is the famous Luwak coffee. It has a strong taste and unique ingredient.

The precious coffee made from part-digested coffee cherries eaten by the Asian palm civet. The coffee cost a fortune outside Indonesia, therefore, it is cheaper to buy thiem on the spot.

12. Indonesian Herbal Drink

The rich city also serves the various traditional drink with many health benefits.

Jamu is traditional natural medicine in Indonesia, which come from 100% made from natural herbs.

They have different effects and usage in the body. There are some for body treatment, bust treatment, diet, or odor prevention are expected, and they are regularly used by Indonesian women.

13. Bali Scents

As you step out into the Denpasar airport in Bali, you can smell the aroma, which makes you feel like relaxing at a resort already.

It is various scents with various kinds of aroma for souvenirs. Some of them even come with an incense burner.

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14. Arak

If vodka is a must try the drink in Russia, then Bali has their Arak. It comes affordable with only 8 USD per bottle.

Arak is a distilled traditional alcoholic beverage made from coconuts. It has a really strong flavour with a high percentage of alcohol of over 60%.

There you have it. Some things you can only find in bali that worth to try, buy and take home with.

Big or small, affordable or expensive these things determine with your travel style. These days it is not a common thing to buy many souvenirs. Moreover, people are more concern on the memory that they bring home.