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12 Interesting Things to Buy in Bali – Souvenir Recommendations

by Tri Setiya

Bali is indeed a favorite tourist destination for a million people. Its natural charm is beautiful, its culture is unique, and friendly locals are the main magnet. The Island of the Gods also offers a variety of souvenirs, ranging from food, drinks, handicrafts to batik fabrics.

Buying typical items in tourist destinations is sometimes an obligation. Some people buy to take home, some are kept as mementos. For those of you who are still confused about Bali souvenirs, here are some recommendations for some interesting things to buy in Bali.

  1. Kintamani Coffee

The first alternative you can only buy in Bali is Kintamani coffee. You can also bring this back to your place. Even more extraordinary, Kintamani Coffee, Gayo coffee and Flores coffee have received Geographical Indication certificates (have met international coffee standards). Moreover, it is hard to find Kintamani coffe in other areas.

What makes it is special is the way to plant it with an intercropping plantation system, coffee trees are in the terraces with other plants such as oranges, cocoa, and various vegetables. This makes the taste of Kintamani coffee a little sour because it mixes with the aroma of orange.

Well, for those of you who want to bring home this coffee, you can buy in various Balinese souvenir shops. Usually there are almost all souvenir shops. But if you want to buy and see the process of traditional coffee processing, please come to Kintamani, Bali.

  1. Balinese Beaded Crafts

Bali is also famous for unique items and beautiful trinkets that you can make as a Balinese souvenir. With its creativity, you can bring a variety of bead products from Bali to be made a souvenir.

The beads are usually shaped like a wallet, necklace, bracelet, bag, and other unique jewelry. In addition to body accessories, beads can also be transformed into beautiful pouches that can be a sweet gift for your best friend in your hometown. You can find various bead handicrafts easily from various tourist attractions in Bali, also in markets on this island. About the price, don’t worry. If you buy in large quantities, you will get a large discount from local merchants.

  1. Bali Home Spa

Balinese home spa products are available in various brands, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. For product variants, you can have many choices such as body butter, body scrubs, body mist, body moisturizer, and shampoo. All these variants are herbal.

You can find these products in the center of Balinese souvenirs and shopping centers such as Discovery Mall. With an estimated price of between Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 60,000 you can already buy various beauty products to take home.

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  1. Celuk silver handicrafts

Not only limited to beads, the handiwork of Balinese people, Beautiful Silver handicrafts are sold at various prices and you can buy them directlyIf in Jogja there is Kotagede where is famous for its silver craftsmen, then Bali has Celuk Village as its famous place for being the best silver producer since 1976. Of course it is well known for foreign tourists.

If there is no time to come to Celuk Village, you can get a variety of silver carvings in the largest art markets in Bali such as Sukawati Market and Nusa Dua.

  1. Epic Balinese handicraft

There are still many Balinese handicrafts that you need to appreciate because Bali is famous as a craft warehouse. Not necessarily you can do what is the foundation of their lives. Besides beads and silver handicrafts, other traditional Balinese souvenirs such as candlesticks, key chains, paintings, carvings, masks and many others are found in traditional markets.

Around the Bali beach attraction, you will see many traders lined up and walking around selling key chains. You can buy to them if you don’t have any time to go Balinese market.

  1. Joger T-shirt

The most famous souvenir from Bali is Joger Shirt. Besides being famous for its peculiarities, t-shirts are the most durable souvenirs because they are not foods that have an expiration date. Almost all tourists visiting Bali must have a Joger Shirt. So do not be surprised if there is an incomplete term traveling to Bali if you haven’t stopped by Joger.

Not only Joger shirts are there, some accessories including sandals, key chains, until Balinese souvenirs are fully available. Joger shirts are famous for their unique and critical words, so tourism is curious about the variety of writings on the shirts. The prices offered vary, usually depending on the quality of the goods.

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  1. Balinese ethnic slippers

Besides the clothes that you can wear as a typical Balinese gift that lasts a long time, it turns out that Bali provides beautiful ethnic sandals for family or friends.

When you are walking in the center of souvenirs or traditional markets, you will find many Balinese crafts including ethnic sandals. The distinctive feature of this sandal is the decoration in the form of sequins or beads at the top so that it looks beautiful and unique. Usually sandals are made flat as well as wedges for the variants.

  1. Balinese kebaya

Are you interested in traditional Balinese women’s clothes that they wear during traditional ceremonies? This traditional ceremonial dress is similar but not the same as Javanese kebaya. Kebaya Bali has various colors and is also white when used in religious events.

V-shaped neck tops have a variety of colors with buttons in the middle, which are decorated with lace and floral prints. In addition, there is a ribbon belt at the waist that highlights female beauty. This Bali kebaya will add to the diversity of wardrobes.

You can get it from gift shops such as Krisna, or you can also get it by sewing your own Bali Kebaya made by a local tailor. Along Sulawesi Road in Denpasar, you will find local textile shops that sell the best fabrics with various colors and materials. In this textile paradise, you will experience a pleasant experience while looking for the right fabric for you.

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  1. Balinese Wooden Masks

Bali is the island of the best wood carvers. From ancient times, wooden furniture, statues, and intricately ornamented ornate decoration boxes were found on the island in Indonesia. But what makes Bali artistic and unique? In Desa Mas, there is a village of woodcarvers in Ubud, you can buy a wooden carving mask handmade from the artist directly. They can also tell the meaning behind the masks. You will get a special gift while having meaning in it.

Balinese wooden masks must be cared for carefully, because they believe that the mask has ancestral spirits. The mask is usually used during Balinese traditional ceremonies and dancing activities. Made with quality wood such as mahogany, flare and teak, skill, patience and dedication are needed to complete the mask for the sake of the mask. Making it usually takes weeks or even months.

  1. Barong Clothes

Beside the T-shirt from Joger, you can make Barong clothes by Balinese for our colleagues. This shirt with pretty striking colors plus a picture of the barong in front or behind, makes this shirt very unique.

Casual impressions created make barong clothes comfortable to use at home. You should buy barong clothes in the Sukawati Market or other markets if you want to get a cheap price. The soft fabric base makes anyone wearing it feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the colors and images of the barong itself. To find barong clothes is not difficult. You can find this shirt in various souvenirs on the island of Bali with prices ranging from IDR 20,000.

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  1. Pandora Boxes

If you are not interested in a beautiful but scary mask, you can choose another type of wood carving. What about wood carving boxes with secret storage called Pandora? The wood carving box is available in various forms, from apples, crabs, turtles to butterflies. All children would love to play puzzles, open them, and put their valuables in the box.

You can buy various puzzle boxes from local shops as long as Campuhan Ridge in Ubud, while enjoying rice that stretches all the way. You can also buy it at the Sukawati Art Market. A gift that is right for the old and the young.

  1. Bali Mukena

Maybe you didn’t think that Bali is one of the producers of mukena (the outfit for Islamic woman praying). Even though the majority of Balinese people are Hindus, there are also famous Bali mukena centers. The material used from rayon is smooth and very cool when worn.

Various styles and colors can certainly make you get your favorite mukena. Towards Eid al Fitr, mukena producers in Bali are flooded with orders and can’t even afford to add orders. But if it is a normal day, it will be much easier for tourists to find this typical Balinese gift.

After reading some recommendations above, have you got any idea of the things you gonna buy in Bali? If you have, make sure to buy them in recommended store or market and bargain before paying. Happy Shopping!

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