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10 Interesting Shops in Bali

by Tri Setiya

Bali is not only famous for the natural beauty, but also the shopping paradise. Since Bali has become the center of the world’s favorite destinations over the past two decades, the economic activity in Bali has also increased. The more visitors, the more business ideas will grow in Bali. Both local and foreign businessmen are trying to establish their business in this island. No wonder, if you visit Bali, you will find many interesting venue stores or outlets. Here are some interesting shops in Bali you might find.


It is Located at Uma Seminyak, in accordance with the motto of “A Small Store of Special Things”. The shop is small, but the goods are sold very good quality, ranging from unique clothes, sunglasses, shoes and accessories that will not be found in other stores.

There are several brands that are sold here such as: Pared, Petite Terre, Poms, Man, Clothing Techniques and there are some others. Kiosk is open from 9am to 9pm. No worry about the price here. For some branded fashion style, it would be very cheap. You will never regret to buy some of them here.

2. Cave and Cove

Cave and Cove is located some distance from the center of Seminyak. If you walk down to reach this place is definitely tired, anyway. So it’s better to ride a car or motorcycle if you want to come here. The content of this shop is a variety of unique items, fashion and decor, which dikurasi by the owner. There are various greeting cards and postcards, pillowcases, carpets from Afghanistan and Turkey, bright bracelets to purses and purses.

Although the size is tiny, this store does not feel cramped and beautiful decoration. Patterns of patterns and textures are interesting and comfortable to see. Similar to Serafin, which is dominated by white, Cave and Cove also presents a lot of white elements especially on the walls.

3. Pasar Pasaran

It is s very unique store located inside the Uma Seminyak area, entering through a small street, right on the right. In Seminyak, you would find a lot of funny and beautiful shops since it is the center of Balinese boutiques.

It sells homemade goods and handicrafts with many purposes. The point is like this, some knickknacks are marketed here intended for a particular event campaign or if we buy something at once contribute, a unique concept and really cool. The Pasar Pasaran is open from 09am to 9pm. You could also by cash or manually.

4. Pie Susu Shop

Well, if this one food must be the most favorite snacks after a visit to Bali. In addition to tasty, easy to carry and cheap. Price of milk pie per 10 pcs in art market or shop souvenir generally priced starting Rp 23 thousand.

If you want to get a much cheaper, come to Jalan Nangka Denpasar. Along the streets, there are production houses of the most famous brands of milk pie, such as Dhian Milk Pie and Enak Pie.  The price ranges from Rp 35 thousand per 25 pcs. In fact, you can buy a unit, which is Rp 1,500 per seed for Dhian Milk Pie and Rp 3,000 for Pie Susu Enak.


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5. Pod Chocolate Shop & Café

Pod manufactures high quality chocolate from organic chocolate from locally grown cocoa fruit, while carrying a noble mission to support local cocoa farmers. This is one of those places where you can enjoy an uncharacterized chocolate. Located at Jalan Sunset Road 89, Kav.3 Kuta, right this is always crowded of the buyers.

The chocolate Pod factory is located in the cocoa producing highlands of Petang, Bali, and you will have the opportunity to try other products such as caramel and even ice cream that has a distinctive taste of Pod.

6. Garwis Shop

This shop is only selling a variety of stationery and books. Interestingly, Garwis shop owner in Jalan Tukad Pakerisan, Denpasar, Bali is using the old newspapers as a container for every item purchased by consumers in his shop. The old newspapers were shaped like a bag, then given away for free. This way in addition to supporting government programs in reducing plastic waste, can also save shop expenses to millions.

Shop that most visitors are school children are usually crowded during the afternoon or evening. Not infrequently, some local and foreign tourists also visit this shop to buy souvenirs typical of Bali. In addition to selling stationery, this store also sells souvneir.

7. Billabong Factory Outlet

For those who like Billabong products, you can visit Billabong factory outlet. Here a complete collection of billabong clothing at an affordable price you will find. And here are also available various options such as shorts, shirts, t-shirt, jumpsuit and many more others. The address is at Jalan By pass Ngurah Rai no 11 G and very easy to find.

The operating hours of this factory outlet is from 09.00 – 22.00 WITA. Don’t worry about the product quality. It is branded and newly fashionable. You can even make them as the souvenir for your family at your hometown.


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8. Surf Factory Outlet

This factory outlet is located at not far from Billabong Factory. Here you can also find a wide range of clothing. There are also a variety of interesting options such as jackets, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, deep shirts and much more.

You will also find a wide range of international products ranging from Volcom, Oakley, No Fear, Nixon and West, Roxy and many more. The address of the factory outlet is located at Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai no 417-B, Karebokan Kuta. It takes you about 45 minutes from Kuta Beach to come here.

9. Joger

Joger known as “the factory of these words” sells T-shirts with ornaments of funny and tend to be eccentric. Every day, Joger is always filled with tourists who like to hunt and collect these unique T-shirts. The t-shirts are very unique and various.

Joger is located on Jl Raya Kuta and on Jalan Raya Bedugul. T-shirt with Joger trademark is only sold in Bali. So no wonder, if many tourists who deliberately took a visit there to buy a shirt that is also so icon of Bali.While you go to Bali, visiting this shop could be an option to buy them as souvenirs.


This store sells clothes with a unique design and is designed to be directly used without the need of being ironed. So it provides convenience to its users if it is hurry or do not have time to tidy up clothes. Frockk was born in Bronte, Sydney Australia. The owner is Kathrin and his family who decided to move to Bali and continue their business here.

Currently Frockk products are also marketed Online, but if you go to Bali better stop first to store it and if you’ve tried directly, then delicious buy online. It would give you a different experience once you visit this unique shop in Bali.

Those are the interesting shop in Bali that might you want to visit. Visiting some beautiful shops would increase your mood to buy anything. When you want to buy some unique stuffs, it is possible to find in one of the stores above.

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