The 15 Must Try Local Street Foods Near Toba Lake

In the country, most people are coming specifically in order to visit the astonishing locations. And most of them are the natural attractions that can always attract new visitors each day. The perfect example of them is the great Toba Lake in the Sumatra island. Even though the distance from Jakarta is considered really far, […]

The List of Must Buy Snacks in Indonesia

You can eat something to make you feel better. Even eating your favorite foods can give you satisfaction to make your feelings much happier. But, eating extensively can give you another bad effect, fat. Fat is never be a wrong thing for your body, as long as it doesn’t keep piling up in your body […]

25 Appetizing Indonesian Traditional Snacks

Nothing more good beside having some snacks during the day. Well, in Indonesia, you can find so many of them here, ranging from the sweet ones, to the most salty ones. The foods already designed to the Indonesian people tongue, so they must be rich in flavor and of course, they are not tasteless at […]

15 Appetizing Traditional Foods From Sumatera

Indonesia is a country which is rich with cultural heritage such as traditional dance, custom, foods, etc. Traditional food is a soft diplomacy tool to introduce Indonesian culture to the world. Rendang is nominated as the number 1 world’s most delicious food in the world in 2011. Amazing, right? Rendang is one of the traditional […]