The List of Must Buy Snacks in Indonesia

You can eat something to make you feel better. Even eating your favorite foods can give you satisfaction to make your feelings much happier. But, eating extensively can give you another bad effect, fat. Fat is never be a wrong thing for your body, as long as it doesn’t keep piling up in your body and make it grows sideway.

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Eating too much is also becoming an issue, especially for women who really want to be in shape. That’s why, there’s the other alternative, snacks. The snacks can fulfill your stomach easily, even though their portion is smaller than an actual meal. Thankfully, in Indonesia there are some must buy snacks that have a very nice taste and come with an affordable price. Make sure that you don’t miss them.

1. Kue Cucur

The first one on the list is Kue Cucur. Kue in Indonesian means Cake basically. So the name is actually Cucur Cake. It’s way to different from the usual cakes you know, it also has this kind of weird texture yet the taste is really wonderful. Now, let’s talk about some information about this special Kue Cucur that you can easily find in some traditional markets.

So, this Kue Cucur was long ago originated in Jakarta city, as you may know already it’s the capital city of this country. Even though in Indonesia there are some types of Kue Cucur, but the most famous one is the Betawi version. Aside from Indonesia, you can also find a snack like this in countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

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2. Arem-arem

Now you can directly see that this snack actually has the same shape as another snack called Lemper. If you don’t know what is it, Lemper is actually Ketan covered with slices of banana leaves with chicken meats in the inside. The Arem-arem however, has a different thing to stuff in. If Lemper uses chicken meats, you need to add sambal to Arem-arem.

The kind of sambal that used as an inner ingredient for this particular food is the fried one. The taste will be much better is the sambal fried first, because it’s adding this crunchy feeling. The size is also bigger than Lemper, even though the banana leaves used for this snack are just the same. Arem-arem also uses rice rather than Ketan.

3. Coro

Still in Java island, you can hunt this kind of snack that, of course, should be included inside the must buy snacks in Indonesia article for today. Coro is the legendary snack from Semarang, Central Java. It’s located near two famous cities in the province, Yogyakarta and Solo. It’s still being a legendary snack that now really hard to get.

If you want to get a pack of it, you can hunt some of them in these different locations. They are Karang Kembang Traditional Market, Kauman Market, and also Bustaman village. Around that village, you can find one or two vendors who sell it, which is good enough. To eat Coro, you need to add coconut milk to make the flavor richer.

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4. Jenang

A sweet thing with jelly form, that’s Jenang. Jenang is actually the name of a snack that has a nice sweet taste and easy to swallow. Many people can be creative with this snack alone. They can make a whole new kind of snack or just eat it whole. For example, there Jenang Grendul which is really famous in Blitar area of East Java province.

In a bowl of Jenang Grendul, you can even have three different kinds of Jenang, such as White Jenang, Jenang Grendul itself, and also the Black Jenang Ketan. They will added with the additional thing called Dawet. For a bowl of Jenang Grendul, you only need to grasp a little portion of your money about no more than Rp4.000,-.

5. Gulali

Who doesn’t know the name Gulali? Gulali is like a candy, and one of those snacks that you can get in your childhood. In elementary schools, there will be a seller who can sell you a Gulali. Each Gulali has their own unique shape, based on the creativity of the seller. You can order some forms you like, such as bird, flower, or even a car.

The name Gulali is really similar to Cotton Candy. But the difference is only the form. If the Cotton Candy has a soft texture, Gulali’s texture is rather harder. It’s only soft for seconds. The basic ingredient to make a beautiful snack like this is only sugar. It should be processed first into caramel and then added with colors to make those forms.

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6. Kipo

The next food in our article “must buy snacks in Indonesia” is Kipo. For you who don’t know, Kipo is the original snack from Yogyakarta. If you’re visiting the city on your next trip, it’ll be very easy to find one in the traditional markets. The name Kipo is actually the acronym of “Iki Opo” which means “What is this?”, an explanation based on its creator, Mrs.Djito.

If you want to visit the original area that produced this Kipo, you should come to Kotagede area of Yogyakarta. Aside from the creator of this unique snack, Kotagede is also known for having skillful people who create a lot of silver crafts. This traditional snack started its popularity back in 1980 when Mrs. Djito herself was promoting her creation. But long years after that, Kipo still being a favorite one for the people.

7. Kerak Telor

Indonesia is known to be a favorite place for hunting traditional meals. As mentioned in the previous articles, each area has the opportunity for having their own unique meals. One example for them is the Kerak Telor. Kerak Telor is the authentic snack or meal from Jakarta city with its culture of Betawi. Thankfully, it’s still very easy to find one in a busy city like this.

For example, when visiting popular places like National Monument or Monas, you can find one seller or two who can serve you with their best Kerak Telor. One portion of Kerak Telor consists of white Ketan, eggs, ebi, then added with some spices to make the taste stronger like fried onions, cooked coconut, red chillis, sugar, salt, and ginger.

8. Clorot

From Jakarta city, we’re moving to one area called Purworejo in Central Java province to taste people’s favorite snack named Clorot. This traditional snack is also can be found in several countries near Indonesia like Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, and also Thailand. It has some nicknames, like Clorot (Java), Cerorot (Lombok), and Jelurut (Brunei and Sabah).

Basically, it’s very simple to make a portion of Clorot. You need to prepare some stuff first like coconut sugar, pandan leaves, sugar, and some water. They put together and then added with coconut milk to make this thick liquid. Then on the next process, that very liquid will be combined with rice flour, tapioca flour, or sago flour.

9. Kue Ape

Jakarta does have a lot of things to explore. The world of snack for example, you can find some kinds of snack inside it such as Kerak Telor above and also this Kue Ape. So what is this thing actually? Kue Ape or Jakartan Serabi is a pancake-formed snack, originated in the land of Betawi. Even though it has a nickname of “Jakartan Serabi”, but the shape of it actually really different than the other Serabi(s).

It’s very easy to make it. For cooking some Kue Ape, you only need the basic ingredients which consist of two main things, wheat flour and milk. They are needed to make the dough. For the toppings, you can just add anything based on your own interest like cheese, raisins, and also chocolate. This food is also served in different colors like green, red, etc.

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After telling you about the ten must buy snacks in Indonesia that you can buy in your nearest traditional markets, there’s a small list located right below that consists of the other six different snacks for your beautiful day.

  1. Cenil
  2. Getuk Lindri
  3. Serabi
  4. Klepon
  5. Putu
  6. Kue Lumpur
  7. Onde-onde

So that’s our article for today, the must buy snacks in Indonesia. Like mentioned on the paragraph above, you can easily get them if you visit some traditional markets in your location more often. Also, you can buy more than one portion, if you want to eat it later or sometimes tomorrow. To keep their condition good, you should keep them in the refrigerator.