4 Reasons Why Yogyakarta Called “Kota Pelajar”

Education is one of the important aspect in life, loads of people sacrifice a lot of things to have a proper education or for their child to have the best education.  Students in Indonesia every year fight to have a seat in the state university or in a private university. There are many university around […]

10 Top Elite International Schools in Indonesia

As parents, you should choose the best school for your children. Many missperceptions regarding which one is better, between international or national schools. Generally they assume that international schools are more advanced. International schools are schools that prioritize global-based education, with an international curriculum that is different from the curriculum of the country where the […]

13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia

It takes a lot of skills for a person to dive into the fashion industry. The competition is tough but the result is rewarding. More and more Indonesians are interested in the fashion world. One of the best ways to jump into it is to learn from schools with experienced instructors. These are the 13 […]

8 Ways How to Study in Indonesia

Indonesia is a state that made up of thousands of islands. Besides having a good natural destination, Indonesia is a good place to continue your study. It’s also a house of the most prestigious universities in the region. These university is offering a vibrant study abroad experience. Nowadays, Indonesia is on the process of overhauling […]