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13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia

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It takes a lot of skills for a person to dive into the fashion industry. The competition is tough but the result is rewarding. More and more Indonesians are interested in the fashion world. One of the best ways to jump into it is to learn from schools with experienced instructors.


These are the 13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia that are known to be credible. Aspiring designers should consider these schools if they aim to be a successful one someday.

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1. LaSalle College Indonesia

LaSalle College Indonesia is a school that focuses on design. It has programs and degrees for people who are interested in the fashion industry.

There’s a bachelor degree in Fashion Design, a Fashion Design diploma or Pattern Maker certificate. The school gives a lot of options for students to specialise in what they’re passionate about.

This is a perfect school for aspiring designers as it’s equipped with all the right tools and facilities to enhance student’s skills.

2. ESMOD Jakarta

ESMOD Jakarta is sponsored by the Indonesian Design Development Foundation. It’s actually a branch of the France’s Fashion School that has been opened since 1841.

The ESMOD Jakarta was created in Indonesia in the year 1996. It’s the Southeast Asia’s first ever school for fashion. There’s no doubt that they have years of valuable expertise in the field.

The school is able to teach its students in 3 languages, English, French and Indonesian. Other than that, it offers various programs and courses for students.

3. Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia

Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia is the only school that specialises in Italian fashion located in Jakarta. The school is also often called as IMB.

It’s a branch of the IMB Milan, Italy. This fashion school aims to teach fashion students in Indonesia to make their best creations in the fashion industry.

The programs and the courses offered by the school can be adjusted to what the students need. Students are also allowed to arrange their own schedules. Although the school teaches fashion theory, it emphasises more towards hands-on experience.

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4. Raffles Indonesia

The Raffles Indonesia opens in 2 cities in Indonesia. They are in Surabaya and Jakarta.

They offer programs on Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Management. In Raffles Indonesia, fashion students are encourage to learn technical skills and develop their own identity through their creations. The programs the school offers last for 2 years.

The school requires students to be at least 16 years old to enroll in the program. Another important thing is that students must speak English very well.

5. Bunka School of Fashion

Formerly named as Namiki Dressmaking School, the Bunka School of Fashion has opened its fashion education centre in a lot of countries. Indonesia is one of them.

Even though the Bunka School of Fashion is located in Jakarta, the school itself is based in Tokyo. The programs offered in the school are in the form of courses.

Students can choose to learn about the different techniques of knitting, history of design, textile, computer design, pattern making, beading or even painting.

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This fashion school is also known as Academy of Art and Design ISWI. It is claimed as the first fashion school in Indonesia opened in 1981.

Students are expected to become professional in their field while successfully compete in the global market. ASRIDE ISWI provides a diploma program for their students.

Besides formal education, the school also offers training courses to people from all level of skills to gain more knowledge. All the courses last for 4 hours and students can pick the one they are interested in.

7. LPTB Susan Budihardjo

This fashion school was established by Susan Budihardjo in 1980. She’s a famous fashion designer in the country.

First opened in Jakarta, it is now available in major regions which are Bali, Surabaya and Semarang. In Bali, the school has a clothing store where they sell the student’s creations.

The name of the store is ACAKACAK. Some of the classes the school offers include fashion history, sewing and pattern, anatomy drawing, textile design and fashion design.

8. Islamic Fashion Institute

Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI) was founded in 2015. It opened its doors to aspiring designers in 2016.

The school is located in Bandung, West Java. The Islamic Fashion Institute aims to be one of the main developers of Muslim clothing.

The founders of the school are also the instructors. They are famous and professionals in their fields.

The school have 3 programs which are Fashion Stylist, Fashion PR and Marketing. Each class for the program have limited amount of students so they can focus easier.

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9. Sekolah Tinggi Desain Indonesia

Often shortened as STDI, this school is a higher education for design. It lies in Bandung as it sees that the city is the perfect ecosystem for the creative industry.

Bandung offers many opportunities for the students who will be looking for experiences outside the classroom. STDI offers a bachelor degree in fashion communication.

Students will learn about the history of fashion, the details in designing, curating fashion, fashion journalism and marketing strategy. The school expects students to be able to work and think creatively on their own or with other people.

10. Phalie Studio

The Phalie Studio is a fashion school in Jakarta. It was first established in 2003. The school claims that it focuses on merging design with art.

Students are encouraged to take inspiration from the urban life style and create new ideas. There are three courses that students are free to choose based on what skill they want to hone.

Fashion Design, Fashion Graphic and Visual Art are the official courses available in the Phalie Studio. But people may also have interest in their extension courses which are Fashion E-Commerce, Fashion Incubator and Art Projects for Kids.

11. Linna Lea School of Fashion

Linna Lea School of Fashion in Bandung educates their students to prepare them as professional fashion designers. The school believes that students cannot rely solely on their ability on drawing sketches to realise their ideas.

They need creativity, artful soul and technical skills that the school can provide. Students are pushed to dig deep into their potential and show their talent to the whole world. There are three kinds of programs available here.

First, there is the 6 month intensive program. Next there is the 5 days a week program and then there is the one week package program.

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12. Arva School of Fashion

Arva School of Fashion is in Surabaya, East Java. Founded in 1989, the school has made a name for itself.

The alumni are claimed to have found success in the fashion industry. Arva School of Fashion has two 1 year programs which specialise in Fashion Design as well as Pattern Making and Sewing.

There are short courses for people too. Those who would like to earn international certificate can do so as the school has an international program with Japan.

13. Alvera Fashion and Creative

This fashion school is located in Surabaya too. Taught by experienced teachers, classes are said to be semi private.

Students are hoped to be able to gain skill at a quick pace. The school offers three kinds of program.

There is the full program which will take the students a year to complete. Then there are short courses and private courses. The school opens its doors to students of all ages.

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These fashion schools are, of course, important to gain the right kind of skill. But, it also takes passion and hard work to make it in the fashion industry.

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