8 Ways How to Study in Indonesia

Indonesia is a state that made up of thousands of islands. Besides having a good natural destination, Indonesia is a good place to continue your study. It’s also a house of the most prestigious universities in the region. These university is offering a vibrant study abroad experience. Nowadays, Indonesia is on the process of overhauling their education system. If you want to study abroad with an affordable tuition fee and cost living, studying in Indonesia could be a good choice.

So, if you like to study in Indonesia, make sure to learn Indonesian Education System  first. Then you could continue your step to get some information of how to study in Indonesia. You could start to read these following paragraph.

  1. Get the scholarship

If you are a good students in your country, you could try to join some international scholarship to study in Indonesia. There are many international scholarships available that you could choose. Make sure to be confident enough to join the international scholarship since you will compete with the people around the world.

You could start to take Bahasa Indonesia course as your beginning of struggle. Once you have got the international scholarship, you could study in Indonesia for free. You could also feel a cheap cost-living in Indonesia.

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  1. Study Abroad to Indonesia Independently

It is okay for you to study in a higher education of Indonesia without any scholarship. However, you should arrange the fee or tuition that you are going to spend. The average of tuition fee for higher education in Indonesia is less than IDR 9 million per semester. However, if you want to study in faculty of medicine you would spend at least IDR 15 million a semester. The rate of the tuition fee depends on the faculty and university you are going to take. (Read also:  Most Expensive Universities in Indonesia )

  1. Join International School

If you are on the primary or high school of education and choose to study in Indonesia, you could join the international school in Indonesia. Nowadays many international schools are available in Indonesia. The teaching and learning activity in International School uses the bilingual language, English and Indonesia. It could help you to study Bahasa Indonesia at once. You would also get a lot of Indonesian friends there.

  1. Get the course to learn Bahasa Indonesia

Some language courses in Indonesia also give a chance for expatriates to study Indonesian Language. It could be the early step for your stage of studying in Indonesia. You would cost at least USD 140 for that. You could find a capable language course in the area Jakarta. There have been hundreds of language course that is probably fit with your money.

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  1. Join the students exchange

If you don’t want to take any longer time to study in Indonesia, you can join the student exchange. You could start by searching some information about the student exchange program in your country. Then soon register for it!

If you have passed the qualification to join students exchange in Indonesia, you could feel how the atmosphere of study in Indonesia for at least 2 weeks. Usually, in student exchange program, you would go to Indonesian school and live with Indonesians family. You could get many things in the term of 2 weeks. Besides experiencing study in Indonesia, you could study the culture of Indonesia too.

  1. Choosing the Major that available

Choosing the major that you are going to take in higher education could be the difficult thing to choose. Almost of the foreigner prefer to study in Art and Culture faculty to learn Indonesia. However, there are thousands foreigner who study the general major like medical, language, or political. Whatever the major that you are going to choose, make sure that it is really fit to you. (Read also: Medical Universities in Indonesia)

  1. Work and Study

If you are a foreign worker in Indonesia, you could also continue the study there. Almost of prestigious university provide an employee program for the people who want to study in weekend only. Since you will busy on weekdays, your schedule of study would be moved in the weekend.

When you have already chosen to work and study at once, you should manage your time really well. You will be really busy of not only doing the task for study, but also the possible dateline for your work. Some of people fed up of that because they couldn’t manage their time well.

  1. How to Apply for Admission into Any University in Indonesia

To get an affordable and quality of your higher Education in Indonesia, apply to any university of your choice in Indonesia. You could do that by visiting their online website, registering on their portal, and logging in to fill the online application forms and submit required document. There would be a various academic calendar from one institution to another. The registration period usually fall within range of February to May for each new academic year.

Last but not least, studying in Indonesia would probably give you some unforgettable experience. You could explore the destination in Indonesia on the off-day of your studying. You could make friends with many students around the world especially Indonesians. It would be great, wouldn’t it?