10 Top Elite International Schools in Indonesia

As parents, you should choose the best school for your children. Many missperceptions regarding which one is better, between international or national schools. Generally they assume that international schools are more advanced.

International schools are schools that prioritize global-based education, with an international curriculum that is different from the curriculum of the country where the school is located. However, since the enactment of the Regulation of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 31/2014, international schools are changed to the Cooperation Education Unit (SPK), in addition to international diplomacy schools for certain foreign nationals living in Indonesia. But, for those of you who live around Jabodetabek, the following are the list of top international schools in Indonesia.

  1. British International School Jakarta

The British International School (BIS) which was founded in Jakarta is a school that uses adoption curricula from the United Kingdom. The curriculum in Elementary Schools is based on the UK National Curriculum and is taught through International Primary Curriculum. Exceptional resources and facilities can help to provide an environment that encourages children to be fully involved in the learning activities they lead.

This school is located in Bintaro Jaya Sektor IX, Jl. Raya Jombang, Ciledug Pondok Aren, Pondok Aren, Tangerang. It can be a recommendation to take your kids to school.

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2. Jakarta International School

Jakarta International School was established by UN workers in 1951. These pioneers introduced relevant English-language schools for foreign workers in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Now, with high expectations for basic standards, results orientations, bound learning, and a culture then students can express their superiority in achieving their goals and objectives in education. Located at Jl. Terogong Raya No.33, Cilandak Jakarta, this school became popular in Jakarta.

  1. Gandhi Memorial International School

The Gandhi Memorial International School is a dynamic and challenging multidisciplinary learning community. This school has an atmosphere where diversity is considered a strength and where differences are seen as assets. The purpose of this school is to develop self-confidence in each student, to teach adaptability and problem-solving skills.

This school focuses on developing good personal traits which include strong work ethics, self-discipline, sportsmanship and self-esteem. The school offers 2 programs namely the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) and the IB Middle Years Program (MYP). Located on Jalan H.B.R. Motik, Kota Baru Complex, Bandar Kemayoran, Jakarta, this school building looks magnificent.

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4. Lentera International School

International Lantern School (SLI) is a Christian school that develops and is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and character development, where students are educated for the purpose of life, service and leadership. Overnight at Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 98 Pondok Indah Artery, Jakarta, this school apparently has many students.

The IDD team is equipped to promote and foster students in achieving these goals. Dedicated SLI teachers and special teachers offer a variety of core subjects and co-curricular activities where students can choose. The SLI curriculum is aligned with international standards from UK Cambridge IGCSE.

  1. Pelita Harapan

Pelita Harapan International School is an International Christian School System located in Indonesia that offers international education standards. SPHI is internationally recognized as a quality school through accreditation from CIS, NEASC and ACSI.

This school also contributed to the National Plus School Association. The SPH curriculum is internationally recognized and accredited through IBO. Teachers are recruited from within the country, as well as from abroad, including the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia.

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  1. Santa Laurensia

Santa Laurensia provides Primary and Secondary level education for children. Since its founding in 1994, the aim of this school is to instill intrinsic respect in life and the spirit of learning in a billing environment.

The Santa Laurensia approach is a holistic learning that is placed on the body, soul, and spirit of the students so that the development of each child is balanced. This school is located on Jl. Sutera Utama No.1, Alam Sutera Serpong.

  1. Tiara Bangsa School (STB – ACS International Jakarta)

Tiara Bangsa School – ACS (International) Jakarta is a Baccalaureate International School that offers world standard education. Located in a safe and semi-rural environment located off the JORR Toll Road in Setu Village, about 15 kilometers southeast of the center of Jakarta, it is easily accessible from residential areas of South Jakarta and North Jakarta.

If you want to go to this school, you can go directly to Jl. Bantar Jati, Setu Village 13880, Jakarta. This school is very well-known elite because of its magnificent buildings and advanced learning systems.

  1. Binus International School

In the early stages of the program year (Early Years), Binus International School uses the word “Digging & discovering” which recognizes that the experience of the early years builds the foundation for all future learning. The curriculum is to increase the curiosity of children who are natural and responsive to their needs, interests, abilities, and approaches to learning.

If you are interested in sending your child to this school, you can immediately see it on Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda Kav. G-8 Jakarta. In addition to very complete educational facilities, you can also get excellent service for your child.

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  1. Raffles International Christian School

Raffles International Christian School is at the forefront and is deeply committed to providing quality education for students, fostering them to be active, continuous learners, and influential leaders with quality characters. at RICS, children will be the center of every School program and activity.

In addition to supporting academic and non-academic activities, the school also equips children with solid religious-based character education.

  1. Sinarmas World Academy

Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) was founded on aspirations to get a ‘better’ learning experience for the younger generation now compared to current conditions. Today, children grow up in a world that is fast and full of various challenges and interesting possibilities.

Located on Jl. TM Pahlawan Seribu CBD Lot XV BSD City, Tangerang, you can get sophisticated and professional education services for your child here. In addition, reliable educational facilities and systems will create a smart and competitive next generation.

After reviewing some options above, now you see in what school you would send your kids to study. However, you should remember that school is just a side facility for education, but the best way to educate them is at home