21 Lists of Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Pati Must Visit

Who does not know tourist destinations in Pati city? Pati city as one of the tourist destinations in Central Java and this city is quite attractive. In addition, it can be stated this city has various kinds of tourist destinations which can spoil tourists. Basically, Pati city is a part of a few interesting tourist […]

12 of the Best and Exciting Water Parks in East Java

A water park is one of the tourist attraction which can be said that really makes people interested. In addition, we can also find a lot of popular water parks and it becomes one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. The various locations with its uniqueness and enjoyment always interest people. A water park surely […]

Visit 20 Tourist Attractions in Grobogan, Central Java

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Wae Rebo, A Village above The Sky in Flores

Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) is one province in Indonesia that’s located in the East side in Indonesia. This province’s capital city is Kupang and it has 22 regions. It has around 550 archipelagos with Flores, Sumba, and West Timor being the most famous place in the province. Read more: 13 Site in Flores,. and Best […]