12 of the Best and Exciting Water Parks in East Java

A water park is one of the tourist attraction which can be said that really makes people interested. In addition, we can also find a lot of popular water parks and it becomes one of the tourist destinations in Indonesia. The various locations with its uniqueness and enjoyment always interest people.

A water park surely has own attractiveness for each person, either adults or teenagers certainly interest in the water park. Besides, East Java as one of the provinces which becomes a destination for visitors and also it has attractive water park destinations. Moreover, a water park is never empty of visitors so that, it is suitable as one of the tourist destinations in East Java.

What we will be discussed in this article, it really relates to a variety of the best water parks in East Java. There are a few water parks that is spread out in various cities and also they become the main tourist destination. Every water park becomes one of pride for the city wherever the location stands. Furthermore, there are a few water parks that you can visit and also they become tourist destinations, such as;

1. Ciputra Waterpark

Firstly, the best water park in East Java is a location that is sounded familiar to people. Ciputra Waterpark is one of some tourist attractions in Surabaya. This tourist attraction is easy to find. Moreover, if you are interested in enjoying a fun water park area, you can visit West Surabaya or more specific at Waterpark Boulevard Citraland, Made, Sambikerep sub-district, Surabaya City.

Ciputra Waterpark has already been popular in Surabaya people. People who come to this tourist attraction are not only limited to local tourists but, the tourists from out of the city also visit here. By enjoying the fun while playing at the water park is supported by the various vehicles that are provided.

Those vehicles are Syracuse Beach, Marina Lagoon, Sirens River, Roc Tower, Chimera Pool, Sinbad’s Playground, and Tartarus Pool. Besides, the security of this tourist attraction is guaranteed safe. At last, you must know that Ciputra Waterpark is one of the largest tourist attractions in Southeast Asia.

2. Saygon Waterpark

The next water park location is not far from Surabaya City and it is more specifically located in the adjoining district. Saygon Waterpark is one of the popular tourist attractions in Pasuruan. This tourist attraction always becomes a central destination for tourists who want to enjoy a fun holiday together with family. There are various kinds of fun and attractive vehicles which can find in this location.

There are still other vehicles besides water park that certainly give own uniqueness and excitement. One of those vehicles is a simulation of Boeing 747 – 300 airplane. For those who want to enjoy their experiences as the role of pilot, this tourist attraction can be an interesting choice.

If you are interested, you can go to Saygon Waterpark which is located in Sengon, Pucangsari, Purwosari, Pasuruan, East Java. Saygon Waterpark opens in the morning until afternoon. Besides, you should not come too late. This matter because we will feel hot even though playing in the water.

3. Atlantis Land Ken Park Surabaya

The next best water park in East Java is still in Surabaya City. As the capital city of East Java surely does not wonder if this city has a variety of interesting vehicles. One of the vehicles that you can visit is Atlantis Land Ken Park Surabaya. This tourist attraction is very popular in Surabaya society and its location is not far from downtown.

In addition, the location of Atlantis Land Ken Park Surabaya is more specifically close to Kenjeran Beach that is also a popular tourist attraction in Surabaya. If you are interested in visiting Atlantis Land Ken Park Surabaya, you can come directly to Jl. Sukolilo No. 100, Sukolilo Baru, Bulak sub-district, Surabaya City, East Java. The various kinds of attractive vehicles definitely will make your holiday fun.

Furthermore, Atlantis Land Ken Park Surabaya also has various kinds of other vehicles which is certainly more fun besides the water park. This tourist attraction is always crowded with visitors every holiday. When you have finished enjoying the vehicles at this location, you can also go directly to Kenjeran beach in order to enjoy a fun air at the beach.

4. Hawai Waterpark

Hawai Waterpark is in a very popular city which exists in East Java. Even, this city maybe is no less popular with Surabaya City and some other cities that become tourist locations. Malang is one of the very popular cities with various tourist destinations. In addition, Hawai Waterpark is one of tourist attractions in Malang which is related to the water park.

We can find various kinds of water parks in this location. Moreover, there are so many visitors who always come to this tourist attraction in order to enjoy a fun holiday atmosphere every eid holidays. If you are interested in visiting Hawai Waterpark, you can come to Jl. Graha Kencana Utara V, Karanglo, Banjararum, Singosari sub-district, Malang, East Java. Come and enjoy the various excitements in this tourist attraction.

5. Kediri Waterpark

The next best water park in East Java is located in an interesting location. Kediri Waterpark is one of few popular locations in Kediri. Even, it can be stated that Kediri Waterpark is one of tourist destinations which becomes the most visited for tourists who come to Kediri. People who come to this location surely are not limited to local tourists.

The tourists who come are also from out of Kediri area. If you are interested in this Kediri Waterpark, you can come to Jalan Raya Pagung, Desa Pagung, Semen, Kediri, Pagung, East Java. It will be guaranteed that your holiday will not be in vain. In addition, you certainly get fun with the various kinds of vehicles which are ready to spoil you.

Furthermore, there are still some other tourist locations beside the example above, such as;

6. CitraGarden Waterpark

7. The Legend Waterpark Kertosono

8. Jambooland Waterpark Tulungagung

9. Taman Dayu Waterpark

10.  Wisata Bahari Lamongan

11. Batu Wonderland Waterpark & Resort Hotel

12. Suncity Waterpark Sidoarjo

Anyway, that is all the best waterpark in East Java that you can visit. Every location definitely can give you fun experiences for your holiday. Make sure to take the time in order to visit one of those locations. Hope this information is useful for you.