21 Lists of Wonderful Tourist Attractions in Pati Must Visit

Who does not know tourist destinations in Pati city? Pati city as one of the tourist destinations in Central Java and this city is quite attractive. In addition, it can be stated this city has various kinds of tourist destinations which can spoil tourists.

Basically, Pati city is a part of a few interesting tourist destinations in Indonesia. Perhaps, many people do not know and interest yet in this city that is known as “Integrated Farming”. However, if you have an opportunity to take a holiday, to visit Pati city is not wrong choice while enjoying the various tourist destinations that exist in this city.

What will be discussed in this article very close to Pati city. We will talk about a few of destinations of tourist attractions in Pati. There are so many various kinds of tourist destinations that we can find and those certainly will make your holiday to be more fun. Moreover, here are a few of tourist destinations which you can visit in this city, such as;

1. Wisata Agro Jollong Dua

This tourist destination in Pati is one of interesting and fun locations. Wisata Agro Jollong Dua is the zoo which can spoil visitors. For those who come to this tourist attraction will be shown with a very comfortable atmosphere and lovely scenery.

Essentially, this zoo is the location of the pitaya (dragon fruit) plantation. Nevertheless, this area has the scenery and strategic location, this place is changed to be a very beautiful and attractive tourist location. To reach Wisata Agro Jollong Dua, we only visit Jollong, Sitiluhur, Gembong, Pati district, Central Java.

Wisata Agro Jollong Dua opens until afternoon. However, it will be suitable if we go to this location in the morning when the atmosphere does not feel too hot yet and still fresh. If you come in the afternoon, you will miss much time to relax while getting around this tourist attraction.

2. Hutan Pinus Gunungsari

This tourist destination is one of few pine forests in Indonesia which is quite attractive. For people who live around Pati, Hutan Pinus Gunungsari is a place that is always crowded to be a tourist location. Certainly, the tourists who come to this Hutan Pinus Gunungsari is always a large amount every holiday. People who come are not only teenagers.

But, many people come together with their families. The beauty of this tourist attraction is not less beautiful with the pine forest in Malang and Yogyakarta. In order to enjoy the beauty of Hutan Pinus Gunungsari, you only come to Pangonan, Gunungsari, Tlogowungu, Pati district, Central Java. Furthermore, this tourist attraction not only offers a lovely landscape.

Nevertheless, Hutan Pinus Gunungsari also offers a variety of marvelous support facilities. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this tourist attraction, you can visit in the morning or before sunset. Those two situations are suitable in order to enjoy beautiful views from Hutan Pinus Gunungsari.

3. Juwana Water Fantasy

The destination of tourist attraction in Pati is one of suitable locations if we visit together with family. Juwana Water Fantasy maybe can be said like Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Jakarta. This location is always crowded every holiday comes even though a number of facilities and vehicles are not too many.

However, those all will not reduce the enjoyment and fun in order to play while enjoying the atmosphere at this location. To reach Juwana Water Fantasy, we just visit the address which is on Jl. Juwana Rembang KM 7 Bumimulyo, Batangan, Sawah, Bumimulyo, Pati, Pati district, Central Java. 

Since its location is not far from north coast road Java, so this location is not a hard thing to find. Juwana Water Fantasy opens in the morning until afternoon. At least, this tourist attraction can be an alternative for the fun location of holiday.

4. Hutan Pinus Pangonan

Hutan Pinus Pangonan is one of popular tourist destinations among Pati society especially, their teenagers. This tourist attraction is a location which can interest many visitors. They come to this location in order to enjoy the beauty and a view from this tourist location. Besides, Hutan Pinus Pangonan not only offers the beautiful views but, it also other facilities that are not less beautiful. 

This location usually always becomes an interesting place for taking photos. In order to enjoy this beauty from Hutan Pinus Pangonan, we can visit the area of forest and mountain, Gunungsari, Tlogowungu, Pati district, Central Java. If you want to enjoy pretty and charming scenery, you can visit it before sunset.

5. Idola Banyutowo Beach

Wherever beach tourism is one of the tourist attractions that always attractive to visit. It is the same as this tourist attraction in Pati. Idola Banyutowo is always crowded and also a very famous location among local society and tourists. Initially, this location is the dock for the fishing boat. 

Nevertheless, this beach has changed drastically to be the various kinds of facilities that make the views to be more beautiful and charming. If you have a plan to take a holiday in Pati city, this Idola Banyutowo beach can be a suitable location to take a rest for a while.

There are still some other locations besides the examples above, such as;

6. Air terjun Tretes

7. Goa Pancur Jimbaran

8. Gua Wareh

9. Waduk Gunung Rowo

10. Air Terjun Lorotan Semar

11. Air Terjun Grenjengan

12. Wisata Sendang Sani

13. Air Terjun Grenjengan Jolong

14. Air Terjun Tadah Hujan

15. Makam Syekh Mutamakkin

16. Syekh Jangkung Saridin

17. Candi Kayen

18. Klating Pucakwangi

19. Waduk Seloromo

20. Pulau Seprapat

21. Bukit Pandang Duren Sawit

Anyway, that is all some destinations of tourist attractions in Pati that you can visit. Every location definitely will give you attractive experiences for your holiday. At last, hope this information is useful.