15 List of Traditional Ceremony in West Java

West Java is a province in Java Island with indigenous tribes Sundanese. Sundanese tribe has a distinctive culture, which Sundanese culture has a very strong attraction for the tourists who visit the Sunda tribal region. Sundanese also have some arts and culture that exist in West Java. Sundanese are also very active in preserving their […]

13 Famous Cultures in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of pluralism, a country with high tolerance and the heaven for cultural values. Indonesia has an uncountable amount of cultures range from Sabang until Merauke, all of them are valued as the national treasure even until now. Surprisingly the local cultures are not only well known among the Indonesian, some cultures […]

15 Unusual Traditions in Indonesia (#2 is Extreme)

You must have known that Indonesia is an archipelagic country that has many ethnic, tribal, and faiths. Therefore it is not a new thing to know that Indonesia has very unique Indonesian Traditional Lifestyle varying in each region from Sabang until Merauke. These traditions are still preserved today, so you can still see how these traditions […]

15 Traditional Ceremony in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia, which has many customs and cultures, also has a variety of interesting traditional ceremonies. Until now, many of these traditional ceremonies are still carried out in their respective local areas. In fact, the ceremony is also a cultural tourism event for many tourists, both from domestic and abroad. Many forms of traditional ceremonies performed by […]

14 Ceremony in Bali (#2 is So Unique)

Bali. Bali is one island in Indonesia which so much cultures and we can find it in another places. We cant deny it if Bali has great influence from Hindunese which originally come from outside of country. However after all, Hinduism in Bali is very different from original one because its also has some influence […]