Is It Safe To Travel Alone in Indonesia? 15 Correct Answers For You

Indonesia has so many beautiful and awesome place that can not be missed if you have a plan to stay in Indonesia for a long time.

Indonesia is a large and growing country. Indonesia’s natural wealth always be interesting thing for foreign tourists.

This country has many great places to visit. Indonesia is one of the countries with the most natural attractions. But some of you are doubting the security in Indonesia.

Here are some reasons that is safe to travel alone in Indonesia.

However, some of you surely still doubt about Indonesia’s security. However, don’t worry, here i will explain you about how safe Indonesia is

1. Professional of Security

Although Indonesia is known for its poor security, but Indonesia has professional security. This can be seen from various cases of Indonesian terrorists lately. Police even willing to sacrifice themselves for the safety of its citizens. Good security can be seen if there are certain events, police and TNI will be standby for the event. There are many police posts on the roadside, especially in tourist attractions. So you do not have to worry, Indonesia is safe to visit.

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2. Indonesia has a lot of destination

Indonesia has many tourist attractions destinations. From advanced tourism such as in Bali, as well as tours that are still being developed. Because of the many tourist attractions here, Indonesia also has a security that has been improved in the sights. In addition, you will not be feel alone if you visit Indonesia.

3. Culture

Indonesia is a country rich in customs. Each custom has its own rules. In Bali, the person who steals will even be punished by cutting off his hand. Because customary law is rarely the case of theft and so forth. This is why you will safe to travel alone in Indonesia.

4. Indonesian people are friendly

The hospitality of the Indonesian people is un-doubtful. Even when you enter a certain territory in Indonesia, you will be greeted with a warm smile. You do not have to worry about traveling alone in Indonesia. Because almost the entire Indonesian people are friendly and willing to help if you have trouble.

5. Has halal tours

You will feel safe to travel alone in Indonesia especially if you are a Muslim. Indonesia is a country where most of the population is Muslim. Halal tours, halal food, and halal drinks, can be found easily in Indonesia. Halal for Indonesia is a must. So you will feel safe to consume Indonesian food.

6. Indonesia is a cheap tourist place for foreign tourists

If you are an overseas tourist who wants cheap yet beautiful tours, Indonesia is the answer. You will feel safe in spending money if traveling to Indonesia. Indonesia’s rupiah exchange rate to the world is low. So if you are just a regular employee abroad with a dollar salary, you can still enjoy the beauty of Indonesia easily.

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7. Indonesian people are tolerant of differences

It has been a long time ago, and now it continues to grow, that Indonesia is a tourist country. So Indonesians always appreciate the difference. They do not demand tourists to give the same treatment. Even Indonesian people want to learn a foreign language to welcome tourists who travel to Indonesia.

8. Indonesians are very appreciative of guests

Appreciating guests is one of the Indonesian friendly attitude towards tourists. In addition has become a habit, appreciate guests useful for the people of Indonesia. They assume that the guest is the bearer of fortune. So whoever you are, even though alone, remains secure with this attitude. You will be given decent facilities if traveling to Indonesia.

9. Indonesians easily help each other

You are traveling to Indonesia alone and find difficulties, no need to worry about. Ask for help to the local people. Almost everything you ask for help will help with your troubles. The attitude of Indonesian people this one is already famous, as famous as the friendly attitude of the people of Indonesia. This is why you feel safe to travel alone in Indonesia.

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10. Religious Society

All religious teachings lead us to worship God by avoiding its prohibitions. Evil and disservice are forbidden attitudes. Every Indonesian citizen must have a religion. Can be concluded, Indonesian people have a friendly and helpful nature because they are all religious. Every religion teaches these attitudes.

11. Sufficient Facilities

Indonesia is a developing country. In addition, tourism in Indonesia continues to be found and developed. Slowly Indonesia has adequate facilities in its tourist area. This facility will continue to grow because the majority of Indonesian citizens are people who want to learn and move forward.

12. Easy Bureaucracy

It’s no secret if the bureaucracy in Indonesia is easy for tourists. I do not know what this could be called one of the advantages or disadvantages of Indonesia. For tourists, this is profitable, because tourists only spend a few dollars to facilitate the bureaucratic process.

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13. Indonesians love tourists

Why do Indonesians like tourists? In addition to its high visuals and great, Indonesian people like tourists because according to them tourists have a lot of money. Tourists are regarded as coming fortune. This is what spurred the attitude of Indonesians who are very pampering guests from abroad. So if you are a foreign tourist traveling in Indonesia, you will not get bad treatment.

14. Visiting Indonesia does not require a visa

This is one of the government programs to attract foreign tourists. You can go to Indonesia anytime. With a maximum limit of 30 days, you can travel to Indonesia. Easy is not it? In addition you will be safe from taking care of correspondence like to other countries.

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15. Many tour guides

Tourism in Indonesia is a very promising field for the people of Indonesia itself. Many of them are trying to learn a foreign language to become a tour guide. You do not have to worry if you are confused in Indonesia.

Because in various tourist places have available tour guide who faithfully accompany you. They do not even just learn English. Many also master other languages such as China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Spain, and others.

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