12 Kinds of Visa in Indonesia You Must Know

A visa is a written permission granted by an authorized official in a sovereign country which contains approval or permission to stay temporarily for foreigners to enter and travel to the territory of Indonesia within a certain time. Visas are usually listed in the passport where there is some information about the stranger’s data. It […]

5 Common Types of Unemployment in Indonesia

In Indonesia, everyday many people working in different place, it can be office for manager or administration, field for farmer, market for seller, teller for bank and etc. The purpose why they are working is also different. There are people that working for get much money for their family, and the other is for make […]

10 Types of Poverty in Indonesia

Poverty is a condition where a person experiences a deprivation from materialistic and social needs. This deprivation causes the person to have limited access to basic human rights such as healthcare and education. There is still a very high number of Poverty in Indonesia. The number will continue to rise as the country struggles to eradicate […]