5 Common Types of Unemployment in Indonesia

In Indonesia, everyday many people working in different place, it can be office for manager or administration, field for farmer, market for seller, teller for bank and etc. The purpose why they are working is also different. There are people that working for get much money for their family, and the other is for make their self busy because they may not marriage. To find the kinds of job for working sometimes become difficult. It can be easy if there is one people (family or friend) available in an office. So, they can help us to join with certain company.

However if we don’t have someone to help us get the job, we should struggle to find the job. That is very difficult, because many people want to get a job but the job vacancy are limit. People that do not have job for working, that is the so called unemployment. There are five types of unemployment in Indonesia, those are:

1. The Newborn Unemployment

The newborn unemployment is kinds of unemployment that they don’t have a job for working after they graduate from school or university. This problem is always found by all fresh graduate without job experience before. There are thousand people graduate from university, and then they fight positively to find certain job.

For example, a company open job vacancy for sales administration for 3 peoples, but the applicant more that one hundreds. In this case, the newborn unemployment in Indonesia will do their best for get the job. They show if they are appropriate with the job description. You may want to know about Social Activities in Jakarta.

There is different condition for student that have many experience, they will find job easily. In Indonesia, some student is already have part time job when they still study in the school or university. Those experience will help them to find a job after graduate. They can choose to find other full job or continue that part time job. Actually there is other method that doing by Indonesian people to avoid to be newborn unemployment. Read more about Importance of Entrepreneurship Development in Indonesia

After they have final test, they will get long holiday almost one until two months. The newborn unemployment will start to find the job after they officially graduate from school. However, they can use the long holiday to find the job. That’s to get start early, so that the job applicant competitors is not larger than after they graduate.

Usually the newborn unemployment will confuse how to make a good CV. For the newborn unemployment that diligent, they will go everywhere for interview jobs. They will little bit difficult to find a job if they do not have any experience. That time is the change era from student to work area. If they are not enthusiastic or find the job quickly, they will difficult and left by other people. Gain your knowledge with read Foreign Investment Rules in Indonesia.

2. The Seasonal Unemployment

The seasonal unemployment is kind of unemployment that does not have job for certain time. Sometimes a people can work for a job. when the job finish, the people become a seasonal unemployment. For example, people as a freelance writing. Actually they are the seasonal unemployment. Firstly they get a job for write an article, and then they finish to write. Tomorrow, they cannot write again because they don’t have job to write something. It was different with a freelance writer with MoU or signed a contract, because everyday or every week they should finish some article (there is a target). You may want to know about Healthy Lifestyle in Indonesia

There is other description for seasonal unemployment. It is related to season of fruit. You can know that Indonesia have a land that can grow variant fruit. However the fruit are grow in certain season or weather. What’s the relationship with the seasonal unemployment? For example, the seller of mango. They only sell mangos in the month of mango show the fruit around November until December, the other month they cannot sell the mango and become seasonal unemployment. For this problem, the seller can find other fruit to sale in the January until October. So that they are not become a seasonal unemployment.

The other example of seasonal unemployment is fibrous worker. That is kind of people that don’t have permanent job. Every people that need their help will called this worker. For example, a farmer need people to help cut the rice plant. The seasonal unemployment will help the farmer. After the harvest season end, the seasonal unemployment will end the job and does not have something to do.

One weeks later, there is a people that build a house and need the seasonal unemployment help. And then the fibrous worker will help to build a house. That’s the example of seasonal worker that always change the job. Sometimes they can be a farmer, sometimes they also being a people for building, but if all the job finish, they will be an unemployment again and waiting someone for offering the job again. It can be for a long time, or in a short time someone will offer a job again.

3. The Hidden Unemployment

The third is hidden unemployment. The people seems like busy for work, but actually they are included in the hidden unemployment. The people that help someone for finish a job is the hidden unemployment. For example, your friend is a seller in the market. You offering to help him for sale the product. You are busy sale the product, and seems like that’s your work. Even though you only help your friend. You can say to all people that is your work.

The hidden unemployment often work for help someone. Like what the example above, they help other people to make hidden if they are unemployment. Actually this kind of unemployment seems like they already work for someone. Alright, it can be no unemployment, although the job is not permanent. They often change their job as long as they does not get a certain job for long time. The hidden unemployment can insert their experiences job in the CV, because they already do for variant job. Even though the job is not in the long time.

The other characteristics of hidden unemployment is they have shy characteristics to say that they don’t have job yet. However, they always try to find activity to finish. They are not lazy, but they don’t want other people know if they are unemployment. They always apply every job vacancy. As long as the job vacancy is appropriate with their skill, major, and passion. Read more about Drinking law in Indonesia

4. The Open Unemployment

The open unemployment is the same condition like others kind of unemployment. The main characteristics is they do not have work to do. However the unemployment more open than other unemployment. All people know if they are unemployment. They are not hidden their status as the open unemployment, but they always want to get a job.

Sometimes, the open unemployment is people that come from a village, and then go to city for find a job. But they could not find job yet. In this condition, the unemployment not only find n the city. But also they are available in the village. The open unemployment become the big problem for some country in the world such as Indonesia, Columbia, USA and etc. This is included in the country’s problem because the open unemployment can change to be a criminal. They do not have any activity so that they do criminal things like steal.

5. The Stagnant Unemployment

The last is stagnant unemployment. Look at the name “stagnant” and “unemployment. Stagnant means something that stop, not moving, there is no progress and change. The stagnant unemployment is the condition where people does not want to find job. Not only job, but also activity. They only spend their day with sleep, eat, stay at home, or doing something not important.

People in this type never try to open their self with something new. They do not know how to find a job. The stagnant unemployment can be man or woman. In the household, men that included in the stagnant unemployment will get many pressure from the society, because they have responsibility for fulfill the equipment of his wife and children. Read more about Business Rules in Indonesia

Actually, Indonesian people that included in this type of unemployment beginning with some problem. For example, a man graduate from the university. They have the willingness to get a job that appropriate with their major. They choose so many job application related to their major, attend some job interview, and then doing test for many candidate employee. All those step is little bit difficult without the job experience. People without high patient will sad and down. They will frustrated, and do not want to try again to find job.

In Indonesia, there is so many job vacancy if the job applicant want to try. For the stagnant unemployment they only need small job experiences to make the CV more valuable, and the other company will think again to choose a people for certain job. A stagnant unemployment never want to try little opportunity in their life. Sometimes, they are egoist and want to get some high desire.

There is also another characteristics of stagnant unemployment in Indonesia, they only want to choose the job with high salary. So, they cannot get a job for a long time. Properly, they see their capability, skill, and experience firstly and then never think that they are appropriate with high salary job.