25 Wedding Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

Wedding is surely one of the highly sacred events in the world. In the wedding, there is always one ceremony where two persons vow to each other, to live together for every moments, being happy and sad, until the death pull them apart. This main occasion happens in every wedding in the world, different ways […]

Balinese Wedding Traditions – Ceremony – Reception

Ah, Bali. Many place of interest in it, and they are beautiful of course, but now we’re not talking about that. Now, its time to give you the information about Balinese Wedding Traditions. In Bali, they use the Hindu Marriage ceremony, because their religion is mainly Hinduism. Hinduism in Bali has its marriage ceremonies, of course […]

Javanese Wedding Culture – Procession – Ceremonies

Around 40% of Indonesia inhibitants are Javanese. This ethnic came from cities like Yogyakarta, East Java, and Central Java. Javanese ethnic well-known with the prudishness. The way they spoke, walked, dressed, and sat is totally different. Especially when you make a comparison with Bataknese ethnic. Well, the volume while talking is different. Javanese sound more […]

10 Types of Indonesian Wedding Culture – Ceremonies and Customs

Marriage in Indonesia is something sacred and is usually celebrated with specials. Indonesia’s diverse culture also affects certain wedding ceremony type. Well, in Indonesia, there are some unique marriage customs are difficult to find in other places. Indonesia has a variety of unique tradition that is interesting to see, including the marriage culture. In fact, […]