13 Most Common Jobs in Indonesia You can Find Everywhere

Struggling to get a job in Indonesia is not easy. Although Indonesia is rich country, but unemployment rate can still be considered as high. After graduating school, many young people have trouble finding work because of limited skills. There are many older workers in Indonesia. Some of the people of Indonesia prefer to work as best they can, which is important halal, salary and wages are not a problem. Here are the most common jobs in Indonesia.

  1. Teacher

Many people know that not a few Indonesian children are able to receive a decent education because of environmental and economic conditions. Prevent the increasing number of children dropping out from government schools to build schools around the homes of these children.

This turned out to encourage the government to open a job vacancy for a position as a teacher at the school. So serious almost 70 percent of education funds are allocated for teacher salaries. Not imaginary if this profession became one of the most desirable professions.

  1. Indonesian Migrant workers

Indonesian migrant workers or laborers are much invaded by the people of Indonesia. Working in a country of people seems very tempting. In addition to being able to explore places of interest abroad turns out the salary offered is also quite large. No wonder the foreign exchange earnings this country produced by these workers.

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  1. Employees of SOEs

State-Owned Enterprises or abbreviated to SOEs are mushrooming everywhere even has amounted to more than 120 SOEs. For the productive workforce to work as a BUMN employee is an advantage and pride of its own. Not only high salaries but also allowances and career paths that are promising were seen in sight.

  1. Civil servants

Who does not want to work as a civil servant? in addition to getting a basic salary this profession also offers many benefits. There is also a pension fund that will be obtained when the civil servants are no longer productive. Of course when the exam CPNS opened the number of applicants able to penetrate the number tens of thousands of people.

  1. Peddlers

Peddlers are traders who peddle their merchandise from village to village. Some of them still carry their wares on foot, but some others have bought vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, or even cars. In Indonesia, this profession becomes the most chosen job to survive. No wonder if you can find hawkers in every corner, especially in various big cities of Indonesia.

  1. Driver

Such an obligation and an important standard if the profession of a professional driver – either a daily driver, driver monthly, driver of marriage, online driver or driver even provide service or best service to every customer or client who delivered it wherever and at any time such as driver company who deliver employees to the company, the marriage driver who delivered the married couple. Nowadays, this profession becomes the most favorite in Indonesia.

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7. Waiter/waitress

The waiter is a person who works in restaurants, bars, or cafes to serve visitors who come. This work belongs to the service sector. The waiter recorded the visitor’s order and then brought the food or drinks to the customer’s table. A good waiter can help visitors by recommending the best menu.

Many of the waiters requested by his employers wore uniforms. Giving tip to waiters recommended Western and Middle Eastern countries, while waiters in Asia-Pacific mostly do not receive tip.

  1. Salesman

This profession can also be classified as a profession with high pressure and stress. Salesman is the spearhead of income from a company in exchange for incentive bonus alias if the sales reach the target. Their success is actually back to what they are selling. When the product is in demand by the community, the selling is easy and the stress level will not be high.

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  1. Factory workers

Workers are people who work for others, while employees work for an agency or agency or company. While the employee in a contract work with an agency or company or agency. Employees only have and bond with Human Resources or Personnel Section. Her salary is regulated by people of this section who have the same status as another person in the company: as an employee. In Indonesia, there is at least 15% of the laborers work at the factory every day.

  1. Farmers

The farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, mainly by managing the land for the purpose of growing and maintaining crops (such as rice, flowers, fruits etc.), in the hope of obtaining the proceeds of the crops for their own use or selling them to others .

They can also provide industrial raw materials, such as cereals for alcoholic beverages, juice, and wool or cotton for weaving and clothing. Indonesia is an agrarian country, no wonder many people are farmers.

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  1. Fisherman

Fisherman is a term for people who work daily catch fish or other biota that live in the base, column or surface waters. Waters that become the area of fishing activity can be freshwater, brackish water and sea.

In developing countries such as Southeast Asia or Africa, there are still many fishermen who use simple equipment to catch fish. Fishermen in developed countries usually use modern equipment and large ships equipped with advanced technology. Since Indonesia is a marine country, so many people become fishermen.

  1. Nurse

Nurses are a profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities in achieving, maintaining, and healing optimal and functioning health. The modern definition of nursing is defined as science and an art that focuses on promoting the quality of life defined by a person or family, through the whole experience of his life from birth to nurture to death.

In Indonesia, nursing profession becomes a favorite. This is evidenced by the number of parents who send their children to nursing school when adult.

  1. Street performer/singer

Street performer or in Bahasa Indonesia famous with “Pengamen” is a profession that you can find in any city center in Indonesia. On the bus, on the side of the road, even in the center of the crowd, you can easily find them. Pengamen is the most vibrant profession in Indonesia. Not infrequently, their existence is even considered disturbing. The profession of singers is usually chosen by someone who is forced to sing because of unemployment.

Those are the most common jobs in Indonesia you can find everywhere in Indonesia. If you plan to stay in Indonesia, make sure to choose the jobs that fit in you.