A List of Benefits of Working in Indonesia

As you may know already as the basic instruction of living, we need to work to get some money for living. Days passing and the prices of many important stuff like rice, cooking oil, meats, or even vegetables increasing through years based on the country’s economy. If you think that your country couldn’t give satisfaction to your own economy, maybe switching to other countries would be much profitable.

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If you’re still living in the area of South East Asia region, which is not growing to be a greater region of Asia, there are many locations that may suitable for you. One of them is Indonesia. Indonesia is known for having a massive population and an increase in the economy by many entrepreneurs who exist in the country. They open up so many job opportunities for anyone who interested to join in. Aside from that reason alone, there are plenty of other benefits of working in Indonesia as you can see in the information below :

1. The Holidays

As for the first of all benefits of working in Indonesia is the holidays. Yes, even though in the country you can’t find something like Summer holiday or such, but when you’re looking at your calendar, you can see some red dates, which is the holidays within a month. Aside from the Sundays, you can see that you may find a week worth of free days on some months.

You can enjoy your free days to do anything you want outside from your work. If you have enough stress, you can go somewhere freer, you can go hiking or even go to Bali island to those exotic locations to be free once in a while. Many people also use the opportunity to have some fun with their own family.

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2. Learning all new languages

Working in Indonesia can give you a hard time learning all the languages that used by all your co-workers. As you may know already, Indonesia is rich in literature. Each region has their own unique traditional language that they always use every day. Some people even usually use the traditional language rather than Indonesia because it’s more informal and easy to speak because they use it like every time.

As mentioned above, each region has their own traditional language. For example, if you’re working in Jakarta, most of your friends will use the Betawi language, which is a little bit similar to Indonesian. If you’re working in East Java or Central Java province, most of them will talk to each other with Javanese. But of course, if you’re lucky enough, they will approach you with English at first and even teach you how to speak their traditional language.

3. Easy to create innovation

This one is both the benefits of working in Indonesia is also the benefit of the diversity in working space. Imagine that you’re working in a different country, far away from your home. In there you’re working with multicultural people, speaking with the same Indonesian language but came from the different cultures from their home.

With the different culture and experience, you can have the chance to grow better by learning some values from them. Of course, each one of them has a positive impact for you and you can convert it to be an additional energy for your work. If they have a brilliant idea for the company, you can join in to make it successful. So, it’s like building a synergy which is great for everybody in the company.

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4. Many job opportunities

As you may know already, there are many people in Indonesia who are giving the others job opportunities via start-ups that they built. A new empire is fit for everyone who wants to work in a fresh company, that is strong enough to be a successful one. You can join in for the work for gaining the job experiences that needed when you want to apply to a bigger company.

Each year, the economy is getting healthier with all the people having a creative idea to create their own start-ups based on their own idea. But of course, with the economy is getting well, the competition is tighter. Not only in the world of big business out there, where the market leaders showing many benefits or advantages to both customers and investors to gain more and more profit, it also not that easy to apply for a job in Indonesia. But with all the skills and competence, you can have one with ease.

5. You can enter the strong sectors

As mentioned in our previous article, Indonesia has some strong sectors like oil, palm oil, gold mining, and natural gas. And now some big factories are accepting the foreign workers, besides the local of course. There’s a balance between foreigners and locals on a company. If you’re lucky enough, you can get accepted in one of those potential sectors.

Usually, the work there is really demanding your working skills and surviving skills. In a place like gas production area of example, the workers always have a risk to get infected with radiation and slowly decrease their health without they realize it. But there’s always the other side of the coin. You can also get much profit by working in those sectors.

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6. The maternity rights for women

The regulation in Indonesia is also respecting the women, especially for the new mom. This is very important to gain a trust from the female workers who are pregnant, so they can work with less stress and very much guaranteed safety. They are struggling for being a mother and also a worker at the same time, so these maternity rights should really help them.

During their leave, they also still get their salary. The specialty is the three months leave, divided by the time before and after birth. The worker is “recommended” to leave the workplace 1,5 months before the birth actually happens, so she can prepare anything for her kid. And after the birth, she also given 1,5 months leave to settle things up with the family.

7. The special 13th-month salary

Receiving a salary is always a good thing for workers. After struggling with their job for a month, they finally receive what they deserve, a salary. In Indonesia, if you’re working as PNS or the Government Employees, you shall receive the sub salaries which consists of many allowances or bonus that even can surpass the main salary sometimes.

Aside from those salaries and bonuses, they also receive what we call as “13th-month” salary, during a special time like Eid Fitri, Christmas, or the end of the year. The salary usually paid a month before the religious holiday. It’s usually during a month before Eid-Fitry, so the salary can help the workers for going back to their home. Regardless what your religion is, some companies will eventually pay you.

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8. The overtime allowance

For the young adults who still have a very high spirit, they usually work overtime to gain some more salary. This added up to their main salary so the more they work overtime, their main salary can go up up and higher. The workers who looking for money to get married or who want to buy something badly, the overtime can be the suitable choice for them.

But of course, it also has a negative impact, especially to your health. You will work more than the recommended hours and that’s not healthy at all. Sometimes there will be much stress and not enough time to rest or sleep during the night can decrease your performance in general. The overtime work is great and all, but you shouldn’t do it always.

Besides the nine benefits of working in Indonesia that already mentioned above, you can also get explanations from another list that we already prepare for you below that also containing the other benefits of working in Indonesia that surely can be profitable for you.

  1. Growing your talent
  2. Easily increase your working performance
  3. Meeting new people
  4. Seeing new culture
  5. The sick days
  6. Paternity rights for men
  7. Minimum wages

So that’s the topic about the benefits of working in Indonesia. As you can see, the country is always growing to be the greatest country in South East Asia region, even giving contributions to Asia in general through its growth in the economy. That’s why, with the help and support from the government, it’s really a great opportunity for seeking better fortune at Indonesia.