13 of the Best Water Parks in West Java Make People Comfortable

“Holiday” is a word which can be called an interesting thing. Everyone will really feel interested and cheerful if they hear this word. In addition, many people maybe have prepared their holiday at an early time. Definitely, there are so many kinds of activities during the holiday.

The water park is one of the holidays that become popular in a few tourist attractions in Indonesia. This tourist attraction is one of tourist locations which is the most visited by tourists. Most of them who come to water parks are a few families who want to enjoy a variety of interesting vehicles. If talking about the attractive tourist destination to be visited by families so, the water park is a good choice.

What will be discussed in this article is some of the best water parks in West Java. There are a few locations that we can visit in few areas and those locations are quite popular in West Java. There are some locations of the water park that we can visit, such as;

1. Panghegar Waterboom

When we talk about tourist attractions in West Java, one of the locations which make interesting is Bandung. This matter does not make it confused if there are a lot of tourist locations in Bandung due to as central government in West Java. Panghegar Waterboom is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bandung. This tourist attraction is one of the best tourist attractions in West Java that you must visit.

Panghegar Waterboom is also included part of few game tours in Bandung.  This matter happens because there are so many interesting vehicles and they certainly will make you stay for a long time in this location. In addition, Panghegar Waterboom cannot be underestimated since it has a variety of complete facilities and attractive vehicles.

If you are visiting Bandung, you can add Panghegar Waterboom into your list of tourist destinations. Besides, Panghegar Waterboom’s address is located on Jl. Mengger Tengah No. 37, Mengger, Bandung Kidul sub-district, Bandung city, West Java.

2. The Jungle Waterpark Bogor

West Java is one of the provinces which has been popular due to a variety of interesting tourist locations. We know from the number of tourist locations that exist in this province so that, Bogor is a location that is never empty of visitors. If we talk about tourist attractions in Bogor that relate to the water park, the Jungle Water park Bogor as its answer.

The Jungle Water park Bogor is one of the locations which is often become a tourist destination by students in Bogor and this place certainly is never deserted. If the school holiday comes, the number of visitors in this place will increase. Moreover, there are a lot of vehicles at the Jungle Water park Bogor such as a lazy pool, swimming pool, water slide and still many more.

Furthermore, you should know this location is different from other Jungle lands which also accidentally exist in Bogor. The Jungle Water park Bogor is located on Jalan Bogor Nirwana Boulevard, Perumahan Bogor Nirwana Residence, Mulyaharja, South Bogor sub-district, Bogor, West Java. Besides, you should search for the information first before you visit this location. This matter can anticipate that the Jungle Water park Bogor maybe provides some special discounts on the ticket.

3. Water Boom Lippo Cikarang

The name of WaterBoom Lippo Cikarang as one of some tourist attractions in Bekasi. Perhaps, this location can be stated as one of the best water park locations in Indonesia. We do not worry If only talking about the vehicles which are provided by this tourist attraction. There are various kinds of the attractive and challenging water park and also they will spoil us as the visitor.

Even, since the number of facilities in this place, WaterBoom Lippo Cikarang often becomes interesting wedding photography in Bekasi. In addition, this tourist attraction presents various vehicles such as a lazy pool, wave pool, and some other vehicles that we can find out in this location.

If you are interested in visiting this location, you must come to the WaterBoom Lippo Cikarang that is located on Jl. Madiun Kav. 115, Lippo Cikarang, Cikarang, Cibatu, South Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java.

4. Cirebon Waterland Ade Irma Suryani

Perhaps, many people have already been familiar with the name of Cirebon city. A city is popular due to a various kinds of tourist locations and culinary. Cirebon is one of the famous tourist destinations in West Java. The various kinds of tourist attraction can be found in this city. Moreover, Cirebon Waterland Ade Irma Suryani is one of the popular tourist attraction in Cirebon.

People who visit this tourist attraction are not only originated from local tourists but also, there are a few international tourists. Cirebon Waterland Ade Irma Suryani can be said unique and different from other water parks. This matter because there are so many buildings to resemble cliffs and caves which we can find in this location.

To visit Cirebon city will not be complete if we do not come to this Cirebon Waterland Ade Irma Suryani. This tourist attraction is located on Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 1, Lemahwungkuk, Lemahwungkuk sub-district, Cirebon City, West Java.

5. Depok Fantasi Waterpark

The next of the best water park in West Java that we can visit is Depok Fantasi Water park. Based on its name, this tourist attraction is part of popular tourist attraction in Depok. The atmosphere of Depok Fantasi Water park is different from the others. This matter because Depok Fantasi Water park has the middle East concept.

In addition, the concept is more specifically taken by Aladdin’s theme. If you visit this location, you will find some icons of Aladdin characters. Besides, if we talk about the vehicles which are provided by this tourist attraction, you will find many attractive vehicles and they definitely will not make you and your family disappointed.

Furthermore, there are still some other the best water parks in West Java such as;

6. Water Park Bandung Indah

7. Santa Sea Waterpark Sukabumi

8. Venetian Water Carnaval

9. Transera Waterpark

10. Wonderland Adventure Waterpark Karawang

11. Water Kingdom Mekarsari

12. Ampera Waterpark Ciawi

13. Go! Wet Waterpark Grand Wisata Bekasi

Anyway, that is all the best water parks in West Java that you can visit. Every interesting location will make your holiday fun. In addition, if you visit together with the family, it certainly will be more appealing. Hope this information makes useful.