16 Beautiful and Attractive Tourism Villages in Yogyakarta Must Visit

Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta is a province that has already been popular in Indonesia. Even, the name of Yogyakarta is not only limited to local tourists but, the name of this province has been stated that it is known by foreign countries. In addition, Yogyakarta as one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia and this city […]

13 of the Best Water Parks in West Java Make People Comfortable

“Holiday” is a word which can be called an interesting thing. Everyone will really feel interested and cheerful if they hear this word. In addition, many people maybe have prepared their holiday at an early time. Definitely, there are so many kinds of activities during the holiday. The water park is one of the holidays […]

Romantic Tourist Attractions for Valentine’s Day in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is a very famous city and one of fun tourist destinations in Indonesia. In addition, as a part of tourist attraction in Indonesia, Yogyakarta surely often becomes a holiday destination. There are a lot of tourist locations in Yogyakarta which are never empty of visitors. The various locations have own uniqueness and beauty. Yogyakarta […]

10 Annual Run Festival In Indonesia You Should Join

Running activity has been rising its popularity these past few years. In fact, millennials are very interested in this activity. Many sport event that includes fun run will be crowded by many young people. Running is a cheap sport activity, yet very effective in shaping your healthy life. Moreover, many organization has been doing various […]

7 Best Time And Place To Surf in Indonesia

Surfing is a popular sport known as riding a wave. It’s a bit challenging, but most people seem to love doing it. This ancient sport firstly introduced to America in 1928 by George Freeth. In fact, this sport is founded in 1778 by Captain Cook in Polynesian region. While this sport seems to be easy, […]

Bogor Botanical Garden, A Garden You Can Visit in West Java

Bogor Botanical Garden is the largest plantation preservation area located in Bogor, West Java. It approximately has 15000 plant species preserved, breed, and researched. Nowadays this garden is open for public as tourism site. It offers various kind of tourism site such as gardens, museum, laboratories, monument, and cemetery. You can access this garden every […]

14 Useful Tips in Bali Indonesia

You are on vacation to Bali, from now on make a list of trips and also the visit that you will do. So that your vacation in Bali can be used for positive activities and has an unforgettable impression. In Bali, there are lots of fun and fun activities that you can do, besides traveling […]

15 Enviromental Impacts Of Tourism In Indonesia

Tourism today is very crowded talked about because by developing the tourism sector then the influence on other sectors is very large therefore the demand for tourism is increasing along with the level of human needs are increasing from year to year. The development of the tourism area certainly does not grow just like that […]

20 Interesting Positive Impacts of Tourism in Indonesia

With thousand existance of attractions in Indonesia, no wonder that so many tourists from abroad start lining up to get the tickets to Indonesia. The reason is, because Indonesia is having a lot of choices of good places that usually filled up by the natural one. See also : Positive Impacts of Tourism Types of […]