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10 Things to Avoid in Jakarta You Must Know

by Tri Setiya

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. As the urban city, it has a plentiful population. Many people come to Jakarta to get the better livings. As you come to Jakarta, you would get surprised on some realities in Jakarta. Jakarta today has made a lot of changes. It is now full of the high buildings, busy crowds, and luxurious apartment.

Before going to Jakarta, consider some risks that may endanger your visit there. Preparing a lot of things would not be false choice before travelling. Make sure to understand the Culture of Jakarta. It could be the good weapon for you if you have learned the culture. Talking about the culture in Jakarta, you would find the people seems like to be individual. You must be brave enough when you want to visit Jakarta. However, you should notice 10 Things to avoid in Jakarta below.

  1. Pickpocket

Almost pickpocketing happen on public places of Jakarta. The pickpocket will usually do the actions on the public transportation, such as: Kopaja, Metromini, Bus, Trans Jakarta, and Commuter Line. Since these places that mentioned are crowded, the pickpocket will take the advantage of the situations.

As the Shopping Center of Jakarta, Tanah Abang is also the place with a lot of pickpockets. Be careful in carrying you cellphones and wallet. Make sure to keep them save. Avoid place them in your pocket unless you will be the victim of pickpocket. (Read also: Business Ethics In Indonesia)

2. Traffic jam

Once you get down to the road on Jakarta, traffic jam is everywhere. In busy hour, you could be trapped on traffic jam for some hours. I would not recommend you getting around Jakarta by car. It would better for you to take trains or commuter line.

When you have to go by car, manage your time well. You could also take control your journey using Google maps traffic. Try to find the alternative roads to avoid the traffic jam. Don’t go out by cars from around 7AM-9AM and from around 4.00PM-6.00PM since those are the peak of the traffic jam. (Read also: Scams to Avoid in Bali)

3. Taxi scam

Taxi scam is everywhere. Once you got your feet in Jakarta, be careful with the taxi drivers. New arrival will usually become the victim of taxi scam. Some of the tricky taxi drivers don’t use any taximeter. Once you are trapped by the scammers on taxi, they will charge the high price for a travel by taxi.

To avoid the taxi scam, you could book the authorized taxi in Jakarta. If the driver doesn’t turn on the taxi meter, you could ask him to turn on it. Make sure the taxi driver would take you with the closest route. Control the journey of the taxi by using Google maps.

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4. Flood

Jakarta is the city with a bad resistance of flood. Flood in Jakarta could be the annoying thing for you. Flood will cause many problems such as the bad traffic jam, the delay of the train, or even the blocked traffic. Be careful of electricity when the flood is entering your house.

If you are driving car, you should be careful enough How to Avoid Flood in Jakarta. Keep the speed of your car constantly to avoid the death engine. It is best not to pass flood while you are driving.

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5. Crossing the road in busy hours

 If you are pedestrians in Jakarta, I would not recommend you to cross the street in Jakarta in busy hours. When you step your feet on the road, the motorbike user would not stop to give you a way. They will continuously riding or driving without gives you some space to cross the road. To cross the road safely, you could use a footbridge that available in some places in Jakarta.

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6. Theft using hypnotism

Theft using hypnotism is usually happen at the bus in Jakarta. When you go out by bus, make sure not to accept any food or drinks from an unknown people. The scammers would possibly do the hypnotism through the drink or foods. Once you are hypnotized, they will ask your cell phone and wallet. The theft will get off from the bus and bring your things away.

The more sophisticated theft using hypnotism is by touching your shoulder. Then, suddenly you will get hypnotized. The theft would do the same thing after that.

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7. Robbery

The rate of robbery in Jakarta is increasing by year of 2017. At night robbery, they would usually target the car driver or motorcycle rider for their victim. Usually, the robber would be in a group of people. They would bring some sharp weapons to frighten you as the victim. Avoid pass the quiet place in Jakarta. Choose the crowded place for your route to go home. Take a small sharp weapon for self-defense.

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8. Crime

Living in Jakarta means living with the high risks of many crimes. The people around you would be the possible actor of crime. Especially for a girl, don’t use any sexy clothing to avoid rape.  Don’t use to much gold jewelry unless it would attract the snatcher. Actually the crime could be minimized. We should not give the criminal any change to do the crime itself.

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9. Going out alone at night

Never try to go out alone at above 9PM in Jakarta. In that hour, the possibility of the crime will increase. If you are a girl and have to go home at night, make sure to ask one of your male friends or relatives to accompany you. Some crimes maybe will endanger you.

Notice that almost of crimes such as: rapes, robbery, theft, snatches are ended up in a murder. When you should take public transportation at almost every night, try to learn some basic self-defense. Just in case there is a criminal, it may help you.

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10. Drug Distributor

The drug distributor would possibly offer you some kinds of weird medication that you haven’t known before. Be careful that it is the prohibited drugs. You could end up your life in jail once you are trapped on it. Remember that Indonesia doesn’t allow any narcotics user or distributions. When someone offers the unfamiliar drug, you could politely refuse it.

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Those are the ten things you should avoid in Jakarta. Many Indonesians call the popular slogan for living in Jakarta is “Jakarta Keras”. It means that Jakarta is full of dangerous thingsthat may harm your life. Do you agree with that statement?

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