13 Rules When Visiting Temples in Bali

Bali is the home to more than thousands of temples. With many Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia, you can never run out of options. There are temples where you can take beautiful pictures of the scenery and there are even ones where you can enjoy the sunsets. You can even spare some of your time to visit Underwater Temples in Bali.  But before visiting the temples in Bali, it is a good thing to know the common rules and guidelines that you have to obey. Below are 13 Rules When Visiting Temples in Bali.

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1. Use Sarong

If you’re planning to visit the temples in Bali, you should buy a sarong. One of the rules of visiting the temples in Bali is that you have to cover your knees downwards. You can buy a sarong in the temple or you can find it elsewhere. Be careful of people taking advantage of you, learn How to Avoid Scams in Bali so you will not get ripped off. On the other hand, some temples also sell sash that you can wear around your waist.

2. Wear Modest Clothes

Wear modest clothes when you want to visit a temple in Bali. Avoid clothing that are too revealing. Your shoulders, your arms and your chest should be covered. So avoid wearing tank tops or singlets. Choose a shirt that is a bit more conservative. You might not be allowed to enter the temple if your clothes seem inappropriate.

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3. Take Off Shoes When Entering Temple

Before entering the temple, make sure to take off your shoes or any other kind of footwear that you have on. The temple is a holy place that must always be pure. Shoes carry around a lot of dirt with them so they are not appropriate for the temple. Watch where other people place their shoes and you can place yours too along with theirs.

4. Mind The Position of Your Feet

Mind the way you position your feet while sitting in the temple. Your feet should never face the holy objects and the shrines in the temple. To avoid placing your feet in the wrong way, you can sit while crossing your legs. You can also try to kneel.

5. Respect the Culture

Respect the Cultures in Baland respect the ceremonies as well as the Balinese traditions. You might not be familiar with the temple in Bali and it might make you uncomfortable but you should always try to be respectful. If in any way you don’t feel comfortable then you should leave the temple quietly as to not disturb the people who are praying.

6. Avoid Causing Offence

It is not allowed for anybody to fight or a cause a commotion inside the temple at any cost. Behave yourself while inside the temple. Make sure that you are in your best behaviour. Avoid causing offensive remarks or actions. If you accidentally cause offence, quickly apologise with sincerity. The people will be willing to forgive if you apologise for your action.

7. Speak with Low Volume

Speak softly when you are inside the temple. This is to ensure that the atmosphere will still be peaceful and harmonious. Speak with low volume as a form of respect to those who are praying in the temple. Avoid talking or shouting loudly. That would be a rude thing to do and might anger a lot of people. Increase your knowledge on Social Etiquette in Bali so you know how to behave appropriately in Bali.

8. Do Not Sit Higher than the Priest

Keep an eye out on the priest in the temple. When you sit inside the temple, you must not sit at a higher level than the priest. It is considered as an offensive act to be sitting in a higher position than the priest.

9. Do Not Walk in front of People Praying

While visiting the temple, pay attention to the people in the temple. Be aware of your surrounding since you have to avoid walking in front of people who are praying. It is rude and disrespectful. You can go around and find another way as to not disturb the person who is praying. If there is no other way then you should patiently wait until the person who is praying has finished.

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10. Pregnancy

This particular rule applies to the women who want to visit the temple. Women who are pregnant are not allowed to enter the temple. Those who have given birth are also not allowed to enter the temple for at least 6 weeks since the childbirth.

11. Ask For Permission to Take Pictures

Take cautions when you are taking pictures inside and around the temple. You can ask the people around the temple for permission to take pictures. Learn How to Greet in Bali so it will be easier for you to talk with the people around the temple. Make sure you know what or who you can take pictures of around the temple.

12. No Camera Flash

Camera flash can improve the quality of a picture. But using a flash can also cause unnecessary bright light. The bright flash might annoy some people. It can also distract the prayers or ceremonies in the temple. It’s best to avoid using camera flash while taking pictures in the temple.

13. Keep Sounds Off Electronic Devices

If you carry any electronic devices with you into the temple, then it would be wise to turn off all the sounds. You can still put them into vibration mode but make sure they won’t cause any loud alarms or sounds. The sounds might disturb the people who are praying in the temple. The temple has to be peaceful at all times.

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By following these rules, you have less chance of getting kicked out of the temple. Always be mindful of the people and the culture in Bali. Respecting each other is the key while visiting these temples as temples are holy places where the Balinese pray.