25 Business Ethics In Indonesia

What is business ethics? many people running the business activity in every aspect, all of them needs to know the business ethics because this is important to make the business develop and benefit for their self. Business ethics is the way or the method to running business. That is covered all aspects related with individual, company and also society. Business ethics in a company can be a norm, value and the attitude of employee and the head of department to growth the relationship with others company. Here is the 25-business ethics in Indonesia,

  1. Introduce the name

Many people say this is the simple thing ever. But this is the first impression that given by a company to have relationship with others. An introduction of an employee will make the relation know the people type. The important is the way people say their name to other company with politeness, because the politeness is the Indonesian culture business ethics.

  1. The consequence and consistency with the business rule

The two or more company that being a partnership business absolutely have a rule to makes a good preparation, good arrangement and to reach the business goal. Both of them should follow the rule of business. One of them cannot denied the rule that already created. The Indonesian employee always consistence with company rule.

  1. An employee is often say thanks

This is the part of business ethics in Indonesia. An employee should always say thanks. When Indonesian employee attend in a business activity, they always say thanks. For example, “thank you for invite me”, “thank you for joining this business activity”, “thank you for being our partner” and etc. The word “thanks” almost being Indonesian culture and represent that Indonesian people is respectful.

  1. Developed the social responsibility

Social responsibility generally is kind of idea that a business should have balance profit but the business activity also have benefit society. Therefore, the society have to get the positive impact from the business activity. As the dedication for country or society, a company partnership has responsibility to include the society in their project business.

  1. Growing the awareness and with the deal rule

Sometimes there is two company that makes a business team, and then they reach their business goal. Unfortunately, one of them can forget with the rule business. Why? It is because they don’t have the awareness about the rule. Therefore, that is the important thing to a company for remember the business rule and not to think about their self.

  1. A company always apply the concept “growing continue”

The business project that finish and reach the goal needs to continue the successful. The business running may not stop at that time, because it is good for a company. To add the benefit of company, all of employee should continue the way they reach the business goal for others business goal.

  1. Creating the good competition

This is one of good ethics business that should had by all employee. Every people must have this business ethics. For example, a people want to have high position in a company, they should fair with other employee with show the good job results, diligent and etc. They cannot dishonest with another employee. The good competition in business ethics in Indonesia is good, fair and benefit for company.

  1. If there is a mistake, an employee always say that is incorrect

All of employee should consistence with their argument as long as their argument is true. If you find the bad habit that can make decrease the company benefit, you should say that is bad attitude. You cannot influence by another people argument. Indonesian employee will make a report if there is something that different with company rule and then giving the report to the head of company.

  1. An employee has attitude to believe each other

A business team is not only consisting of one people or one company, but that is consist of more than one. An employee should believe with other employee skill that can make the profit to their company. Don’t try to show the individual attitude because company needs the togetherness. Indonesian people have characteristics of togetherness, so they are very believing each other.

  1. Avoidance the nepotism

Nepotism is still happening in many company. For example, there is no secretary in the company. And then, an employee invites their sister to be secretary, even though her sister does not have good skill. The employee should not do that. They should choose the good new employee with good skill for the secretary position.

  1. The good communication with another department

In a company consists of many department such as human resource, finance, engineering, planning, and etc. All of them needs have good communication and communication in many times to avoid the mistake in the company. That is important because all of department have relationship each other.

  1. Keeping the secret thing in the company

All of company have secret things that cannot known by others people outside the company. Sometimes a company that produce food have secret receipt and there is a rule that all of employee may not share the receipt with others people outside, so the employee should keep the secret receipt. This is related to loyalty. Not only the good thing about company, but also the bad things that happen in the company, Indonesia business ethics will try to keep the bad things from people outside.

  1. Respect each others

The company in Indonesia consists of many types of employee with different religion, ethnics, ages, and group. As we know that Indonesia is multicultural with many island, that’s why it is happen. To avoid the conflict, Indonesian employee applied respect attitude each others. They feel all of the differences is already being one, because they have one purpose to make benefit the company.

  1. Open minded

Having employee with open minded as the business ethics is important. If there is a problem about company, the employee should share the problem. This is have purpose to finish the problem together. Other meaning of open minded is accept the opinion or argument of other employee, that is usual condition in the company if there is different argument.

  1. Fairness

The Indonesian company always do this business ethics, especially the director or the head of department. Fairness is important in the company. Sometimes, there is a employee that come late in the morning. And then the regulation of company the employee should get the penalty, so this is already fair for every employee.

  1. Responsibility

Every employee has the responsibility. For example, a purchasing has responsibility to purchase order material, an administration warehouse has responsibility for check the inventory and etc. All of them have to responsibility to make the company get profit.

  1. Together remove the corruption

Indonesia have many corruption case, but todays many company that invite the employee for remove the corruption together. In Indonesian also, there is country rule about corruption. All of employee should avoid the corruption because corruption can make the bad impact to company.

  1. Choosing the good information

In the globalization era, there is development in the aspect of technology and information. Sometimes some people create the wrong information (Hoax). Hoax can influence business activity and all of people in the company should choose where is he right information and where is not.

  1. Negotiating in every plan

In business team, negotiation is important. Negotiation means the discussion between partner business. How they are running the business, how many the profit can reach and what is the rule. All of them needs to discuss with another partner.

  1. Selecting the good decision

All of employee have different opinion in a meeting. This is the role of head of company to choose the good decision for the company in the future. When they choose the wrong decision, they will get the disadvantage for the company.

  1. Loyalty

Every employee has their loyalty. Many employees in Indonesia have high loyalty such as they already work for company more than ten years. And then they spend their whole life for company, morning until night stay at the company.

  1. High integrity

Integrity is one of good principle. This is kind of attitude where an employee is honest, consistence, good communication. Indonesian people with high integrity will always have solution to every problem in the company, always on time with their promise and doing the right thing for their circumstance.

  1. Having good moral and reputation

A good employee in Indonesia always keep their moral in the outside company. He/she will be polite people, good people, and follow the norm of company or society. That is the way to grow the good image for company. The reputation of company following the moral of their employee.

  1. Commitment

This business ethics that have related with responsibility. After having responsibility Indonesian employee commit with their job. They maximum to finish their job and always good prepared to reach the goal of company. Giving their effort for their responsibility.

  1. Leadership

This last business ethics is always having by many Indonesia employees. Leadership covered consistency, loyalty, fairness and etc. This is the opportunity for making the good decision, choose the best planning for the company and growing many business partners.

Finally, those are complete explanation about how many business ethics in Indonesia which must be obeyed for those who want to start and doing business in Indonesia for a long time and highly wish to be successful.