13 Important Internet Rules in Indonesia

The internet has become a crucial part of living. In this modern age, people use the internet for various reasons. They use it for online transaction, reading the news and communicating with people all over the world. But when using the internet in Indonesia, there are several rules that you have to follow that falls under the Communication Etiquette in Indonesia. Below are the 13 Internet Rules in Indonesia. These rules will help you to safely surf the web while you’re in Indonesia.

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1. Don’t Write in All Caps

When you’re writing something on the internet, whether it be in a forum or a blog, avoid typing your words in capital letters. Capital letters will show that you are angry. Type your words in the same manner as you would writing down on a piece of paper. When you give off the wrong impression by using all caps then a misunderstanding can happen.

2. Never Give Out Personal Information

The internet is a sensitive place for personal information. There are prying applications that could get hold of those information. Other than that, never give them out to someone you don’t even know in real life. Personal information such as your passwords, your ID numbers and your address should be only yours to keep. When these information gets out on the internet, some people might misuse for evil intention.

3. Avoid Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying on the internet is a crime in Indonesia. The person caught in a serious case of cyberbullying could face jail time. People can also file a case against you to the cyber police in Indonesia. Although you think that you have made yourself anonymous on the internet, the police will try to find out where you live and arrest you.

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4. Do Not Share Inappropriate Content

Pornographic content is a big no in Indonesia. Sharing or spreading pornographic content can also cause the police to come after you. Pictures and videos of inappropriate content are blocked in Indonesia because they are viewed as immoral.

5. Never Mock Someone’s Ethnicity and Religion

Mocking someone’s ethnicity, religion or race over the internet in Indonesia is also a serious issue. Those who have gone too far in their mocking could also end up in jail. Indonesia is a country of people from a variety of ethnic background and religion. It is a main priority of the country to keep everyone living in harmony and peace. Making fun of someone’s ethnicity and religion is a one of the Bad Manners in Indonesia that must be avoided anywhere.

6. Verify Information

There are many fake news, hoaxes and basically all kinds of false information that float around the internet. In Indonesia, sharing false news is a crime. Anyone who is caught making or spreading the news will be arrested by the police. So in order to avoid unpleasant encounter with the police, verify the information that you have read or received. Check again whether the information is true or false.

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7. No Spamming and Scamming

Although there are rare cases where spamming become a police matter, it is still an annoying act to everyone on the internet. On the other hand, scamming people is a serious matter. There are plenty of cases where Indonesians are scammed through the internet. The scamming case could end up unresolved because the scammer would just delete every account and information so the police can’t trace them.

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8. No Hacking

You should never hack an account or a website in Indonesia since it also counts as a crime. Hacking an account might not sound too serious in some cases such as hacking your friend’s account to change their status update. However, that actually can cause you to end up in jail if your friend presses charges against you.

9. Do Not Steal Content

When you see content that you like and you want to post it somewhere else like your blog, then you need to ask for permission first. Any content on the internet is copyrighted by the user who made it. Stealing someone’s content is just plain rude and immoral. Make sure that you have permission from the owner to avoid conflict. Also, it would be a good thing to cite the source or the name of the person.

10. Never Deface A Website

Defacing a website can cause serious charges against you. In the recent years, there have been some hacking into the website of cell phone providers. These hackers would then change the address of the website and write offensive things on it. This act is a crime because it gives bad name to the company who owns the website. Moreover, it is also a breach on the privacy of the company.

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11. Avoid Online Gambling

According to the law, gambling is forbidden in the real world as well as on the internet. There was a case in 2006 where some people gambled over football matches. They used the internet as a mean to transfer the money. The people got caught by the police and have to face some jail time. You can also read other Unique Laws in Indonesia so you can avoid trouble while in Indonesia.

12. Read FAQs

When you’re on the internet, try as much to look for the Frequently Asked Questions sections. These sections will save you time by answering the most commonly asked questions by the people. You won’t also have to keep asking someone else for a question that has already been answered in the FAQs.

13. Be Polite

Remember to always be polite while using the internet in Indonesia since politeness is a value of the Social Life in Indonesia. Give critiques that will not put people down. Being rude on the internet might cause some people to get offended. Serious cases of offence can have cause charges to be pressed against you. Also provide useful information rather than spreading fake information.

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We hope that you can remember these rules while using the internet in Indonesia. Always be polite to Indonesians while interacting with them over the internet. Avoid running into trouble with the laws over the internet as that could turn into a serious matter.