12 Tips To Hiking Waterfalls in Bali Indonesia

You who like challenges such as hiking, diving, etc. should have good preparation so that your hobby can be expressed better. For instance, your hobby of climbing requires careful preparation so trivial matters can be handled without panic. The useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia.

Thus, here are the following steps and tips for those of you who want to do hiking activities in Bali. Check out the tips before leaving for the location!

1. Search for the location of the mountain 

You should find as much information as possible before hiking in Bali. Related to the location, situation, animals around the mountain, testimonials and so on. This is intended as your preparation before you do the activities. It’s crucial to explore more about the waterfall location in Bali, so that you are accustomed to it and not surprised when you arrived there later. Plus you can also prepare for all the risks that perhaps occur later. Hence the places to create romance vibes with partner in Bali you must try.

2. Check Your Physical Condition

Before you decide to hike in a waterfall in Bali, make sure that you are in your best state of condition. Don’t be too pushy if your physical and inner conditions are not fit. Because hiking needs power and not an easy case. You can prepare everything such as your body, minds, and souls. Thus, pay attention to your physical condition so that all your plans will run smoothly.

3. Check the nature conditions around waterfalls

The next tips for hiking waterfalls in Bali Indonesia is to check the nature condition there. Each waterfall located in a different location yet has a different conditions, even to you who are used to hiking in various waterfalls in Indonesia. However, you still need to know the conditions in each area, especially in Bali. Check about the weather, hiking terrain, routes or roads to the waterfall, resting place and so on.  It is to avoid unpleasant conditions and avoid the risk of going astray in the forest.

4. Search for some references regarding a location

Next, try to find out and gain information from many references – about the waterfall in Bali. It can be about the location, permission, guide, hiking time, route, clothes to be taken and so on. It’s important so you can prepare everything carefully. Because hiking the waterfall is not a journey passing through a normal road or tour. You have to prepare yourself physically and also mentally because when you hike, you will face a situation and terrain that is quite hard. So the importance of finding out all the references that you will use as information is pretty crucial. The Bali-halal Restaurants you must try whenever you come to Bali.

5. Prepare food and drug supplies 

The next tips for hiking waterfalls in Bali Indonesia are don’t forget to bring medical supplies, to anticipate unexpected conditions. Weather and conditions in the forest at the area of the waterfall might cause some difficulties to you so that you require some medical equipment, not to mention the existence of forest animals. So, it’s important to prepare drug supplies as a provision for your health during hiking in Bali. Try to bring drugs that are allowed to consume by doctors, and avoid carrying drugs that are prohibited.

6.  Prepare clothing supplies for hiking

Preparing supplies such as clothing, food and so on is a top priority when you are about to hike. This becomes a provision when you hiking, erratic weather will force you to prepare the appropriate clothes. Don’t forget to bring only important clothes, cause you will carry everything by your own. The more supplies you take with you can become a burden. It is a problem. If you carry too much, then your journey will be difficult. So, consider to bring clothes that is easy to carry. The best rooftop Bars in Bali you should visit.

7.  Prepare hiking equipment

One of the supplies that should not be forgotten is hiking equipment, such as backpacks, hiking shoes, flashlights, matches, socks and so on. Make a list of the main hiking items, so you won’t forget about these important items. Hiking supplies are necessary, because if you forget to bring them, then unpredictable things will occur. Therefore, prepare a full and mature supply.

8. Know when to hiking the waterfall

Other tips for hiking waterfalls in Bali Indonesia is to check the right time to hiking. Why? Because this affects the risks and dangers that you will face. Hiking won’t be possible because of unfavorable weather. So, check thoroughly every detailed information about when or the right time to hike. Since the weather on ordinary land differ with the mountains or forests, you should always prepare for the worst. Don’t be afraid to aks the local party or guide about the exact time of hiking. Here are the hang-out places that offer free WiFi in Bali that you can try.

9.  Rent for a guide during hiking

Generally while experiencing waterfall hiking, then the first thing you do is to ask for guide services moreover if you are a young climber. You always need a guide, because they know more about the route, weather, conditions and so on. Prioritize safety, so that the risk of getting lost can be anticipated.

10. Search for spring location around the waterfall

Another important issue is to find out about the conditions of the waterfall in Bali. This is commonly done by climbers because springs are important when you take the hiking. That’s why when you climb the importance of a guide officer to help you find out the location of springs that will definitely be used as a source of water and your willingness to make hiking. If the spring is very easy to find, the climb will feel safe and soothing.  The water activities in Bali Indonesia you will enjoy.

Furthermore, the tips for hiking waterfalls in Bali Indonesia that you can do while climbing in Bali are like a few steps below:

  • Find out which route you will skip, the importance of knowing about which routes will be passed during the climb to make it easier for you to find your way home and leave, without getting lost. Because of that, bring a map or compass as a guide to avoid getting lost or missing from the group.
  • Find out how long you will climb to the waterfall in Bali,  this is to predict your condition and also when it’s good to get to the top of the mountain. Also avoiding the dangers of wild animals also chasing time before nightfall. Hence the wonderful spot must see in North Bali.
  • During the hiking, avoid to damage or worsen the condition of the forest around the damaged mountain, such as polluting, littering and so on, keep it from being done.

Now, some examples and explanations about tips for hiking waterfalls in Bali Indonesia. Hopefully, you can become more understanding in preparing everything early in climbing the waterfall.