15 Useful Tips When You Spend One Week in Bali Indonesia

Talking about holidays on the island of Bali, there are definitely no bad words, it is very fun and makes beautiful memories. You are or will be on a trip to Bali, whether just for vacation, gathering, school, work or moving house. Surely you will get all positive impressions. Because Bali is the perfect place to do many things because Bali is called the Island of the Gods. Hence the culture shocks in Bali you must experience once.

For those of you who are new or first on vacation in Bali, you can try doing a few tips like the following. Check out useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia that you can try to do, so you know what’s interesting and worth knowing:

1. Determine the purpose or purpose of the vacation

Before you leave for Bali, of course, you have any goals and mission that you want to do later in Bali. Don’t arrive after arriving in Bali, confused about where to go, with whom, stay where and so on. Make your complete thing or activity for a week in Bali. Because of the holiday experience in a short time, if not really scheduled, then you will waste free time, especially in Bali.

It’s a shame if your vacation seems ordinary, you can find out cheap, cool and so on information via the internet or recommendations from travel websites. Easy and applicable tips to rent Villa in Bali you can enjoy.

2. Count budgets needed while in Bali

Useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia, you have to save your money that is quite ready. This includes the cost of airplane tickets, lodging, food costs, travel costs, shopping and so on. If you cannot allocate the number of funds you will use, get ready you will experience a deficit. Of course, this is not good, don’t let your vacation fall apart just because you made a mistake. Set aside additional funds if at any time you run out of money. When on vacation, of course, the money you bring will not feel run out, because it also makes a careful list of finances and about what you will need in Bali.

3. Choose an affordable and inexpensive lodging place

If you stay in Bali for a few weeks, it would be nice to make a detailed budget or fund. Surely you will need not a small amount of money, if you choose a backpacker style, then you have to specify cheap costs in accordance with the funds. Different if you want to enjoy luxury facilities, of course, no matter how much the cost is a problem.

Determine the accommodation according to your needs, starting from the funds, location, facilities, and comfort. Do not let you feel disappointed with the lodging that you have specified before. There are many cheap and best lodging options that you can find in Bali. The following are the traditional village in Bali must visit during the holiday.

4. Make a list of activities carried out while in Bali

Next is useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia, that is, make a list of your activities. This is to avoid being confused and tired of spending a month in Bali. Learn what you are interested in and enjoy the activities there. With a list of activities, you will more easily carry out regular, disciplined and well-scheduled activities. At the very least, you can feel a regular life, time to go for a walk, rest time, meal time, and so on.

5. Prepare life necessities while in Bali

When you decide to take a while vacation in Bali, the main thing that must be prioritized is the necessities of life there. Indeed, in Bali there are many needs such as food, clothing, etc., so you don’t need to be afraid of losing or feeling insufficient. Only notes and a list of needs are needed, which you can buy many things in Bali, you don’t need to carry.

Because in addition to saving luggage, the burden of your luggage will not be too heavy. So as much as possible bring only the main needs as long as you stay in Bali. The best place in Bali for solo traveler.

6. Find out about interesting things in Bali

Then useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia are found the best things in Bali. It’s not wrong if you are in Bali to find out about many interesting things there. You can find out through the internet, friend references, advertisements and so on about many things that make you interested in Bali.

Bali has attracted many people whether it’s because of tourist attractions, food, its citizens, its history and many others. After you find that interesting thing, then you definitely don’t want to go home soon and still feel the beautiful impression in Bali. There ware many things in Bali such as great, beautiful, fun also traditionally you can enjoy.

7. A pleasant hangout in Bali

In Bali, there are also lots of fun hangouts and gatherings. You can find new relationships, exchange ideas, add new insights. What is certain is that your mind can become open to the new atmosphere in Bali. Maybe you can find many of the same places, but not necessarily in Bali because hangouts are different from other places.

Therefore, be sure to get together with the right people to make the moments more enjoyable. You can spend your time all day in many more best hangouts, also the scenery is amazing. Hang-out places that offer free WiFi in Bali.

8. Choose the type of transportation that is suitable and cheap

Next useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia is about transportation. It is impossible when you are in Bali, you must be confused about which transportation to use. Before you choose the type of transportation, find out first which location you will choose. If the distance is near you can walk, for long distances you can rent a vehicle such as a motorbike or a car.

There are several types of modern transportation in Bali, such as conventional taxis, taxis online or public transportation. According to you that is comfortable and affordable, that is the choice you can use. Better you can choose the motorbike to round the Bali.

9. Taste the tempting Bali specialties

Bali is also a recommendation for phenomenal and amazing tourism, culinary and cultures. You can enjoy various beauty of beaches, forests, natural beauty and so on. Traditional types of food in Bali are also very tempting, there are many variants of Balinese snacks that you can enjoy. 

You can enjoy various beauty of beaches, forests, natural beauty and so on. Traditional types of food in Bali are also very tempting, there are many variants of Balinese snacks that you can enjoy. You can play water activities in Bali Indonesia and enjoy it.

10. Bring important documents while in Bali

As long as you are on vacation or doing activities in Bali, don’t forget to bring important documents. Such as KTP, ATM, SIM, and various other complementary documents such as health cards, life insurance, or documents from the company if you are in service, or student cards.

This is a support for safe conditions and safeguards when needed by the document. The document is also commonly used when checking this hotel or as a guarantee. So make sure not to be left behind, let alone lost.

Furthermore, useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia, which you can know apart from the ones above are as explained below:

  •  You can learn a lot of history and culture about the city of Bali that you didn’t know before. You can visit museums, read history and more. Because it is interesting to learn about the history of Bali island. The wonderful spot you must see in North Bali.
  • You can enjoy the beauty of Bali at night, there are several spot locations in Bali that offer interesting night scenes to see. If you are a night tour lover, you should try and be obliged to make an agenda for these activities.
  • You must also be able to respect and respect the customs of Bali, including its citizens. The important thing you must maintain and maintain, such as ethics, behavior and also cleanliness.
  • When visiting certain locations such as temples or places of worship consider the rules and conditions that apply. Some regulations in Bali if visitors come to places of worship must use clothing that is polite and well-behaved. Educational yet fun things to do in Bali with kids.
  • Also pay attention to the rules when you are in tourist attractions, public places and so on. In Bali, there are many places that are intended to honor the gods, if you find that there are certain things not to be taken, let alone thrown away. If you don’t know the rules in Bali, you can ask experts.

Now that’s information about the example and also an explanation of useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia. May let it be your reference when visiting Bali.